• WordNet 3.6
    • adj panicky thrown into a state of intense fear or desperation "became panicky as the snow deepened","felt panicked before each exam","trying to keep back the panic-stricken crowd","the terrified horse bolted"
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • panicky Of or pertaining to panic; inclined to panic or sudden fright; disposed to disseminate panic; affected by panic used particularly with reference to operations of trade or commerce: as, the market was very panicky.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Panicky (coll.) inclined to panic or sudden terror, affected by financial panic
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Orig. an adj.; Gr. panikon (deima), 'panic' (fear), from panikos, belonging to Pan, god of the woods.


In literature:

But to-day I got panicky and my breath gave out.
"Ted and the Telephone" by Sara Ware Bassett
The run on the First National Bank was one of those panicky symptoms which are dangerous because so unreasoning.
"Aladdin & Co." by Herbert Quick
It vanished, and the cargo-ship continued to rise in seemingly panicky fashion.
"Talents, Incorporated" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
The thought made her feel panicky.
"Across the Mesa" by Jarvis Hall
Well, we took the chance, and Billy actually drew away from the sheep, panicky as they were.
"The Free Range" by Francis William Sullivan
He was running in panicky fear from his failure to pin down the hoax in the crystals.
"The Great Gray Plague" by Raymond F. Jones
Norma gave a panicky laugh, snatched her fan, wrap, and flowers, and fled joyously down to be criticized and praised.
"The Beloved Woman" by Kathleen Norris
He had experienced many panicky moments in looking forward to this meeting; and yet in the presence of him he was cool.
"Peter the Brazen" by George F. Worts
He turned quickly and made off into the woods, followed by a loud, daunting laugh which spurred his pace to a panicky gallop.
"The Backwoodsmen" by Charles G. D. Roberts
Esther was so panicky that she ran upstairs with the telegram and tapped at grandmother's door.
"The Prisoner" by Alice Brown

In news:

To me, a piano and saxophone alone together often sound panicky, rushing to fill all that open space.
The panicky dumping of the co-anchor was NBC being NBC, but it might have been the best thing that has happened -- to Curry.
The collapse of Excite @Home is leaving customers panicky, if not disconnected.
Ryan and His Panicky Critics The president's apologists correctly sense peril for their favored candidate.
Vietnamese parents panicky about nation's poor schools.
Unsettling Phone Call From Panicky Client.
The Crash of '87: Stocks Plummet 508 Amid Panicky Selling.
Every few years, a report that women are gaining ground prompts panicky articles proclaiming that "men are falling behind".
In Panicky Russia, It's Official: End of World Is Not Near.
"By using humor , we hope to show how the app can be a lifesaver in the kind of situation anyone can relate to—that panicky hunt for that one thing that will placate a child.".
Panicky Candidate Sees Gutter Campaign as Path to White House.
Www. laboroflove .co/ After a few panicky days of worry over whether Labor of Love truck will operate again, Bites learned today that the L.O.L.
Mainers are more than a little panicky over the tight heating oil supply.
I'm not saying 'Mad Men' is flawless, but a panicky jump-the-shark reflex is a reliable phenomenon among audiences during the third season.
If no budget compromise is reached, the reaction could be a panicky sell-off.