• WordNet 3.6
    • v panic cause sudden fear in or fill with sudden panic "The mere thought of an isolation cell panicked the prisoners"
    • v panic be overcome by a sudden fear "The students panicked when told that final exams were less than a week away"
    • n panic an overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety
    • n panic sudden mass fear and anxiety over anticipated events "panic in the stock market","a war scare","a bomb scare led them to evacuate the building"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The Romans defeated Hannibal's elephants after they found that the elephants were afraid of the smell of horse blood. On the battlefield they slit the throats of their own horses in order to cause the enemy's mounts to panic.
    • n Panic (Bot) A plant of the genus Panicum; panic grass; also, the edible grain of some species of panic grass.
    • Panic A sudden, overpowering fright; esp., a sudden and groundless fright; terror inspired by a trifling cause or a misapprehension of danger; as, the troops were seized with a panic; they fled in a panic.
    • Panic By extension: A sudden widespread fright or apprehension concerning financial affairs.
    • a Panic Extreme or sudden and causeless; unreasonable; -- said of fear or fright; as, panic fear, terror, alarm. "A panic fright."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n panic A grass of the genus Panicum.
    • panic [capitalized] Of or pertaining to the god Pan: as, Bacchic and Panic figures.
    • panic Inspired or as if inspired by Pan: applied to extreme or sudden fright: as, panic fear.
    • n panic A sudden fright, particularly a sudden and exaggerated fright affecting a number of persons at once; terror without visible or appreciable cause, or inspired by a trifling cause or by misapprehension of danger.
    • n panic Specifically An exaggerated alarm which takes possession of a trading community on the occurrence of a financial crisis, such as may be caused by the failure of an important bank, or the exposure of a great commercial swindle, inducing a general feeling of distrust, and impelling to hasty and violent measures to secure immunity from possible loss, thus often precipitating a general financial disaster which was at first only feared. Synonyms Apprehension, Fright, etc. See alarm.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Panic pan′ik extreme or sudden fright: great terror without any visible ground or foundation: a state of terror about investments produced by some startling collapse in credit, impelling men to rush and sell what they possess
    • adj Panic of the nature of a panic: extreme or sudden: imaginary
    • n Panic a grass of the genus Panicum
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  • Ernest Hemingway
    “Cowardice, as distinguished from panic, is almost always simply a lack of ability to suspend the functioning of the imagination.”
  • David Martyn Lloyd-Jones
    David Martyn Lloyd-Jones
    “Faith is the refusal to panic.”
  • Christian Nevell Bovee
    “Panic is a sudden desertion of us, and a going over to the enemy of our imagination.”


Push the panic button - If someone pushes the panic button, they respond to a situation by becoming very frightened or excited.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Gr. paniko`s of or pertaining to Pa`n Pan, to whom the causing of sudden fright was ascribed: cf. F. panique,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. panicula, double dim. of panus, thread wound on a bobbin, akin to L. pannus and Gr. pēnos. See Pane.


In literature:

In a panic I reckoned the contents of my wallet.
"Greener Than You Think" by Ward Moore
If London had been panic-stricken at the approach of the army, its panic soon disappeared.
"History of the English People, Volume VI (of 8)" by John Richard Green
His nervousness became panic, and his panic like unto hysteria.
"The Man from the Bitter Roots" by Caroline Lockhart
On every side the hope was expressed that none would give way to panic.
"Life and Work in Benares and Kumaon, 1839-1877" by James Kennedy
Confidence was destroyed, and a universal panic seized upon the dealers.
"Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" by Charles Mackay
In his panic and his fury he leaped up and down, pulling at the whistle-cord.
"Blow The Man Down" by Holman Day
But it was Tuesday evening that the Federals were seized with a panic which threw the whole town in alarm.
"A Confederate Girl's Diary" by Sarah Margan Dawson
Then half a dozen companies appeared which were not so panic-stricken.
"An Undivided Union" by Oliver Optic
The blind reaction against all reform which had sprung from the panic lasted on when the panic was forgotten.
"History of the English People, Volume VIII (of 8)" by John Richard Green
Panic fear seized the white men.
"Four American Indians" by Edson L. Whitney
This sight turned his alarm into a blind panic.
"The Watchers of the Trails" by Charles G. D. Roberts
And this man, panic-stricken, strove alone to climb over the stern.
"Gold Out of Celebes" by Aylward Edward Dingle
The parent birds did not like the idea of my finding and inspecting their nest, for they chirped and darted about in a panic.
"Our Bird Comrades" by Leander S. (Leander Sylvester) Keyser
People became panic stricken and rushed into the streets, most of them in their night attire.
"Complete Story of the San Francisco Horror" by Richard Linthicum
A sort of panic got hold of me.
"No Clue" by James Hay
Yet prayers welled out in soundless sobs from a panic-stricken heart.
"The Fighting Edge" by William MacLeod Raine
The proposal made by Mr Lowe (afterwards Lord Sherbrooke) in 1873 was to charge 12%, a rate which presupposes panic.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 3" by Various
The three colonists seemed in no panic.
"Eight Keys to Eden" by Mark Irvin Clifton
Instantly they had become converted into a panic-stricken mob, turning this way and that.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, October, 1930" by Various
The panic of the cliff was rising in Karen again.
"Tante" by Anne Douglas Sedgwick

In poetry:

Almost her spirit seems moribund!
O teach them, 'tis not she displays
The panic of a purse rotund,
Eternal dread of evil days, -
"Lines To A Friend Visiting America" by George Meredith
When spirits in thy circle rise,
Gaunt Wonder, panic-struck, and pale,
Impatient Hope, and dread Surmise,
Attendants on the mystic tale!
"Lines To Mr. Radcliffe, On First Reading The Mysteries Of Udolpho" by Matilda Betham
Then rudeness with plenty was blest,
And health was the consort of toil;
Then "far as the East from the West,"
Was business from panic's turmoil.
"The Deserted Road" by Albery Allson Whitman
Then a panic ensued, and each one felt dismayed,
And from the burning building a rush was made;
And soon the theatre was filled with a blinding smoke,
So that the people their way out had to grope.
"Burning of the Exeter Theatre" by William Topaz McGonagall
Then, panic-struck, the French were forced to yield,
And Napoleon turned his charger's head, and fled from the field,
With his heart full of woe, no doubt
Exclaiming, "Oh, Heaven! my noble army has met with a total rout!"
"The Battle of Waterloo" by William Topaz McGonagall
And in that manner the Black Watch pressed onward,
And the enemy were powerless their progress to retard,
Because their glittering bayonets were brought into play,
And panic stricken the savage warriors fled in great dismay.
"The Ashantee War" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

Facebook considers ' panic button ' after UK outcry.
I suppose most newer cars with remote control door locks also have what is referred to as a " panic button ".
Area Banks Say Don't Push Panic Button .
Democrats Hit the Panic Button .
No one hitting panic button .
NEWS- Panic button : Finding the 'morning after' pill.
Jets go from panic to playoff contender.
Panic-stricken Beljan still leads at Disney.
Harry Styles has been left in a panic after his ex-girlfriend lost her phone.
After a 1-3 start, Cal's players understand that panic is beginning to set in with portions of their fan base.
Here, Laura Miller, MD, speaks briefly on panic disorder, PTSD, and OCD during pregnancy and post-partum, and she offers strategies for crafting effective treatment plans.
Fame drove me to panic attacks.
Piccolo Closing in March—But Don't Panic.
Resist the urge to panic, say pros, and keep on investing for retirement.
If panic is settling in, Willie Randolph certainly isn't showing it.

In science:

Silverstein, Don’t Panic! Closed String Tachyons in ALE Spacetimes, hep-th/0108075.
Properties of String Theory on Kaluza-Klein Melvin Background
Manias, Panics, and Crashes: A History of Financial Crises (Wiley Investment Classics), 5th Edition.
How to grow a bubble: A model of myopic adapting agents
But not only panic situations are of importance.
Walkers on the circle
Glasses, to the panic model and network dynamics.
Soft Control on Collective Behavior of a Group of Autonomous Agents by a Shill Agent
Simulating dynamical features of escape panic.
Soft Control on Collective Behavior of a Group of Autonomous Agents by a Shill Agent
Money itself would not work without trust, as bank panics and hyperin flation scenarios show.
Fundamental and Real-World Challenges in Economics
This stylized fact is interpreted as a panic effect, the two quantities are negatively correlated just after t and go back quickly to 0 as t(cid:48) increases.
Multifractal random walks with fractional Brownian motion via Malliavin calculus
Potters (2001): The leverage Effect in Financial Markets: Retarded Volatility and Market Panic.
Multifractal random walks with fractional Brownian motion via Malliavin calculus
At the PANIC conference in Osaka in October 2002, a collaboration working at SPring-8 announced a baryon state1 , the Θ+ (1540) with a decay mode Θ+ → nK + .
Pentaquarks: Theory overview, and some more about quark models
Vicsek, Crowd Disasters and Simulation of Panic Situations in A.
Around the gap between sociophysics and sociology
The result is that there are phenomena like bubbles and panics which may not be easily captured in mathematics.
Time and symmetry in models of economic markets
Even if the state of equilibrium is disturbed by panics, the claim is that this and other phenomena are transient, while what governs in the long term is the collective effect of the desire of every person to be as happy as their circumstances allow.
Time and symmetry in models of economic markets
Statistical modeling and analysis for extremal phenomena is very crucial in that the potential risk of disasters and panic events such as floods, large earthquakes and stock market crashes can be determined a priori, thereby allowing them to be adequately managed or prevented.
Test for tail index change in stationary time series with Pareto-type marginal distribution
Simulating dynamical features of escape panic.
When group level is different from the population level: an adaptive network with the Deffuant model
While continuing down the freeway in this state of moderate panic, I noticed an interesting correlation: I could predict when Feynman would suddenly turn around and face us.
CHARM2010: Theory Summary