• WordNet 3.6
    • n pH (from potential of Hydrogen) the logarithm of the reciprocal of hydrogen-ion concentration in gram atoms per liter; provides a measure on a scale from 0 to 14 of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution (where 7 is neutral and greater than 7 is more basic and less than 7 is more acidic);
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Most people know what pH means, but few people know that it stands for pondus hydrogenii which means potential hydrogen and that each unit is a phidron.
    • n ph A consonant digraph having the sound of ƒ, used in the Latin or English, French, etc., transliteration of Greek words containing φ, as in phalanx, philosophy, graphic, zephyr, etc., or occasionally of words from other languages. It rarely occurs in words other than those of the classes mentioned, and then only by error or confusion, as in triumph, nephew, cipher, ouph, gulph (obsolete) (from a Greek word with π), in words having a similar aspirated p. as in seraph, pamphlet, etc., and obsolete misspellings like phane for fane, prophane for profane, pheer for feer, pheeze for feeze, phiph for fife, etc. In older English words of Greek origin the letter was usually represented by ƒ, as in fancy, fantasy, fantom, fenix, etc., some of these being now spelled with ph, as phantom, phenix, etc.
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  • Nelson Algren
    Nelson Algren
    “The avocation of assessing the failures of better men can be turned into a comfortable livelihood, providing you back it up with a Ph.D.”
  • J. Frank Doble
    J. Frank Doble
    “The average Ph.D. thesis is nothing, but the transference of bones from one graveyard to another.”
  • Fats Domino
    Fats Domino
    “A lot of fellows nowadays have a B. A., M. D., or Ph. D. Unfortunately, they don't have a J. O. B.”


In literature:

"Training the Teacher" by A. F. Schauffler
Mythology among the Hebrews, and its Historical Development, by Ignaz Goldzhier, Ph.
"Bible Myths and their Parallels in other Religions" by T. W. Doane
She can enter a university, come out B.A., M.A., or Ph.D., and join the thousand women who are already college professors.
"The Scrap Book, Volume 1, No. 1" by Various
"The Bible Story" by Rev. Newton Marshall Hall
By Ruth S. Harvey, Ph.D. Hartford, 1920.
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In final positions in polysyllables we commonly find d and b written but medially th and ph, e.g.
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Since then the work has been carried on by Ph.
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The PH of both solutions and of a mixture of the two is 9.04.
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Is Ph.D. of Gottingen and B.Sc.
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Revised with the assistance of HANS GADOW, Ph.D., M.A.
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The degree of Ph.D. is not so conferred any longer by the best universities.
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In poetry:

Nor are those Ph.D's my kith,
Who dig the symbol and the myth:
I count myself a man of letters
Who writes, or hopes to, for his betters.
"Doggerel" by W H Auden
Who in the spring from the new sun
Already has a fever got,
Too late begins those shafts to shun,
Which Ph{oe}bus through his veins has shot.
"The Self Banished" by Edmund Waller
"Yes, from the gods, from earliest Saturn, sprung
Our sacred race, through demi-gods convey'd,
And he, allied to Phœbus, ever young,
My godlike boy! must wed their duteous maid.
"Elegy XVI. He Suggests the Advantage of Birth To a Person of Merit" by William Shenstone
So first when Phœbus met the Cyprian queen,
And favour'd Rhodes beheld their passion crown'd,
Unusual flowers enrich'd the painted green,
And swift spontaneous roses blush'd around.
"Elegy VIII. He Describes His Early Love of Poetry, and Its Consequences" by William Shenstone
In every part of the thrifty town,
Whether my course be up or down,
In lane, and alley, and avenue,
Painted in yellow, and red, and blue,
This side and that, east and west,
Was this flaunting sign-board of "Ph. Best."
""PH. Best & Co.'s Lager-Beer"" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

In news:

How Well Do You Know pH.
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NDIR gas sensing and pH sensing AFEs are industry's first and other white papers at Electronic Products.
Lack of water also may cause a drop in soil pH from previous years.
The color of the blooms is not affected by the pH of the soil, as is the case with other hydrangea types.
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Nicki Minaj at PH Live in Planet Hollywood on Saturday, Aug 4, 2012.
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It can be used across a broad pH range and is suitable for pH-neutral skin care formulations, as well as acidic formulations such as hair conditioners and DHA self-tanning products.
The Flexicon simultaneously meters and feeds lime from any source to pH neutralization tanks and pools.
Phillip A LoFaso VP, Marketing CFO Publishing ph: 212 488-4712

In science:

Edelman, A., Eigenvalues and condition numbers of random matrices, Ph.D.
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Random matrix theory over finite fields: a survey
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Random matrix theory over finite fields: a survey
Note here the aj will be constant so in the pairing with N only the term − Phǫ∨ , ǫj iaj (p) survives.
Homology for irregular connections
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The Utility of Quantum Field Theory
C (k, k′ ) = C (imp) (k, k′ ) + C (ph)(k, k′ ) .
Coherent description of electrical and thermal impurity-and-phonon limited transport in simple metals
Two material constants influence the magnitude of P (2,ph) (t).
Coherent description of electrical and thermal impurity-and-phonon limited transport in simple metals
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THe largest eigenvalue of sparse random graphs
Pantilie, Submersive harmonic maps and morphisms, Ph.D.
Harmonic morphisms with one-dimensional fibres on Einstein manifolds
If L is an invertible sheaf on X , then we shall write L(H) for the subsheaf PH∈H L(H ) of the sheaf of rational sections of L.
Compactifications defined by arrangements I: the ball quotient case