ozone layer


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n ozone layer a layer in the stratosphere (at approximately 20 miles) that contains a concentration of ozone sufficient to block most ultraviolet radiation from the sun
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In literature:

There appears to be a luminous layer of minute sparks under the foils, and there is a strong smell of ozone.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 795, March 28, 1891" by Various

In news:

They are declining worldwide, but exactly what's killing them—is it ultraviolet light from an eroded ozone layer.
Some Say the Rockets' Red Glare Is Eating Away at the Ozone Layer.
Put That Burger Down — It's Destroying the Ozone Layer .
Eating a charbroiled burger is better for your heart, but according to new research from the University of California Riverside, that charbroiled goodness comes at the expense of the ozone layer —big time.
Bigger storms mean bigger punch into ozone layer .
A study looking at conditions in the lower stratosphere, where the ozone layer resides, suggests a link between climate change and the amount of ultraviolet radiation reaching Earth's surface.
Researchers say that a volcanic eruption in Central America could thin the ozone layer s for several years.
TORONTO — Refrigerant Management Canada (RMC) celebrated 10 years of fighting ozone depletion on International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer , Sept 16.
ESA finds that Venus has an ozone layer too.
ESA's Venus Express spacecraft has discovered an ozone layer high in the atmosphere of Venus.
OTC inhalers to be phased out to protect ozone layer .
What would the Sun's rays do to Earth if the ozone layer was no longer present.
Carrier and Chinese Government Present Ozone Layer Protection Awards Sep 17, 2003 Printable format Email this Article Search.
The first China Stratospheric Ozone Layer Protection Awards were presented at a ceremony marking the ninth World Ozone Protection Day.
Antarctica's Ozone Layer Is Threatened By Depletion.

In science:

This could destroy the ozone layer via catalytic ozone destruction by water derived hydrogen radicals (Kasting & Donahue, 1980; Lary, 1997).
The Runaway Greenhouse: implications for future climate change, geoengineering and planetary atmospheres
This tends to produce a temperature inversion above the infrared photosphere (like the ozone layer on Earth).
The prevalence of dust on the exoplanet HD 189733b from Hubble and Spitzer observations
On the other hand, the strength and variability of the Lyα irrandiance has important effects on Earth because it affects the chemistry of the mesosphere (e.g., ozon layer) as well as the climate on longer time scales.
The Structure and Dynamics of the Upper Chromosphere and Lower Transition Region as Revealed by the Subarcsecond VAULT Observations
Ozone (O3 ) molecules absorb light in the UV and visible bands, but O3 is mainly concentrated in a high-altitude layer above the atmospheric volume used for air fluorescence measurements .
A Study of the Effect of Molecular and Aerosol Conditions in the Atmosphere on Air Fluorescence Measurements at the Pierre Auger Observatory