• WordNet 3.6
    • v outsmart beat through cleverness and wit "I beat the traffic","She outfoxed her competitors"
    • v outsmart defeat by more skillful maneuvering "The English troops outmaneuvered the Germans","My new supervisor knows how to outmaneuver the boss in most situations"
    • ***


In literature:

My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me for.
"Hacker Crackdown" by Bruce Sterling
She can outsmart us all any day in the week!
"The Wrong Twin" by Harry Leon Wilson
All my plans messed up, because you let a hick and a kid outsmart you!
"The Space Pioneers" by Carey Rockwell
Anything he's after must be worth plenty to any guy who can outsmart him.
"Man of Many Minds" by E. Everett Evans
The kind that's so stupid-clever he outsmarts himself.
"Ten From Infinity" by Paul W. Fairman
Don't try to outsmart your interrogator by giving false information.
"I Was a Teen-Age Secret Weapon" by Richard Sabia
Or, simply, because he thinks he can outsmart the policeman on the beat.
"The Highest Treason" by Randall Garrett
But, in the end, they outsmarted us.
"Criminal Negligence" by Jesse Francis McComas
I want you to outsmart them at their own game ... and tell America later what a farce it all was.
"Mother America" by Sam McClatchie
Philip thought he had outsmarted the ruler, but he was wrong.
"FreeChildrenStories.com Collection" by Daniel Errico

In news:

They Tried to Outsmart Wall Street.
Reed Is Determined To Outsmart Rivals.
It's tough to outsmart an eel.
Has Apple outsmarted its critics yet again.
The good news is that we can outsmart our impulses.
That belief usually disappears the first time you realize you've just been outsmarted by your dog.
It is a team that continually outsmarts itself.
A "superbug" that outsmarts multiple types of antibiotics in the medical arsenal has infected more than 350 patients in Los Angeles-area facilities.
Early this year, the big brains at Google admitted that they had been outsmarted.
One Way to Outsmart the Recession.
Outsmart the Insurance Claim Fraudster.
It's also how we frequently outsmart ourselves.
The solution for procrastination is outsmarting it: You can trick yourself into productivity.
But researchers wonder whether current precautions are enough to outsmart the deadly creatures.
"And you can see how the superbugs can outsmart us and develop and evolve more quickly than we can bring new antibiotics.".

In science:

Each side therefore had to keep building weapons and try to outsmart the other side so in case a war broke out one side could beat the other.
Nations At War I: Why do we keep building weapons?
MG allows us to study in a precise manner how is the approach to equilibrium, how the agents try to outsmart each other, for their selfish gain, compete for the available marginal information (any deviation from the mid-point represents exploitable advantage).
Modeling Market Mechanism with Minority Game