• WordNet 3.6
    • adj outmost situated at the farthest possible point from a center
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Outmost Farthest from the middle or interior; farthest outward; outermost.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • outmost superlative [⟨ out + -most.] Furthest outward; most remote from the middle; outermost. See utmost.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Outmost owt′mōst Same as Outermost.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. outemest, utmest, AS. ūtemest, a superl. fr. ūte, out. See Out Utmost, and cf. Outermost


In literature:

He sat outmost in the chamber, and slept by the hall door.
"The Life and Death of Cormac the Skald" by Unknown
Thorkel had an axe in his hands, with which he cut at him who sat outmost on the log.
"Heimskringla" by Snorri Sturlason
Sound of it flies, with a velocity of sound, to the outmost Barriers.
"The French Revolution" by Thomas Carlyle
It is the outmost action of the inward life.
"Essays, First Series" by Ralph Waldo Emerson
That crippled every outmost shoot.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 10, No. 58, August, 1862" by Various
Speak your latent conviction, and it shall be the universal sense; for the inmost in due time becomes the outmost.
"An English Grammar" by W. M. Baskervill and J. W. Sewell
We are a nation of politicians, concerned about the outmost defences only of freedom.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 12, No. 72, October, 1863" by Various
It is the outmost action of the inward life.
"Essays" by Ralph Waldo Emerson
To it again, after the same manner, making him lap his outmost Leg above a foot over his Inner.
"The School of Recreation (1696 edition)" by Robert Howlett
Just as she reached the outmost point of a bow in the second hairpin curve, she heard a dull rumble behind her.
"The She Boss" by Arthur Preston Hankins
The outmost tip of that chain was only a distant smudge lying low on the water.
"Storm Over Warlock" by Andre Norton
After riding a little farther, so as to make sure of being beyond the outmost patrol, the berserk reined up.
"Erling the Bold" by R.M. Ballantyne
To it again, after the same manner, making him lap his outmost Leg above a foot over his inner.
"The School of Recreation (1684 edition)" by Robert Howlett
On his two outmost flanks, in East Prussia and East Galicia, nothing but defensive actions were contemplated.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume II (of VIII)" by Various
This is his country's guardian, The outmost sentry of peace.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. XXII (of 25)" by Robert Louis Stevenson
The outmost Fringe vanish'd first, and the middlemost next, and the innermost last.
"Opticks" by Isaac Newton
For a pair of horses, keep the two short chapes outmost, and the loops on the middle downward.
"Domestic Animals" by Richard L. Allen

In poetry:

Some men there are who cannot spare
A single tear until they feel
The last cold pressure, and the heel
Is stamped upon the outmost layer.
"From Home" by George MacDonald
The singer of a farewell rhyme,
Upon whose outmost verge of time
The shades of night are falling down,
I pray, God bless the good old town!
"Haverhill" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Remembered as a dream,
Thy soft song glories seem
To hover on Time's outmost purple bound;
Thy hautbois and guitar—
They touch us with the merest film of sound!
"To Provence" by Maurice Thompson
I cannot stand and wait
I have no faith in Fate.
The sinews of my body, lithe and clean,
Promise a better turn
Than all the stars that burn,
As o'er Morn's outmost rosy rim I lean.
"Full-Fledged (Une barbe de jeune dieu)" by Maurice Thompson
Here in the early even when the young gray dew is falling,
And the king-heron seeks his mate beyond the loneliest wild,
Still your heart in the twilight, and you'll hear the river calling
Through all her outmost islands to seek her lastborn child.
"Three Island Songs" by Marjorie Lowry Christie Pickthall

In news:

The movie Inception with Leo DiCaprio freaked most of us the hell out…mostly because of the high amounts of THC in our bodies at the time, but I digress.

In science:

This allow us, if necessary, to treat the outer 10% of the energy density disk as a perturbation in the outmost boundary condition.
On the stability of general relativistic geometric thin disks
The fluid variables, in the isotropic Schwarzschild thin disk, present an oscillatory character with the amplitudes vanishing when r approaches the outmost radius.
On the stability of general relativistic geometric thin disks
In view of its importance, it is of outmost interest to verify that the classical limit of the LQG volume operator coincides with the classical volume.
Semiclassical analysis of the Loop Quantum Gravity volume operator: I. Flux Coherent States
Complex polygon with holes: It is used to represent the open space of an urban environment. The holes are closed spaces, such as buildings and street blocks, usually surrounded by an outmost boundary.
AxialGen: A Research Prototype for Automatically Generating the Axial Map
The second approach starts with an arbitrarily drawn line in the open space of an urban environment. This line is stretched in two directions to hit the edges of the closed spaces or the outmost boundary, and it becomes the first ray.
AxialGen: A Research Prototype for Automatically Generating the Axial Map
Note that, due to the symmetry, the ATT in this case corresponds to the mean time for random walks with a fixed trap situated at an outmost node in the T-graph of generation g − 1 .
Mean first-passage time for random walks on the T-graph
This is of outmost importance for applications because, in large networks, perturbed states in which the desired state is outside the range of admissible perturbations is expected to be the rule rather than the exception.
Controlling Complex Networks with Compensatory Perturbations
We assume that the system can send objects out of the outmost membrane, but cannot receive objects from outside.
A Testing Framework for P Systems
This requirement corresponds to the fact that in a P System objects cannot be received by the outmost membrane from the external environment.
A Testing Framework for P Systems
These double layers are responsible for the potential drops between the bulk regions and the outmost membranes of the slit system (ΦDL , see figure 1).
Monte Carlo simulation of the electrical properties of electrolytes adsorbed in charged slit-systems
This well known fact will be of outmost importance for the fermionic random walk.
Quantization of Geometry
Understanding the interplay between electron correlations and the driving field in these cases is of outmost importance, both from the fundamental and applied points of view.
Photon-assisted transport in semiconductor nanostructures
This topological subtlety that R2 is a plane while R+ × S 1 is a half – infinite cylinder with different orthonormal bases is of outmost importance for the Direct Integral Decomposition (DID) because neglecting this difference would result in a much bigger physical Hilbert space as we will see shortly.
Testing the Master Constraint Programme for Loop Quantum Gravity II. Finite Dimensional Systems
If the shape of Pj (q) is strongly fluctuating, the position of the outmost peak is not, in agreement with the prediction that qEA is self-averaging.
Some aspects of infinite range models of spin glasses: theory and numerical simulations
The outmost edges of the heat sources/sinks are frozen.
Heat conduction in graphene flakes with inhomogeneous mass interface