• WordNet 3.6
    • adj originative having the ability or power to create "a creative imagination"
    • adj originative containing seeds of later development "seminal ideas of one discipline can influence the growth of another"
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Christy's Original Minstrels Christy's Original Minstrels
Original Morse code Original Morse code

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Chopsticks originated from China approximately 4,000 years ago
    • a Originative Having power, or tending, to originate, or bring into existence; originating.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Lake Ontario was originally named Lake St. Louis
    • originative Having power to originate or bring into existence; creative; inventive.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The word Cotton originates from the Arabic word "Qutun."
    • adj Originative having power to originate or bring into existence
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  • Georg C. Lichtenberg
    “Everyone is a genius at least once a year; a real genius has his original ideas closer together.”
  • Francois De La Rochefoucauld
    “The only good imitations are those that poke fun at bad originals.”
  • Ramana Maharshi
    Ramana Maharshi
    “Mind is consciousness which has put on limitations. You are originally unlimited and perfect. Later you take on limitations and become the mind.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “The masses have no habit of self reliance or original action.”
  • Eric Hoffer
    “The real antichrist is he who turns the wine of an original idea into the water of mediocrity.”
  • Gaston Bachelard
    “There is no original truth, only original error.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. origine—L. origo, originisorīri, to rise.


In literature:

His instincts remain attached to their original objects of pain or pleasure.
"Democracy and Education" by John Dewey
I cannot see yet how the multiple origin of dog can be properly brought as argument for the multiple origin of man.
"The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, Volume II (of II)" by Charles Darwin
July 20th to July 27th: "Began Abstract of Species book," i.e., the "Origin of Species," at Sandown, I.W.
"More Letters of Charles Darwin" by Charles Darwin
I should have said that he was more remarkable for his astounding knowledge than for originality.
"More Letters of Charles Darwin Volume II" by Charles Darwin
NOW, he "can HARDLY be ALTOGETHER a deity of foreign origin".
"Myth, Ritual, and Religion, Vol. 1" by Andrew Lang
We see we can not solve the question of the origin of the Incas until we solve the deeper problems of the origin of the Andean tribes.
"The Prehistoric World" by E. A. Allen
John Briggs was also the original of Joe Harper in that book.
"Mark Twain, A Biography, 1835-1910, Complete" by Albert Bigelow Paine
I told him it was a spirited engraving, but it had not the look of the original.
"Table-Talk" by William Hazlitt
He pronounced, that all things had their original from water, and into water all things are resolved.
"Essays and Miscellanies" by Plutarch
Judgment in Sangamon Circuit Court against Joseph Miller obtained on a note originally 25 dolls and interest thereon accrued.
"The Papers And Writings Of Abraham Lincoln, Complete" by Abraham Lincoln
"A Treatise of Human Nature" by David Hume
Polish music, the teacher of Chopin, the fine connoisseur and cautious guide of original talents.
"Frederick Chopin as a Man and Musician" by Frederick Niecks
Morga's History in the British Museum From a photograph of the original.
"Lineage, Life and Labors of Jose Rizal: Philippine Patriot" by Austin Craig
To the former the term 'economy' was originally applied, as in Xenophon's treatise on the subject.
"The New Gresham Encyclopedia" by Various
"Degeneracy" by Eugene S. Talbot
He was an original member of the Institute and a chevalier of the legion of honour.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 12, Slice 3" by Various
This conception, like that of continuous groups, owes its origin to Lie.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 12, Slice 6" by Various
It was probably of Sicel origin, though its foundation was ascribed to some of the companions of Aeneas.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 12, Slice 8" by Various
This quatrain in its original form in the second edition was closer to the original Persian.
"The Sufistic Quatrains of Omar Khayyam" by Omar Khayyam
What is the original ground of things?
"A History of Philosophy in Epitome" by Albert Schwegler

In poetry:

Unhappy man, with chastened soul,
And opened eyes, true vision win,
To see thy lowly origin
And thy inevitable goal.
"The Dwellers In Clay" by Shlomo ibn Gabirol
``Half—heavenly therefore in your source,
Withal to man akin,
Betraying by your wayward course
Your mingled origin;
"A Border Burn" by Alfred Austin
This life and her to know
For Spirit: with awakenedness of glee
To feel stern joy her origin: not he
The child of woe.
"Earth And Man" by George Meredith
The soul, of origin divine,
God's glorious image freed from clay,
In heaven's eternal sphere shall shine,
A star of day!
"There is a calm for those who weep - 2" by James Montgomery
That spark of heav'n's ethereal flame,
Thro' endless years shall shine;
And prove by its eternal life,
Its origin divine.
"Address To Solitude" by Elizabeth Bath
How your shy hand offered
The total generosity
Of original unforewarned fearful trust,
In a world grown old in iron hatred!
"A Childhood" by Stephen Spender

In news:

Stella Artois is launching limited edition primary and secondary festive packaging and updating its marketing to tap into its heritage as a lager crafted originally for Christmas.
RELIGION AND THE RACIST RIGHT The Origins of the Christian Identity Movement.
'The Whale' Is as Original as It Is Provocative.
Not that even the quote is original to Jobs: Picasso said it before him.
Darwin on the Origin of Species.
The Huawei Ascend II is only a modest refresh over the original.
Origins of the Ascendant Mama Grizzlies.
Originally published Saturday, April 24, 2010 at 6:15 AM.
A new look at the DNA of the Ashkenazi Jewish population has thrown light on its still mysterious origins.
Origins of the Cold War.
Originally published Sunday, December 11, 2005 at 12:00 AM.
It's chump change to Donald Trump, but the business mogul just sold his Palos Verdes, Calif home for $5 million less than the original asking price , RadarOnline.com has learned.
The origin of the New Year's anthem—and what it means to us.
The first showcase of the minimalist electronic music of Germany will offer some original sounds alongside well-regarded musicians covering Krautrock staples.
AS AUSTERITY POLICIES took hold in most of Europe, a Hayekian "money-glut" analysis of the origins of the slump replaced the Keynesian "savings-glut" one.

In science:

If the ground state at the point of degeneracy is not one of the original states then a new point of degeneracy is found between this new state and one of the original two states.
Ground state numerical study of the three-dimensional random field Ising model
The origin is an attractor and the tra jectories are spirals: they are trapped by the origin when t → ∞.
The cosmological origin of time-asymmetry
There is one constraint associated with each edge of the original graph, and the factor-graph appears as a decoration of the original graph (see Fig.2), where function nodes have been added on each original edge.
Constraint Satisfaction by Survey Propagation
The idea is that S will regard τ as an initial segment of Q∗ and σ as an initial segment of N ; as S reads through τ it uses the value of F ( ˆξi) to determine the original position that each of the selected bits originally had in A, and in effect what S does is replace each bit of τ in its proper position in αi .
Independence Properties of Algorithmically Random Sequences
Let Γ be the ring of analytic functions at origin (origin of Cn ).
Elements of Nonstandard Algebraic Geometry
So, what is the origin of such kind of violation? This question is answered by a general theory, which is developed to study the origin of such kind of violation of general covariance under a general coordinate transformation.
Problems on Foundations of General Relativity
If g /∈ H , gH corresponds to a point on the manifold G/H away from the origin, whereas hH = H (h ∈ H ) is the identity element identified with the origin of the symmetric space.
Random matrix theory and symmetric spaces
Since the group acts transitively on the coset space (cf. paragraph 2.3), and the orbit of the origin is the entire space, we can use a group transformation to map the metric at the origin to any point M in the space.
Random matrix theory and symmetric spaces
While the original root lattice characterizes the complex extension algebra and its real forms, the restricted root lattice characterizes a particular symmetric space originating from one of its real forms.
Random matrix theory and symmetric spaces
To achieve this, we first look for a different representation of the original Cartan subalgebra, that gives the same root lattice as the original one (i.e., An−1 for the SU(p, q; C) algebra).
Random matrix theory and symmetric spaces
The origin of scales out of an originally scale invariant theory has a long history.
Scale Symmetry Breaking from the Dynamics of Maximal Rank Gauge Field Strengths
To calculate this quantity, we first, at each time step, find the minimal distance from the current position of the random walker to the origin (i.e. the smallest number of steps needed for the random walker to reach the origin) using a breadth-first search method.
Scaling Properties of Random Walks on Small-World Networks
The dual of an action with the tracial Rokhlin property need not have the tracial Rokhlin property, even when both the original algebra and the crossed product are simple AF algebras, and even when the original action also has the strict Rokhlin property.
Crossed products by finite cyclic group actions with the tracial Rokhlin property
For random classical spin chains, the susceptibility χ ∝ P (0)| ln T | where P (0) is the finite weight at the origin of the original distribution P (J ) .
Spin-3/2 random quantum antiferromagnetic chains
If, for the original kinetic equation (26), dS (f )/dt = 0 at f = f ∗ M , then the entropy is conserved due to the quasiequilibrium system (28). (ii) If, for the original kinetic equation (26), dS (f )/dt ≥ 0 at f = f ∗ M , then, at the same points, f ∗ M , dS (M )/dt ≥ 0 due to the quasiequilibrium system (27).
Geometry of irreversibility: The film of nonequilibrium states