• WordNet 3.6
    • n orangeness orange color or pigment; any of a range of colors between red and yellow
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

Oranges and Lemons music Oranges and Lemons music
Osage Orange Osage Orange
A sailor tries to stop the orang-outang hiding in the ship's rigging A sailor tries to stop the orang-outang hiding in the ship's rigging


  • Wayne Dyer
    “When you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out -- because that's what's inside. When you are squeezed, what comes out is what is inside.”
  • Vincent Van Gogh
    “There is no blue without yellow and without orange.”
  • Jacques Prevert
    Jacques Prevert
    “An orange on the table, your dress on the rug, and you in my bed, sweet present of the present, cool of night, warmth of my life.”
  • Benny Green
    Benny Green
    “A jazz musician is a juggler who uses harmonies instead of oranges.”


Apples and oranges - 'Apples and oranges' used when people compare or describe two totally different things. ('Apples to oranges' is also used.)


In literature:

God bless the prince of Orange!
"The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol.I., Part F. From Charles II. to James II." by David Hume
He doesn't know anything about raising oranges, but there are men in charge who do.
"The Outdoor Girls in Florida" by Laura Lee Hope
Lemons pay better than oranges, Mr. Kimball tells me.
"A Truthful Woman in Southern California" by Kate Sanborn
Und if they're good they get candy und oranges und toys und things, don't they, Schwillie Willie Winkum?
"The White Christmas and other Merry Christmas Plays" by Walter Ben Hare
Execution of Egmont and Horn at Brussels; arms taken against the Spaniards by Louis of Nassau and William of Orange, his brother.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 1-20" by Various
Brilliant Orange, 4 oz.
"The Dyeing of Woollen Fabrics" by Franklin Beech
As for Sue, all she hoped for was to gather oranges and orange blossoms.
"Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue in the Sunny South" by Laura Lee Hope
Now, if Plumer, Crabbe, & Co. stick to him, he'll break back to the Orange River as sure as fate.
"On the Heels of De Wet" by The Intelligence Officer
During the last week of pregnancy she lived on oranges and grapes.
"The Mother and Her Child" by William S. Sadler
Oranges contain nearly the same proportion of dry matter as apples, the larger part of which is sugar.
"Human Foods and Their Nutritive Value" by Harry Snyder
William of Orange yielded to none in pride of birth, being descended from one of the most illustrious houses of the Low Countries.
"Heroes of Modern Europe" by Alice Birkhead
Toluylene orange G, 24 grains Brilliant orange G, 1 lb.
"The Dyeing of Cotton Fabrics" by Franklin Beech
Fort Orange, which had withstood numberless earthquakes for two centuries and a quarter, was almost overwhelmed.
"In the Eastern Seas" by W.H.G. Kingston
But all eyes were turned towards William of Nassau, Prince of Orange.
"The Golden Grasshopper" by W.H.G. Kingston
More than one Vivien and one William of Orange listened to Peter the Hermit.
"The Flourishing of Romance and the Rise of Allegory" by George Saintsbury
Skin yellow, bordering on orange-color.
"The Field and Garden Vegetables of America" by Fearing Burr
We would have got a cargo of oranges and lemons.
"Held Fast For England" by G. A. Henty
The air was rocking; orange and red lights began to show as the shells exploded.
"The Long Roll" by Mary Johnston
Furthermore, he is very clear as to the specific distinctness of the true East Indian Orang.
"Man's Place in Nature and Other Essays" by Thomas Henry Huxley
It bears large panicles of orange salmon flowers.
"Talks about Flowers." by M. D. Wellcome

In poetry:

And then to hear the muffled tolls
From steeples slim and white,
And watch, among the Isles of Shoals,
The Beacon's orange light.
"Piscataqua River" by Thomas Bailey Aldrich
North! We are sailing North,
The song at the windlass is done.
The slim, still palms, astern,
Are black ‘gainst the orange sun.
"Sailing North Off Pernambuco" by Theodore Goodridge Roberts
The second said, “My eyes have seen
No tree that is not fair;
But the Orange tree is the sweetest tree,
The loving blood is there.”
"The Loving Tree" by John Shaw Neilson
"Who show these different traits and tricks
When bedtime hour comes duly--
Banana-kind and Orange-kind;
Now which kind are you, truly?"
"December" by Nancy Byrd Turner
- Silence! the young girl said. Oh, why,
Why will you talk to weary me?
Plague me no longer now, for I
Am listening like the Orange Tree.
"The Orange Tree" by John Shaw Neilson
"But ere the torch be laid
To my unshrinking limbs by some true hand,
Athwart the orange-fragrant laughing land,
Bring many a dark-eyed maid
"Don Rafael" by Emma Lazarus

In news:

Torii Hunter told the Orange County Register he's not exactly quaking in his cleats at the thought of facing the Texas Rangers' right-hander for the first time Friday night.
Odd-colored lobsters coming in bright blue, orange, yellow, calico, and white have been turning up in lobster traps in the waters off Maine.
LONDON — The 2012 Orange British Academy Film Awards were announced on Sunday, February 12, at London's Royal Opera House.
Box is an anonymous way students can report bullying at Liberty Middle School in West Orange.
The paint job on the Pensacola Beach ball water tower is finally finished after weeks of being without its orange stripe.
Emmy Rossum's Daring Orange Look.
The award-winning McNicholas High School dance team is getting ready to take part in the Orange Bowl halftime performance.
There is more to orange juice than what's on the carton, says author Alissa Hamilton LA Times writer Russ Parsons gives us some structure for our next trip to the farmers market.
Toothpaste & Orange Juice Ice Cream.
Orange roughy, cut into filets 2 T. Cayenne pepper 2 T. Chili powder 1 T.
National Philanthropy Day Orange County 2012 Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser Joe Lins, of Fullerton, receiving his award from Orange County Register Publisher Aaron Kushner at an awards luncheon earlier this month.
Orange County Movie Showtimes, Orange County Movie Listings and Theaters from the OC Weekly.
Hopscotch Opens in Orange County, CA Hopscotch is a new Orange County, California destination for craft beer, artisan whiskey and handcrafted cocktails.
ORANGE — Orange County school districts passed TEA marks as two were recognized academically and three were named acceptable.
ORANGE — Orange County will see a larger sales tax rebate check in the mail this month, as sales tax revenues increased compared to last year.

In science:

Target coverage level was .950, those meeting or exceeding this level are highlighted in orange.
Small Sample Inference for Generalization Error in Classification Using the CUD Bound
Target coverage level was .950, those meeting or exceeding this level are highlighted in orange.
Small Sample Inference for Generalization Error in Classification Using the CUD Bound
The tra jectory of the random walk is represented by the orange path.
Lyapunov exponents of random walks in small random potential: the lower bound
The dots are linked by an orange line for better visualisation.
Lyapunov exponents of random walks in small random potential: the lower bound
An additional current ridge can be identified in Fig. 2a (orange cross) which we ascribe to a resonant tunneling process from the ground-state of DL to the first excited state of DR (Fig. 2c).
Coupling and coherent electrical control of two dopants in a silicon nanowire
Figure 5: Figure (a) and (b) show plots of fits (orange) to our data (blue) for both proposed models.
On the Efficient Calculation of a Linear Combination of Chi-Square Random Variables with an Application in Counting String Vacua
The centers of the FDWs are shown by the orange planes.
Bloch-type Domain Walls in Rhombohedral BaTiO3
Lines are the effective model predictions on each sublattices. (b) Dimerization pattern and corresponding average of the random η -dimerization term of Eq. (12) over MG domains (orange line).
Localization of spinons in random Majumdar-Ghosh chains
The pumping yields an inversion of the atomic occupation number within the ZnO causing stimulated emission of light (orange light paths).
Transport theory: Spatial coherence of random laser emission
We also show in orange the contours of constant signal strength in the diphoton channel µγγ .
Higgs Couplings and Precision Electroweak Data
It takes ∼ 2000 CPU hours on average to evolve this system for 1 Myr. A portion of the post-production procedure and data analysis is conducted on the Orange cluster at the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology at Stanford University.
Dwarf Galaxies with Ionizing Radiation Feedback. I: Escape of Ionizing Photons
The orange dashed line indicates the single-layered polytrope model, and the black dotted line shows a three-layer model for Jupiter taken from Nettelmann et al. (2008), which includes a 2.75 M⊕ core.
On the Survivability and Metamorphism of Tidally Disrupted Giant Planets: the Role of Dense Cores
For comparison with previous simulations, we show the results obtained by FRW with open squares and those of singlelayered polytropes obtained by GRL with orange dashed lines in Figure 3.
On the Survivability and Metamorphism of Tidally Disrupted Giant Planets: the Role of Dense Cores
The second model (in orange) is just built by using the actual values plus a random normal noise with the same distribution (MAE = 0.0079, MSE = 0.00010, AOC = 49.83).
A graphical analysis of cost-sensitive regression problems
The double dot-dashed (orange) lines are contours of the spin-independent cross section, and the contours σS I = 10−9 pb in panel (a) and σS I = 10−12 pb in panel (b) are indicated.
CDM in Supersymmetric Models