• WordNet 3.6
    • adv ominously in an ominous manner "the sun darkened ominously"
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • ominously In an ominous manner; with significant coincidence; significantly; with ill omen; portentously.
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  • William S. Burroughs
    “There is the pleasurable orgasm, like a rising sales graph, and there is the unpleasurable orgasm, slumping ominously like the Dow Jones in 1929.”


In literature:

Then the hours passed, anxious, ominous hours!
"Through the Wall" by Cleveland Moffett
The town seemed ominously silent.
"The Man From Brodney's" by George Barr McCutcheon
The families did not commonly affiliate, and the circumstance boded ominously.
"The Wrong Twin" by Harry Leon Wilson
Suddenly the coach was brought nearly to a standstill, so that the prisoner saw an ominous sight from the window.
"Green Tea; Mr. Justice Harbottle" by Joseph Sheridan LeFanu
No rain had fallen, but the air was full of ominous promise.
"The Blood Red Dawn" by Charles Caldwell Dobie
I think I am beginning to find them out,' Mr. Dunborough answered, slapping his boot ominously, 'and my enemies!
"The Castle Inn" by Stanley John Weyman
Not a word was spoken during this gloomy, ominous dinner.
"Queen Hortense" by L. Mühlbach
There followed now the ominous, waiting silence of an awakened wilderness.
"The Wolf Hunters" by James Oliver Curwood
That ominous, low murmuring awoke me with a vengeance, for it was unusual for them to growl in the middle of the night.
"Tales of lonely trails" by Zane Grey
Again his speech was a little thick, and the mother's face assumed an ominous look.
"The Soul of a Child" by Edwin Bjorkman

In poetry:

Lo! the red moon from the ocean's low hazes
Rises in ominous grandeur to view;
Strange is its face as my tortur'd eye gazes
O'er the vast reaches of sparkle and blue.
"The Bride Of The Sea" by Howard Phillips Lovecraft
Above the hills, big, bellying clouds loomed, black
And ominous, yet silent as the blue
That pools calm heights of heaven, deepening back
'Twixt clouds of snowdrift hue.
"The Broken Drouth" by Madison Julius Cawein
Earth quailed beneath the cannon's burrowing roar,
Beneath three Armies' slow and ominous tread;
And Ocean who the portioned conflict bore,
Shuddered with pain and dread.
"Yorktown" by James Avis Bartley
Then the great moon on a sudden
Ominous, and red as blood,
Startling as a new creation,
O'er the eastern hilltop stood,
Casting deep and deeper shadows
Through the mystery of the wood.
"The Captive" by James Russell Lowell
"It's a Snark!" was the sound that first came to their ears,
And seemed almost too good to be true.
Then followed a torrent of laughter and cheers:
Then the ominous words "It's a Boo-"
"The Hunting Of The Snark " by Lewis Carroll
"Ah, fiery steed, fret not!
Nor prick thy fine ears at the ominous rattle;
Far happier than I, thou wilt still be anear him,
When my knight heads his clan in the stress of the battle
Down the ranks of the foe that shall fly and shall fear him.
"Sir Turlough" by Anna Johnston MacManus

In news:

A cold breeze drifting through the venue and the giant white Wucifix standing on an empty stage made for a decidedly ominous vibe.
These days, the phrase "nuclear ambitions" is applied ominously to countries or heads of state.
Riccardo Muti , the master conductor, is sounding an ominous note, and it isn't rising from the orchestra pit.
Both of Connecticut's US senators were greeted with ominous new poll numbers on Tuesday.
So thoroughly has Times Square been transformed in the past decade that depictions of its red-lighted, ominously atmospheric recent past are already nostalgic.
Anti-Bob Turner Ad Featuring Airplane Ominously Buzzing Manhattan: Slightly Terrorist-y.
Just like every other people I have ever studied or read about in history, the Palestinian people desire to live their lives freely, without the ominous weight of oppression hovering constantly overhead.
Somewhat ominously, congressional leaders responded to the news with partisan shots.
Ominous) future, writes DePaul sociologist John P Koval, introducing a new collection of articles he co-edited, The New Chicago: A Social and Cultural Analysis.
Better yet this ominous T-shirt.
The note on Facebook was ominous.
An ominous buzz from the Bay Area.
Smoke looms dark and ominous around 6:30 the evening the Pole Creek Fire started on Sept 9.
Standing outside his small-town Ohio home, Curtis LaForche (Michael Shannon) looks up at the ominous, slate-gray sky.
The swine flu virus that has frightened the world is beginning to look a little less ominous.

In science:

The impact of the small-world phenomenon is ominous when studied from the perspective of infectious disease. A small-world is a graph G which exhibits certain structural properties while modeling some natural phenomenon.
A Connection-Centric Survey of Recommender Systems Research
All three Sgr PN with deep spectra therefore show evidence for WR-type emission lines. G ´orny (2001) estimates that 6. 5 per cent of Galactic PNe show [WR]-type central stars. A higher fraction is found in the Galactic Bulge (G ´orny et al. 2004), pred ominantly with late subtypes.
The Planetary Nebula population of the Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
It is well known that there is a unique minimal non-zero orbit Omin (see for example [CM93], and the introduction of [KP82]).
Cohomology of the minimal nilpotent orbit
The aim of this article is to compute the integral cohomology of Omin .
Cohomology of the minimal nilpotent orbit
Thus P(Omin ) is the minimal orbit in P(N ), and therefore it is closed: we deduce that it is a pro jective variety.
Cohomology of the minimal nilpotent orbit