• WordNet 3.6
    • adj obsolete no longer in use "obsolete words"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Obsolete No longer in use; gone into disuse; disused; neglected; as, an obsolete word; an obsolete statute; -- applied chiefly to words, writings, or observances.
    • Obsolete (Biol) Not very distinct; obscure; rudimental; imperfectly developed; abortive.
    • v. i Obsolete To become obsolete; to go out of use.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • obsolete Gone out of use; no longer in use: as, an obsolete word; an obsolete custom; an obsolete law. Abbreviated obsolete
    • obsolete In descriptive zoöl., indistinct; not clearly or sharply marked; applied to colors, faded, dim: as, an obsolete purple; applied to ornaments or organs, very imperfectly developed, hardly perceptible: as, obsolete striæ, spines, ocelli. It is often employed to denote the lack or imperfect development of a character which is distinct in the opposite sex or in a kindred species or genus. Synonyms Ancient, Old, Antique, etc. See ancient.
    • obsolete To become obsolete; pass out of use.
    • obsolete To make obsolete; render disused.
    • obsolete In botany, notingan organ which is rudimentary or scarcely apparent.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Obsolete gone out of use: antiquated:
    • adj Obsolete (zool.) obscure: not clearly marked or developed: rudimental
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  • Dr. Seuss
    Dr. Seuss
    “Adults are obsolete children.”
  • Peter F. Drucker
    “When a subject becomes totally obsolete we make it a required course.”
  • Henri B. Stendhal
    “Nothing is so hideous as an obsolete fashion.”
  • Samuel Johnson
    “I gleaned jests at home from obsolete farces.”
  • Richard Brinsley Sheridan
    “Ay, ay, the best terms will grow obsolete: damns have had their day.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. obsoletus, p. p. of obsolescere,. See Obsolescent
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. obsolescens, -entis, pr.p. of obsolescĕre, obsoletumob, before, solēre, to be wont.


In literature:

None of these crafts are obsolete (to use the popular expression of the day).
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 794, March 21, 1891" by Various
The chief difficulty lies in the vocabulary, which contains some words that are either obsolete or provincial.
"English Dialects From the Eighth Century to the Present Day" by Walter W. Skeat
There are philosophies, good or bad, current or obsolete.
"Edward Caldwell Moore" by Edward Moore
No man has to be as artificially obsolete as Mr. Cabell is.
"Love Conquers All" by Robert C. Benchley
Laying hold of an obsolete bell-pull, P. Sybarite yanked it with a spirit in tune with his temper.
"The Day of Days" by Louis Joseph Vance
Obsolete, all things become, iv.
"Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus" by Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
They are simply obsolete.
"A Voyage of Consolation" by Sara Jeannette Duncan
Kruger is the epitome of obsolete ideas and living force.
"Wise or Otherwise" by Lydia Leavitt
And even Charles Emanuel, King of Sardinia, hunted up an obsolete claim, through the line of the second daughter of Philip II.
"The Empire of Austria; Its Rise and Present Power" by John S. C. Abbott
As he grew older he showed a stronger inclination to return to obsolete models.
"The Opera" by R.A. Streatfeild
Its tendency is to classify and select, to cast away the obsolete and test and adopt the new and true.
"Continental Monthly, Vol. II. July, 1862. No. 1." by Various
The latter word is considered obsolete.
"The Manual of Heraldry; Fifth Edition" by Anonymous
The satire which we deemed obsolete, we find still applicable to contemporaries!
"Curiosities of Literature, Vol. II (of 3)" by Isaac Disraeli
This instrument became obsolete toward the end of the eighteenth century.
"Critical & Historical Essays" by Edward MacDowell
Again and again religion has been pronounced obsolete, but passing through the midst of its detractors it serenely goes its way.
"Some Christian Convictions" by Henry Sloane Coffin
Addressing a European audience in this year grace, I should not have thought of eddying about his obsolete doctrine.
"Renaissance in Italy, Volumes 1 and 2" by John Addington Symonds
Mrs. Rann, herself, was little and plain and obsolete.
"The Voice of the People" by Ellen Glasgow
Too much that's obsolete.
"Burned Bridges" by Bertrand W. Sinclair
Puzzles containing obsolete words will be received.
"Golden Days for Boys and Girls, Vol. XII, Jan. 3, 1891" by Various
Oh, good manners are becoming obsolete.
"The Black Cat" by John Todhunter

In poetry:

Onyx-eyed Odalisques
and ornithologists
the flight
of Eros obsolete
"Lunar Baedeker" by Mina Loy
It tells me when I am to eat,
Which isn't necessary;
When food with me is obsolete,
I'll be a reliquary.
"The Little Clock" by Hattie Howard
So tooth and nail were obsolete
As means against a foe,
Till, bored by uniform defeat,
Some genius built the bow.
"The Benefactors" by Rudyard Kipling
Farewell, sweet hope, not long to last,
All life is better for thy past.
Farewell till love with sorrow meet,
To learn that tears are obsolete.
"Dora" by Jean Ingelow
"Fifteen each side, the combatants divide,
So nicely balanced are their predilections;
And first of all a tear-drop each lets fall,
A tribute to their obsolete affections.
"How To Not Settle It" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
There was a time in happy days gone by,
That rosy interval of youth, when I
The scholar ardent early learned to trace
Great tributaries to their starting place;
And thine some prairie hollow obsolete
Whose name how few remember or repeat.
"The Sangamon River" by Hattie Howard

In news:

The state Capitol will close from Wednesday night until Monday morning while the secretary of state replaces obsolete electrical equipment, secretary of state spokesman Alex Reed said.
At a 1989 gathering of publishing giants, Jerome Rubin made an unpopular forecast: Technology would render the book obsolete.
Developed before WWII but proven obsolete by war's breakout, the TBD Devastator torpedo bomber has no display or flying examples.
The current E911 equipment is 21 years old, technologically obsolete and beyond repair.
A lack of refineries, obsolete laws, and red tape need serious review to prevent a repeat occurrence, a fuel expert charges.
Public education has become obsolete, and we can thank Gov Perry, Texas legislators, and the School Board of Education because they have killed it.
But that view is becoming obsolete.
Consultants call state office building in Downtown Memphis 'obsolete'.
In 1950, the US Army Corps of Engineers dredged the Delaware River channel to 800 feet wide and 40 feet deep which made the lighthouse obsolete.
Merry Manly Christmas and Hanukkah The code of the gentleman is not obsolete.
So, Senator Marco Rubio, rising Republican superstar and unconquerable champion of the Republican effort not to become obsolete within a changing electorate, how are you and science getting along these days.
The Maine Maritime Academy is among six state maritime academies that will share an additional $2.3 million from a federal government program that recycles obsolete vessels.
It also offers Pathway 's "self healing" technology, which obsoletes the need for fuses on DMX inputs or outputs.
Traditional Marriage Basically Obsolete, Survey Finds.
From 'Marriage Becoming Obsolete' Report: Only 46% of Singles Want to Marry.

In science:

In this context it is important to remark that fixing mH at 300 GeV, as was often done in the past, is by now completely obsolete, because it introduces too strong a bias on the fitted value of mt .
The Status of The Standard Model
The flow of ideas in Figure 1 is simply obsolete.
Simple Type is Not a Boundary Phenomenon
SU (2) gauge theory, however, is not obsolete, if we remember the original interest in the YM equations and the moduli spaces.
Simple Type is Not a Boundary Phenomenon
Seiberg-Witten theory has, of course, made that last road obsolete.
Simple Type and the Boundary of Moduli Space
The remaining 6 variables in SHAPE(20) are internal or obsolete and should not be used.
A common scheme for running NLO ep event generators
When, however, the width of the neutralino is taken into account, the smearing of the cross section might make this observation obsolete and less appealing for the determination of the neutralino mass.
Summary of the SUSY Working Group of the 1999 Les Houches Workshop
As time goes on, the potential barrier to analyzing these data in a meaningful way grows higher and higher, not because computers fail or because Fortran becomes obsolete (it won’t), but because our colleagues slowly lose their facility in the handling and understanding of these data.
Quaero: Motivation, Summary, Status
Models and phenomenological approaches have not necessarily become obsolete: they may provide estimates of the non-perturbative paramaters that appear in the EFTs.
A theoretical review of heavy quarkonium inclusive decays
It will make the formatter obsolete, and will take digitized data directly from the samplers of a VLBI terminal.
A Review of VLBI Instrumentation
We must accept that at least one generation (possibly two) of VLBI equipment will become totally obsolete before we reach 2010 (Mujunen & Ritakari 2004).
A Review of VLBI Instrumentation
Theoretically, the reflection of particles at small ΘBn must become entirely due to the electrostatic shock potential drop with the magnetic part of the Lorentz force being obsolete.
Fundamentals of Non-relativistic Collisionless Shock Physics: IV. Quasi-Parallel Supercritical Shocks
The former procedure automatically accounts for the low- and high-energy tails of a resonance and makes any artificial corrections (for example, for “nonresonant” S-factor tails) obsolete.
Charged-Particle Thermonuclear Reaction Rates: III. Nuclear Physics Input
They should also provide a way to remove obsolete identities (or part of identities) and to invalidate out-of-date claims.
The Identity Crisis. Security, Privacy and Usability Issues in Identity Management
In this context it is important to remark that fixing mH at 300 GeV, as is often done, is by now completely obsolete, because it introduces a strong bias on the fitted value of mt .
Status of precision tests of the Standard Model
This chapter makes the synthesis of all the methods of chapter 5 in order to define a usable end product which makes obsolete the meromorphy test of section 2.3.
The Painlev\'e approach to nonlinear ordinary differential equations