• WordNet 3.6
    • n oboe a slender double-reed instrument; a woodwind with a conical bore and a double-reed mouthpiece
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Oboe (Mus) One of the higher wind instruments in the modern orchestra, yet of great antiquity, having a penetrating pastoral quality of tone, somewhat like the clarinet in form, but more slender, and sounded by means of a double reed; a hautboy.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n oboe An important musical instrument of the wood wind group, and the type of the family in which the tone is produced by a double reed. In its modern form it consists of a wooden tube of conical bore, made of three joints, the lowest of which is slightly flaring or belled, while the uppermost carries in its end the metal staple with its reeds of cane. The number of finger-holes varies considerably; in the larger varieties they are principally controlled by an intricate system of levers. The extreme compass is nearly three octaves, upward from the B♭ or B♯ next below middle C, including all the semitones. The tone is small, but highly individual and penetrating; it is especially useful for pastoral effects, for plaintive and wailing phrases, and for giving a reedy quality to concerted passages. The normal key (tonality) of the orchestral oboe is C, and music for it is written with the G clef. The oboe has borne various names, such as chalumeau, schalmey, shawm, bombardo piccolo, hautboy. etc. It has been a regular constituent of the modern orchestra since early in the eighteenth century, and is the instrument usually chosen to give the pitch to others. It has also been used to some extent as a solo instrument. The oboe family of instruments includes the oboe d'amour, the oboe da caccia or tenoroon, the English horn, and the bassoon.
    • n oboe In organ-building, a reed-stop with metal pipes which give a penetrating and usually very effective oboe-like tone. It is usually placed in the swell organ.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Oboe ō′bō-e a treble reed musical instrument, usually with fifteen keys, with a rich tone, giving the pitch to the violin in the orchestra: a treble stop on the organ, its bass being the bassoon—also Hautboy.O′bōist, a player on the oboe
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
It., fr. F. hautbois,. See Hautboy
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. hautbois.


In literature:

The second subject is propounded by the oboes (in the rather unusual related key of the submediant).
"Contemporary American Composers" by Rupert Hughes
He w'at you call 'obo!
"The Huntress" by Hulbert Footner
Each passer-by deposited a white stone on one of these Obos.
"An Explorer's Adventures in Tibet" by A. Henry Savage Landor
You can ask him; he will co'obo'ate me in fact.
"Dr. Sevier" by George W. Cable
The Romanze closes with a simple return to the plaintive oboe melody, this time in D minor.
"Music: An Art and a Language" by Walter Raymond Spalding
The clarina is a metal instrument with the conical bore and fingering of the oboe and the clarinet single-reed mouthpiece.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 4" by Various
It is said by some that boys' voices partake of one or other of two qualities, the flute quality or the oboe quality.
"The Boy's Voice" by J. Spencer Curwen
The overture is written for strings and two oboes.
"The Standard Cantatas" by George P. Upton
Some enormous and majestic firs encircling the Obo, sheltered it with a magnificent dome of verdure.
"Travels in Tartary, Thibet, and China During the years 1844-5-6. Volume 2 [of 2]" by Evariste Regis Huc
Its principle is that of the oboe.
"Springtime and Other Essays" by Francis Darwin
It was the music of the oboe.
"The Camp Fire Girls Across the Seas" by Margaret Vandercook
The four kinds of wind instruments: flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons may be generally considered to be of equal power.
"Principles of Orchestration" by Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov
Flutes, oboes and clarinets form the woodwind.
"How to Appreciate Music" by Gustav Kobbé
Ram, the celebrated oboe-player of Munich, played also, and accompanied the Quintett.
"Life of Beethoven" by Anton Schindler
The exception is the sixth, in E flat, which is scored for one flute, two oboes, bassoons, and horns.
"Nicolo Paganini: His Life and Work" by Stephen Samuel Stratton
Six Sonatas for two oboes with thorough-bass for harpsichord (73) 1696.
"Handel" by Romain Rolland
The oboe chants sanft wie'n Abendlied, the beautiful melody of peaceful idyllic nature.
"Franz Liszt" by James Huneker
His myriad hours of violin and oboe practice, piano, harmony, counterpoint, all had been aiming at that.
"The Trial of Callista Blake" by Edgar Pangborn
These Oboes are very numerous.
"Sagas from the Far East" by Various
There must be an orchestra; the oboes and viols, the drums and trumpets, the violins and cellos must all be there.
"The Meaning of Faith" by Harry Emerson Fosdick

In poetry:

When as I hear my Julia play
Upon the oboe, oft I say
Well pleased were I if I might sit
Hour-long by her and hark to it,
So sweet the strains, so true the note
She charmeth from its well-tuned throat.
"Upon Julia, Playing The Oboe" by Cicely Fox Smith

In news:

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In science:

Using the full PSI-MI ontology file in Open Biomedical Ontology (OBO) format (28), it replaces any non-standard terms in these fields (labeled MI:0000) with the corresponding valid PSI-MI ontology terms.
ppiTrim: Constructing non-redundant and up-to-date interactomes
The terms marked as obsolete in the PSI-MI OBO file are exchanged for their recommended replacements (Supplementary Table 2).
ppiTrim: Constructing non-redundant and up-to-date interactomes
Interaction type is also adjusted to MI:0403 as recommended in psi-mi.obo; † HPRD terms are treated as a special case, see main text; (cid:63) MPPI interactions in the human dataset.
ppiTrim: Constructing non-redundant and up-to-date interactomes
To complete the branch and bound algorithm we need to define upper and lower bounds on the value of obO(β) = (cid:12)(cid:12) ˆξD(b) (f (; β , ˆγ ) − ˆξD (f (; β , ˆγ )))(cid:12)(cid:12)× jective function, g(αn (L(D(b) , f (; ˆβ , ˆγ )) − L(D(b) , f (; β , ˆγ )))).
Small Sample Inference for Generalization Error in Classification Using the CUD Bound
Next, we discuss and evaluate the differences between a simple one-by-one approach (OBO) and a more intricate strategy based on the DDMin algorithm (Zeller and Hildebrandt 2002).
Testing and Debugging Techniques for Answer Set Solver Development
OBO As an alternative to DDMin, we also consider a simple strategy based on a one-by-one (OBO) principle.
Testing and Debugging Techniques for Answer Set Solver Development
The benefit of the OBO strategy is that, in contrast to the DDMin strategy, it is easy to implement and does not need any caching techniques.
Testing and Debugging Techniques for Answer Set Solver Development
For example, the rules could be sorted with respect to rule size such that OBO tries to eliminate larger rules first.
Testing and Debugging Techniques for Answer Set Solver Development
The size reduction achieved by the OBO and DDMin strategies is almost identical for the three program classes NLP, WCP, and DLP.
Testing and Debugging Techniques for Answer Set Solver Development
The running times using OBO and DDMin vary more noticeably.
Testing and Debugging Techniques for Answer Set Solver Development
For NLP, DDMin results in making over 50% more calls to the solvers than OBO on average (916 and 572 calls, respectively).
Testing and Debugging Techniques for Answer Set Solver Development
For DLPs, however, the situation is the opposite to the NLP case: while the difference in the number of solver calls is relatively small, DDMin is over twice as fast as OBO.
Testing and Debugging Techniques for Answer Set Solver Development
This phenomenon, K o ⇔ Ko is called mixing and can be depicted by the diagram shown in Fig. 38, much like the diagram for B oBo mixing.
Prospects for B-Physics in the Next Decade
Such a peer review sys tem is intended to be adopted by the OBO Foundry ontology community [47,3].
Towards quantitative measures in applied ontology
For example, Boeker et al. “aim to analyze the correctness of the use of logic by the OBO Foundry or close-to OBO Foundry ontologies and related mappings”, and they identif y approximately 23% of the axioms in the evaluated ontologies as incorrect based on the judgement of four experts.
Towards quantitative measures in applied ontology