• WordNet 3.6
    • n numerousness a large number
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Arabic numerals were not invented by Arabs, but were invented in India by the Hindus
    • n numerousness The state of being numerous or many; the condition of consisting of a great number of individuals.
    • n numerousness Poetic quality; melodiousness; musicalness.
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  • George Eliot
    “Is it not rather what we expect in men, that they should have numerous strands of experience lying side by side and never compare them with each other?”
  • Mark Twain
    “The trouble with you Chicago people is that you think you are the best people down here, whereas you are merely the most numerous.”
  • Publius Cornelius Tacitus
    “In a state where corruption abounds, laws must be very numerous.”
  • George Ade
    George Ade
    “After being Turned Down by numerous Publishers, he had decided to write for Posterity.”
  • Ezra Pound
    “Religion, oh, just another of those numerous failures resulting from an attempt to popularize art.”
  • John Dryden
    “Far more numerous are those as such; who think too little and talk too much.”


In literature:

Then the king called together a numerous Thing in the south part of the country, and summoned to it all the people of the Uplands.
"Heimskringla" by Snorri Sturlason
Descriptions of menstruation from the extremities are quite numerous.
"Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine" by George M. Gould
The horses were kept by us as necessary to procure game for the sustenance of our numerous party.
"Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa" by David Livingstone
On the other side, on Safety Islet, numerous birds were gravely strutting.
"The Mysterious Island" by Jules Verne
Some idea of the relative numerical strength of these three categories may be obtained from the following figures.
"Russia" by Donald Mackenzie Wallace
Rhinoceroses are still very numerous-too numerous.
"The Land of Footprints" by Stewart Edward White
The more numerous part invaded the rights of the less numerous part.
"The Federalist Papers" by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison
The more numerous the allies, the more numerous were the dangers which threatened the alliance.
"The History of England from the Accession of James II." by Thomas Babington Macaulay
There were numerous hog-like animals.
"The Prehistoric World" by E. A. Allen
They were slaveholders, and the slaves were about as numerous as themselves.
"The Great Boer War" by Arthur Conan Doyle
The centre of the island is mountainous, torrents from which, form the sources of the numerous rivers by which Ceylon is so well watered.
"The Rifle and The Hound in Ceylon" by Samuel White Baker
Together with the population of harvesters there mingles another, less numerous, of mere drinkers, whose nesting-time has not yet begun.
"Bramble-bees and Others" by J. Henri Fabre
The tiny boring engineer, therefore, always settles a numerous family at the same banquet.
"The Life of the Fly" by J. Henri Fabre
The rats, soon after our landing, became not only numerous but formidable, from the destruction they occasioned in the stores.
"A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson" by Watkin Tench
That power possesses a numerous and brave militia but is very backward in the scientific part of the art of war.
"Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte, Complete" by Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne
Malmaison was no longer sufficient for the First Consul, whose household, like that of Madame Bonaparte, became daily more numerous.
"The Private Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, Complete" by Constant
One day, when they knew the Duchess was going to the play, they went there attended by a numerous livery.
"The Memoirs of Louis XIV., His Court and The Regency, Complete" by Duc de Saint-Simon
On the former, crested pigeons were numerous, several of which were shot.
"Two Expeditions into the Interior of Southern Australia, Complete" by Charles Sturt
These are very numerous on the plains, but wild and unapproachable, as they most frequently are in the north.
"The Overland Expedition of The Messrs. Jardine" by Frank Jardine and Alexander Jardine
Nor will you be sufficiently numerous to withstand so great a multitude of people.
"Old English Chronicles" by Various

In poetry:

With numerous ills, in single life,
The bachelor's attended;
Such to avoid, he takes a wife—
And much the case is mended!
"Stanzas - To the Memory of an agreeable Lady, buried in marriage to a Person undeserving her" by William Shenstone
Ungrateful mortals, catch the sound,
And in your numerous lays, To all the listening world around,
The God of nature praise.
"Hymn To God's Power" by James Thomson
My sins I therefore do confess,
And do lament my wickedness;
But, Lord! I'm ready to despair,
To think how numerous they are.
"Psalm XXXVIII." by Rees Prichard
A numerous troop I lead along
Of actors, to adorn my song.
Renown'd for wisdom, yet they fall;
A Jack Daw holds the most of all.
"The Jack Daw" by William Hutton
The nest magpie wove
Now filled by the dove.
This bride now takes to her home her way;
And these numerous cars her state display.
"The Marriage Of A Princess" by Confucius
And as the years rolled on apace
They stand the center of a race,
Expansive as the rays of light,
And numerous as the stars of night.
"Banishment Of Man From The Garden Of The Lord" by James Madison Bell

In news:

It starts off well enough, but by the end you realize the only thing you're going to be counting once you reach 30 are your numerous failures and Weight Watchers points.
Those eye procedures were just a few of a lengthy list of services for Mr Dowling that numerous providers billed to Medicaid and Medicare.
I disagree with Steve King on numerous matters pertaining to immigration.
Rick Ross, a Phoenix-based cult interventionist, receives numerous complaints about Landmark.
He comes in at least four different colors, numerous sizes and shapes.
The "old Scott," meaning, the wild and out-of-control persona that led him to numerous arrests and substance abuse is a thing of the past.
Having attended numerous professional and amateur sporting events across America, I can tell you that fans appreciate convenience.
Author William Podolsky outlines the numerous opportunities for those writers interested in detective fiction in this article from the January 1924 issue of The Writer.
The pair, who met on the set of the 2006 film "Step Up," have been burning up red carpets around the world in recent months as Channing promotes his numerous new film releases.
Equally accomplished as a pianist and composer, Liszt left an extensive compositional legacy, including two piano concertos, numerous orchestral tone poems, and countless works for solo piano.
Since then, Mastodon has traveled the world, opened for numerous bands and headlined various other tours.
He worked as a Parisian lawyer and a journalist, writing for and starting numerous European newspapers.
No, I'm not talking about Thanksgiving when many of us gather with family and friends and share what we are thankful for—at least I like to think that's one of the things we should be mindful of as we feast on the numerous dishes prepared.
Paul Hornung's accomplishments are almost too numerous to list: 1956 Heisman Trophy winner, two-time NFL Player of the Year with the Green Bay Packers, three-time NFL leading scorer, but one feat on the field stands out above the rest.

In science:

Mtot and Mah are calculated numerically, and Mirr is the irreducible mass of a Kerr black hole with the same overall mass and angular momentum as the numerical black hole.
Local and global properties of conformally flat initial data for black hole collisions
Mtot and Mah are calculated numerically, and Mboosted = pM 2 tot − P 2 is the horizon mass of a boosted Schwarzschild black hole with the same overall mass and linear momentum as the numerical black hole.
Local and global properties of conformally flat initial data for black hole collisions
Instead, it is probably more efficient to implement these relations at the point of numerical calculations. A FORTRAN library exists for the numerical calculation of the Veltman-Passarino functions, but unfortunately these only calculate such functions with up to one power of the loop momentum in the numerator.
Prototype Graphs for radiative Corrections to Polarized Chargino or Neutralino Production in Electron-Positron Annihilation
The comparison between the analytical and the numerical results of the mean localization length: Here we picked up the eigenstates which have large localization length. (See the text.) We show the ratios of the numerical calculation both to Eqs.(32) and (33).
Random-Mass Dirac Fermions in an Imaginary Vector Potential (I): Delocalization Transition and Localization Length
The comparison between the numerical result and the analytical one in the case of relatively large λ: We show the ratios of the mean localization length calculated numerically to the ones obtained analytically (Eq.(34)).
Random-Mass Dirac Fermions in an Imaginary Vector Potential (I): Delocalization Transition and Localization Length
Moreover numerous numerical studies confirm this stability for a much broader class of dynamical systems.
Perron-Frobenius spectrum for random maps and its approximation
To check our analytical results - evaluated numerically - against the results of numerical simulations, we use a method based on Monte-Carlo simulation of an auxiliary model and thermodynamic integration.
Metastable configurations of spin models on random graphs
In some situations it may turn out that there is no alternative to numerical calculations and then tests of the reliability of the results which are internal to the numerical calculations themselves are of particular importance.
Applications of the theory of evolution equations to general relativity
Since a failure of well-posedness means a failure of continuous dependence of the solutions on the initial data and the initial data in a numerical problem are never exact the significance of results obtained using a numerical calculation with an ill-posed system is quite unclear.
Applications of the theory of evolution equations to general relativity
This can be checked either numerically (Fig. 1, bottom) or solving numerically the self-consistency equations.
Boson peak in an harmonic scalar model
This has been checked either numerically or solving numerically the self-consistency equation given a particular choice for the function f (r) (see the numerical results section below).
Vibrations in glasses and Euclidean Random Matrix theory
This leads to some inherent numerical instabilities as the pole successively encounters the 1-string locations in strip 1. A second numerical problem is related to the determination of the location of the 1-strings in strip 2.
Lattice Approach to Excited TBA Boundary Flows: Tricritical Ising Model
Apply a full 3D numerical simulation of Einstein’s equations to generate a numerical spacetime covering the non-linear interaction region.
Modeling gravitational radiation from coalescing binary black holes
We have traced back to several sources of error which influence this part of the waveform, most notably numerical differencing error originating near the punctures in our simulations and radiation errors associated with the finite spatial extent of our numerical domain.
Modeling gravitational radiation from coalescing binary black holes
In all cases numerical inaccuracies begin to affect our results in the vicinity of T = 12 − 13M as is apparent in the figure so the later case, especially QC-4 are only very marginally linearized before numerical problems are significant.
Modeling gravitational radiation from coalescing binary black holes