number cruncher


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n number cruncher a computer capable of performing a large number of mathematical operations per second
    • n number cruncher someone able to perform complex and lengthy calculations
    • ***


Number cruncher - A number cruncher is an accountant or someone who is very good at dealing with numbers and calculations.


In news:

During the height of the recent financial crisis, a new term entered the lexicon of pop economists and established number-crunchers alike — "man- cession ".
Number crunchers were right about Obama.
Olsen is SBA's number cruncher .
Building the Fastest Mobile Networks Number Cruncher .
New York Mets' bullpen is costing the Mets a playoff spot, number cruncher says.
Town-government leaders are braced for austerity budget planning following warnings from number-crunchers that Lenox may confront its own version of a "fiscal cliff" within the next few years.
Number crunchers were right about Obama despite what pundits said.
It's what number crunchers call anecdotal evidence -- you see something that looks like a trend, yet can't "prove" it.
The number-crunchers on Wall Street are starting to crunch something else: the news.
D.C.'s chief financial officer Natwar Gandhi has tackled some tough challenges over the years as the city's top number cruncher.
If you believe the number crunchers, the matchup for the Allstate BCS National Championship Game might already be set.
Mike Beuoy is one of the insurance-industry number-crunchers who have to figure out what the health overhaul actually means.
From Number Crunchers to Inclusive Leaders.
Who knew even the professional numbers crunchers in the Labor Department were part of this vast left -wing conspiracy.
Always been a number cruncher.