• WordNet 3.6
    • adv notwithstanding despite anything to the contrary (usually following a concession) "although I'm a little afraid, however I'd like to try it","while we disliked each other, nevertheless we agreed","he was a stern yet fair master","granted that it is dangerous, all the same I still want to go"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • adv. or conj Notwithstanding Nevertheless; however; although; as, I shall go, notwithstanding it rains. "I will surely rend the kingdom from thee, and will give it to thy servant. Notwithstanding , in thy days I will not do it.""They which honor the law as an image of the wisdom of God himself, are, notwithstanding , to know that the same had an end in Christ.""You did wisely and honestly too, notwithstanding She is the greatest beauty in the parish.""These days were ages to him, notwithstanding that he was basking in the smiles of the pretty Mary."
    • prep Notwithstanding Without prevention, or obstruction from or by; in spite of.Notwithstanding was, by Johnson and Webster, viewed as a participle absolute, an English equivalent of the Latin non obstante. Its several meanings, either as preposition, adverb, or conjunction, are capable of being explained in this view. Later grammarians, while admitting that the word was originally a participle, and can be treated as such, prefer to class it as a preposition or disjunctive conjunction. "We gentil women bee
      Loth to displease any wight, Notwithstanding our great right."
      "Those on whom Christ bestowed miraculous cures were so transported that their gratitude made them, notwithstanding his prohibition, proclaim the wonders he had done."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • notwithstanding Not opposing; not standing in the way or contradicting; not availing to the contrary.
    • notwithstanding With following noun, or clause with that: In spite of, or in spite of the fact that; although.
    • notwithstanding Synonyms Notwithstanding, In spite of, Despite, for all. Notwithstanding is the least emphatic; it calls attention with some emphasis to an obstacle: as, notwithstanding his youth, he made great progress. In spite of and despite, by the strength of the word spite, point primarily to active opposition: as, in spite of his utmost efforts, he was defeated; and, figuratively, to great obstacles of any kind: as, despite all hindrances, he arrived at the time appointed. Despite is rather loftier and more poetic than the others.
    • notwithstanding Followed by a clause with that omitted: In spite of the fact that; although.
    • notwithstanding Synonyms Although, Though, etc. See although.
    • notwithstanding Nevertheless; however; yet.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • prep Notwithstanding not-with-stand′ing in spite of
    • conj Notwithstanding in spite of the fact that, although
    • adv Notwithstanding nevertheless, however, yet
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  • Georg C. Lichtenberg
    “Man is a masterpiece of creation if for no other reason than that, all the weight of evidence for determinism notwithstanding, he believes he has free will.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Originally the participle of withstand, with not, prefixed


In literature:

So I slept soundly enough, notwithstanding the orchestral entertainment.
"Across Unknown South America" by Arnold Henry Savage Landor
The next point was the succession, which, notwithstanding the humour of parliament, should be re-arranged, if force or skill could do it.
"The Reign of Mary Tudor" by James Anthony Froude
He barked loudly, and, notwithstanding his distance, the sportsmen heard him distinctly.
"The English at the North Pole" by Jules Verne
If women were without souls, they would, notwithstanding their intellects, have no rights to vindicate.
"Mary Wollstonecraft" by Elizabeth Robins Pennell
Notwithstanding, Betty felt uneasy and uncomfortable.
"The Camp Fire Girls in the Outside World" by Margaret Vandercook
Notwithstanding my nervous apprehension, a sleep more like the torpor of lethargy than natural slumber, fell on me at once.
"Captain Canot" by Brantz Mayer
Notwithstanding, it is an article of trade with the Hudson's Bay Company, who procure many thousands of the skins annually.
"The Young Voyageurs" by Mayne Reid
Notwithstanding the superiority of our enemy in numbers, I knew we were not so unequal.
"The War Trail" by Mayne Reid
The captain and his crew were mistaken notwithstanding.
"Notable Voyagers" by W.H.G. Kingston and Henry Frith
Notwithstanding this defeat, the Dutch in a short time were again ready for battle.
"How Britannia Came to Rule the Waves" by W.H.G. Kingston
Notwithstanding the unprepossessing appearance of the shore, we thankfully hurried into the boat.
"In the Wilds of Africa" by W.H.G. Kingston
Notwithstanding these lessons, some of the Turkoman tribes still went on marauding expeditions, robbing, killing, and enslaving their neighbors.
"Wealth of the World's Waste Places and Oceania" by Jewett Castello Gilson
Notwithstanding the lion's near approach my uncle waited, and then fired, hitting it between the eyes.
"Adventures in Africa" by W.H.G. Kingston
Two poor fellows in the boat were carried away, notwithstanding all the efforts made to secure them.
"Won from the Waves" by W.H.G. Kingston
Notwithstanding all this, Gaspar the gaucho is not to be baulked in his design.
"Gaspar the Gaucho" by Mayne Reid
And that freedom of spirit remained by him, notwithstanding his altered circumstances.
"The History of Sir Richard Calmady" by Lucas Malet
Notwithstanding the traces of her tears, she had never looked so beautiful.
"Deerbrook" by Harriet Martineau
Agriculture notwithstanding does not appear to be successful here.
"A New Voyage Round the World, in the years 1823, 24, 25, and 26, Vol. 2" by Otto von Kotzebue
Notwithstanding these calamities, the crew did not relax their efforts.
"Thrilling Narratives of Mutiny, Murder and Piracy" by Anonymous
They found quite an assembly of farmers, notwithstanding the busy season.
"A Spoil of Office" by Hamlin Garland

In poetry:

This notwithstanding, thou wentst on,
And didst allow us all our noise:
Nay thou hast made a sigh and grone
The joyes.
"Gratefulnesse" by George Herbert
No - he was cursed with acres fat
(A Christian's direst ban),
And gold - yet, notwithstanding that,
Poor ELLEN loved the man.
"First Love" by William Schwenck Gilbert
Although the sons of God do oft transgress,
And, through temptation, fall to some excess,
Their fall is, notwithstanding, ne'er so great,
But they can stand again upon their feet.
"Concerning Perseverance In A State Of Grace" by Rees Prichard
All Earthly things, man's Cravings answer not,
Whose little heart would all the World contain,
(If all the World should fall to one man's Lot)
And notwithstanding empty still remain.
"Vanity of Vanities" by Michael Wigglesworth
Myrtilla, I have seen you eat--
Have heard you drink, to be precise--
Your soup, and, notwithstanding, sweet,
The gurgitation wasn't nice,
I overlooked a tiny fault
Like that with just a grain of salt.
"Love Gustatory" by Franklin Pierce Adams
KING (to Grenadiers.)
You, my brave fellows, are my own guards. I can rely upon YOU. There is no want of
discipline here--eh, General? Notwithstanding all my annoyances, I am the happiest
king in Christendom!
"The Maid Of Saxony; Or, Who's The Traitor? - Act I" by George Pope Morris

In news:

Notwithstanding what we thought would be effective state and county forest conservation statutes, the destruction of forest canopy continues unabated.
Protecting wilderness, budget cuts notwithstanding, is a priority.
Kamau Bell's recent success notwithstanding, when it comes to Bay comics, we love Frankie Quinones as our stand-up ambassador.
But diet myths notwithstanding, nutritionists largely agree that a healthy lifestyle requires moderation and balance.
Shaky economy notwithstanding, Americans intend to travel farther and spend more in 2012, according to a nationwide poll.
Injuries notwithstanding, Cuddyer sees bright future with young group.
The Lisbon United Methodist Church has no intention of taking legal action to stop the state from erecting a traffic control box on its lawn, a recent newspaper story to the contrary notwithstanding.
Voters notwithstanding, insurers leery of marijuana.
Even enjoyable, notwithstanding the frightening prospects in store for the planet, even in some of the better scenarios.
Flaws notwithstanding, No Child Left Behind has brought about significant academic improvement and i.
You probably hold the same beliefs on matters large and small that you did a week ago, notwithstanding Tuesday's election.
The impending "Book of Mormon" notwithstanding, it's unlikely that Angelenos will see anything more scabrous or ham's-holiday funny than " Silence .
"Sandy" Notwithstanding, KO Debaters Win Acclaim At Two Competitions.
Oscar nominations notwithstanding, it turns out that spending $32 million on a meditative study on the meaning of our existence doesn't make you the most popular kid in class.
Cool-seeking Japanese fashion-hounds notwithstanding, Supreme 's focus is pure skater rat.

In science:

Notwithstanding a few attempts to deal with inhomogeneous stresses the same concept has not obtained full acceptance in the rheological community.
Timescales in shear banding of wormlike micelles
Notwithstanding, it still offers one of the best alternatives to learn more about the production of superheavy elements.
Reaction models to probe the structure of light exotic nuclei
We would also like to point out the fact that, from inspection of the above figures, the DOS remains zero at E = 0, notwithstanding the sharp resonances in its vicinity.
Modeling disorder in graphene
Such complications notwithstanding, the purpose of introducing the samplesize parameter, n, is to manifest the notion that an increase in the amount of data collected is coupled with a decrease in error variability.
A powerful test based on tapering for use in functional data analysis
We need to build up mathematics from simple bits before we can define the most abstract structures (Bourbaki notwithstanding).
Review of "Garden of integrals"
Notwithstanding current theoretical approaches, many measurements conducted through the years, display larger transverse contributions than expected .
Chiral-Odd Generalized Parton Distributions from Exclusive pi^o Electroproduction
For isotropic blackbody radiation, the tensor part is zero, but it is interesting that the tensor term is identically zero for our clock states notwithstanding.
Single barium ion spectroscopy: light shifts, hyperfine structure, and progress on an optical frequency standard and atomic parity violation
However, to explore the possibility of an automated application, notwithstanding the information rendered by visual inspection of the plot K vs N in figure 5, it is necessary to determine the N dependence of the critical time series length N beyond which K correctly classifies the signal.
Probing Hamiltonian dynamics by means of the 0-1 test for chaos
In figure 1b we used γ = 0.005ω Notwithstanding each of the oscillators might be still regarded as quantum up to yet higher temperatures, we focus on entanglement since it underlies the very heart of the quantum weirdness.
Bringing entanglement to the high temperature limit
Notwithstanding this physical issue, the peculiar properties of this metric allow us to go deeper in the understanding of the perturbation equations.
Covariant gauge invariant theory of Scalar Perturbations in $f(R)$-gravity: a brief review
The observer maintains the identity of the system notwithstanding a change in the state of this system that may or may not occur.
Quantum observer and Kolmogorov complexity: a model that can be tested
However, our method produces difficult formulae, for both previous arguments to the contrary notwithstanding, as we would like to have a significant number reasonable test sets.
A New General Method to Generate Random Modal Formulae for Testing Decision Procedures
From the mode amplitude plotted for NDSPMHD in, and notwithstanding the aforementioned limitations to making comparisons in two dimensions, it is clear that the cubic-kernel SPH is the least accurate method for the problem studied in this work.
A Well-Posed Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability Test and Comparison
Notwithstanding the validity of the standard MSSM approach, which makes its test a crucial task of the LHC, we argue that this is a meaningful possibility.
A Motivated Non-Standard Supersymmetric Spectrum
Additionally, notwithstanding Ref. , and in agreement with the field equations (II.1)-(II.3), δ can be both positive and negative leading to an acceleration or a deceleration of the universe, respectively.
Density preturbations in a finite scale factor singularity universe