• WordNet 3.6
    • adj nonadsorbent lacking a capacity to adsorb or cause to accumulate on a surface
    • ***


In science:

It was shown that the fraction of adsorbed A-monomers grows monotonically as the inverse temperature β increases, independently of the character of the interaction between the nonadsorbing B-monomer and the surface.
Random copolymer adsorption: Morita approximation compared to exact numerical simulations
The Bjerrum pairs of simple electrolytes are replaced by clusters involving each a polyion and a variable number of adsorbed counterions, which are in chemical equilibrium with the free, nonadsorbed counterions, assuming a simple form for the internal partition function of a cluster.
Effective interactions between electric double-layers
Deviation from the adsorption threshold (c ∝ (T − Ta )/Ta) changes sign at the transition between the adsorbed (so-named normal transition, c < 0) and the nonadsorbed state (ordinary transition, c > 0) and it plays a role of a second critical parameter.
Polymer chains in confined geometries: Massive field theory approach
We employ the polymer magnet analogy (PMA) in order to calculate the density profile ME of chain ends in a dilute solution of chains with EV interaction which arises in the presence of the nonadsorbing generalized cylinder K introduced in Eq. (1.3).
Polymer depletion effects near mesoscopic particles
Diagram of generalized cylinders K which behave − in the renormalization group sense − as relevant or irrelevant perturbations for nonadsorbing polymers.
Polymer depletion effects near mesoscopic particles