nitrogen oxide


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n nitrogen oxide any of several oxides of nitrogen formed by the action of nitric acid on oxidizable materials; present in car exhausts
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In literature:

Hydrogen, oxygen, carbonic oxide, marsh-gas, nitrogen, and sulphureted hydrogen, were without effect on the bacteria.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 288" by Various
The vitriol dissolves the nitrogen oxides, and so-called "nitrous vitriol" flows out at the base of the tower.
"The Chemistry of Hat Manufacturing" by Watson Smith
Nitrogen combines with oxygen to form five different oxides.
"An Elementary Study of Chemistry" by William McPherson
There were still traces of ozone and various oxides of nitrogen in the air when the fire prevention flyers arrived.
"Anything You Can Do ..." by Gordon Randall Garrett
Gas lime contains on an average 40% of calcium oxide, and usually a small percentage of nitrogen.
"Right Use of Lime in Soil Improvement" by Alva Agee
According to the old theories, nitrification was regarded as a simple case of the oxidation of nitrogen by the oxygen of the air, or by ozone.
"Manures and the principles of manuring" by Charles Morton Aikman
Gaseous ammonia passed over the oxide reduces it to the sesquioxide with formation of nitrogen and water.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 3" by Various
Such oxides as sulphur trioxide, nitrogen pentoxide, etc., do not possess acid properties except in combination with water.
"Heroes of Science" by M. M. Pattison Muir
Nitrates are continually being produced in surface soils, &c., by the oxidation of nitrogenous substances.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 12, Slice 6" by Various

In news:

Sewage treatment plants purify water, but they also foul the air, with plumes of methane and sulfur and nitrogen oxides, which smell bad and contribute to smog and global warming.
Significant concentrations of nitrogen oxides , including nitrogen dioxide , are present in ambient and indoor air.
Requirements say report stack NOx as combined oxides of nitrogen.
The ability to passively regenerate DPFs depends on having the correct concentration of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the hot exhaust flowing into the DPF, since the NOx enables passive regeneration .
These regulations dramatically decrease discharges of particulate matter (soot and ash) and nitrogen oxide (NOx), virtually eliminating these emissions from on-road diesel engines.
Volvo trucks equipped with this feature comply with California regulations, with the benefit of very low nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.
While VOCs are not hazardous alone, they do react with nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the air and form ground-level ozone, or smog.
The EPA regulations for greater than 25 but less than 50-hp TRU engines require reductions of about 90% in particulate matter (PM) and 37% in nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from the interim standards that have been in effect since 2008.
Bob Colby, who heads the agency, said the company had to calculate what it thought nitrogen oxides emissions would be as the plant was being built in 2008.
The standards require an 80% reduction in nitrogen oxides over previous engine technologies.
BOSTON — New England 's power grid operator says emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides by electricity generators have decreased dramatically since 2001.
Ground-level ozone is created by chemical reactions between emissions of nitrogen oxides (NO x ) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the presence of sunlight.
Chicago is the only US metro area that would fail to meet a tougher standard for smog-forming nitrogen oxides proposed Monday by the Obama administration.
This compressed natural gas (CNG) concrete mixer meets the EPA 2010 heavy-duty engine emission standards for nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM).
Technology and Potential Impact This technology is expected to partially reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx), almost entirely eliminate sulfur dioxide (SOx) and significantly reduce particulate matter (PM).

In science:

We find that Tc exceeds the boiling point of liquid nitrogen, and falls within the same Tc range as copper oxides.
Doped graphane: a prototype high-Tc electron-phonon superconductor
In the present case, we have a smoothly varying potential energy landscape where the variations are caused by root mean squared fluctuations in the screened coulombic potential of the ionized dopant atoms[8; 22], as well as other compositional (indium oxide) and topological disorder (nitrogen vacancies) in the sample.
Photoluminescence from localized states in disordered indium nitride