• WordNet 3.6
    • adj nipping pleasantly cold and invigorating "crisp clear nights and frosty mornings","a nipping wind","a nippy fall day","snappy weather"
    • adj nipping capable of wounding "a barbed compliment","a biting aphorism","pungent satire"
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The smallest of American owls, the elf owl, often nests in the Gila woodpecker’s cactus hole after the woodpecker leaves. The owl measures barely 6 inches tall. It specializes in catching scorpions, seizing each by the tail and nipping off its stinger. It then swallows the scorpion’s body, pincers and all.
    • a Nipping Biting; pinching; painful; destructive; as, a nipping frost; a nipping wind.
    • ***


Nip and tuck - A close contest where neither opponent seems to be gaining the advantage.
Nip at the bit - If someone is nipping at the bit, they are anxious to get something done and don't want to wait.
Nip it in the bud - If you nip something in the bud, you deal with a problem when it is still small, before it can grow into something serious.


In literature:

If in Spain too disappointment has nipped our too forward expectations, yet all is not destroyed that is checked.
"Biographia Literaria" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
It nips a bit for a May morning.
"The Scouts of Stonewall" by Joseph A. Altsheler
The cold had nipped it, and this was the way to draw out the frost.
"The Seats Of The Mighty, Complete" by Gilbert Parker
Was tha friend nipped untimely?
"Donovan Pasha And Some People Of Egypt, Complete" by Gilbert Parker
Bill leaned forward and nipped his nose.
"The Little Warrior" by P. G. Wodehouse
We waited till they'd got well in, then we nipped out quietly.
"The Gold Bat" by P. G. Wodehouse
Nip him tightly by the neck.
"By Pike and Dyke" by G. A. Henty
Come in, and take a nip.
"The Bushman" by Edward Wilson Landor
He carried a flask of whiskey and every so often would stop to sit on a tree stump and have another nip.
"The Biography of a Rabbit" by Roy Benson
Well, it was nip and tuck with us, and I knew it.
"A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, Part 8." by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

In poetry:

Chill frost will nip the fairest flower;
The sweetest dream is soonest pass'd;
The brightest morning in an hour,
May be with storm clouds overcast.
"On The Death Of A Young Lady Of Wilmington" by David John Scott
Living hearts have scantly time
To feel some other heart most dear,
Scarce can love the love sublime
Unselfishly sincere,--
Death nips it in its prime!
"The Riddle Head" by Martin Farquhar Tupper
Why! 'smornin' 'ere 'is lordship gits a grip
Fair on me finger—give it quite a nip!
An' when I tugs, 'e won't let go 'is hold!
'Angs on like that! An' 'im not three weeks old!
"The Kid " by C J Dennis
When dire Misfortune's nipping wind
Sweeps o'er the sad and shrinking mind ;
Hope spreads her shield to ward the blow,
And chasing ev'ry spright of woe,
Whispers gay tidings of To-morrow.
"To-Morrow" by Laura Sophia Temple
Drunk! with my loved ones on board, drunk as Chloe,
He might have got right by the end of the trip
Had he rested contented and quiet, but no, he
Must pull up at Rosewood, for one other nip.
"How Polly Paid For Her Keep" by Barcroft Henry Boake
The sheep when hunger presses sore
May nip the clover round its nest;
But soon the thistle wounding sore
Relieves it from each brushing guest,
That leaves a bit of wool behind,
The yellowhammer loves to find.
"Spear Thistle" by John Clare

In news:

Bloomfield nips DHS in thriller at home.
Checking the numbers on his Mega Millions ticket last week, Sith Nip of El Segundo was, at first, merely pleasantly surprised.
Ridgeland nips Marist in state semifinal.
Cadillac 's ATS Sport sedan nips at BMW 3 Series' heels.
Auburn nips Oregon to win BCS title.
Twins nip Indians in 12th.
Corpus Christi residents awoke Friday to a noticeable nip in the air.
Nip/Tuck Nightmare: The Dangerous New World of Cosmetic Surgery .
When Jack Frost comes nipping, we head for these amazing Oregon and Washington winter escapes.
Zach Hagemann, Polo nip Sobos.
Kris Jenner Has Nip Slip in Wonder Woman Costume.
Steven Tyler One-Ups J Lo's Oscar Nip- Slip on 'American Idol.
Steven Tyler One-Ups J Lo's Oscar Nip-Slip on 'American Idol.
Nicki Minaj has a major nip slip while performing on Good Morning America.
Steven Tyler was not going to let Jennifer Lopez's Oscars nip slip pass without making a joke at his fellow 'American Idol' judge's expense.

In science:

Artin-schreier extensions in nip and simple fields.
Chain conditions in dependent groups
Ehud Hrushovski, Ya’acov Peterzil, and Anand Pillay, Groups, measures, and the NIP, J.
Definable groups as homomorphic images of semilinear and field-definable groups
More recently, in , an analysis of ω -categorical groups and rings in the NIP environment has been undertaken.
On \omega-categorical, generically stable groups and rings
It was proved there that ω -categorical rings with NIP are nilpotent-by-finite, and it was conjectured that ω -categorical groups with NIP are nilpotent-by-finite, too.
On \omega-categorical, generically stable groups and rings
It turns out that ω categorical groups with NIP and fsg are generically stable in the sense of [8, Definition 6.3].
On \omega-categorical, generically stable groups and rings