nip and tuck


  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj nip and tuck inconclusive as to outcome; close or just even in a race or comparison or competition "as they approached the finish line they were neck and neck","the election was a nip and tuck affair"
    • adv nip and tuck even or close in a race or competition or comparison "the horses ran neck and neck","he won nip and tuck"
    • n nip and tuck plastic surgery to remove wrinkles and other signs of aging from your face; an incision is made near the hair line and skin is pulled back and excess tissue is excised "some actresses have more than one face lift"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Nip and tuck a phrase signifying equality in a contest; as, it was nip and tuck right to the last minute of play.
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Nip and tuck - A close contest where neither opponent seems to be gaining the advantage.


In literature:

The outlaw knew that it would be nip and tuck to reach Palo Duro, close though it was.
"Oh, You Tex!" by William Macleod Raine
He nipped her sharply, and its only effect was to cause her to tuck her tail and spurt for the house.
"The Yellow Horde" by Hal G. Evarts
Nip and Tuck put their heads on one side and considered.
"Fernley House" by Laura E. Richards
It was nip and tuck down the lake between sail and oars.
"The Huntress" by Hulbert Footner
But I want to tell you it's nip and tuck as to who gives the most.
"Children of the Desert" by Louis Dodge
There was one game which was a nip-and-tuck affair from start to finish.
"Baseball Joe Around the World" by Lester Chadwick
Each cracked his bottle, and 'twas nip and tuck which should call first for the second.
"The Panchronicon" by Harold Steele Mackaye
For several hundred miles it was nip and tuck, as it were.
"David and the Phoenix" by Edward Ormondroyd
It's got to be nip and tuck, and we'll have to make it a snap shot, for he'll drop back into the hole after he fires.
"Ned, Bob and Jerry on the Firing Line" by Clarence Young
It was nip and tuck across to the Contra Costa Hills, neither of us seeming to gain or to lose.
"Tales of the Fish Patrol" by Jack London

In poetry:

The air was bright for looking:
Most far in blue, aloft,
Clouds steered a burnished drift;
Larks' nip and tuck arising
Came in for my love's praising.
"Song For A Summer's Day" by Sylvia Plath

In news:

Joely Richardson and Dylan Walsh in the television series Nip/Tuck.
Hollywood's hottest stars are no strangers to the plastic surgeon's office and some of them even cop to going under the knife, but not all of them are happy with their nip and tuck.
U pdating Old Homestead's sidewalk seating with a nip and a tuck to pass it off as the new Prime Burger Café is clearly a bid to make the 1868 landmark seem cool.
The nipped-and-tucked reality personality Heidi Montag.
Nip and Tuck Those Expenses.
Nip and Tuck lift Phyllis's spirits By Bob Karolevitz The veterinarian said in dolorous tones: "Phyllis, you've just got to get some younger pets.".
Pfizer's radical surgery looking more like a $5 billion nip and tuck .
More pets getting nipped and tucked .
Nips and tucks are on the rise seemingly everywhere.
The 32-year old actress said she had no idea about the digital nip and tuck.
With 10 nips and tucks, Heidi became Barbie.
Long considered Seattle's ugly stepsister, Tacoma is now undergoing the nip and tuck of urban redevelopment.
No nips, no tucks, and plenty of untoned flesh for your consumption.
You can't trick father time, even if you can scam him with a couple nips and tucks along the way.
But for the rest of us, the right nips and tucks just might translate into promotions and better pay.

In science:

Where would the state get more servants? Would the rest of society trust these servants? Science needed many ideological nips, tucks, and lifts.
Physics Education Research: Or it's so hard to find good help these days