news media


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n news media newspapers and magazines collectively
    • ***


In literature:

As soon as the news reached Stakhar, Darius would, in all probability, set out for Media in haste to arrive at the scene of the disturbance.
"Marzio's Crucifix and Zoroaster" by F. Marion Crawford
Their stories were immediately relayed to all the news media.
"Operation Terror" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
But we cannot deny the news media the privilege of covering it, unless you wish to claim the right to privacy.
"The Colors of Space" by Marion Zimmer Bradley

In news:

Chinese naval patrols have been authorized to search and repel ships that "illegally enter" an area in the South China Sea through which much of the region's commercial vessels pass, the state news media reported Thursday.
As we at SCHOOL BUS FLEET search the Web each day to see what the nation's media outlets have to report about school buses, the articles on "bad news" usually outnumbers those on "good news".
Report on British news media abuses calls for new regulator.
Kim Jong Un spoof took on life of its own in Chinese news media .
News media continues to spread lies about Mitt Romney's views on automakers' bankruptcy.
Controversial Troy mayor recalled, blames news media .
President Obama's Re-Election: How the News Media Around the Globe Covered It.
News Media Group and Best Lawyers® Ranks Nelson & Nelson Among "Best Law Firms" for 2013.
Storm Sends News Media Scrambling.
News media ignore truth about Obama.
News media ignoring Benghazi-gate.
'Let 1,000 Jon Stewarts Bloom': Unleashing the Power of Archived News Media .
News media faces bigger challenges this election year.
Welcome to election year, when each party's candidates will be pilloried by partisans, but the consistent target of the most tiresome clichés will be the news media .
Most Voters Still Look to Traditional News Media .

In science:

Usenet news is a personal, voluminous, and ephemeral media (in comparison to movies) and thus an excellent candidate for collaborative filtering. A total of 250 people evaluated over 20,000 news articles .
A Connection-Centric Survey of Recommender Systems Research
If the company performs well resulting in a slow boom, its susceptibility towards news increases as the media become more aware of the successful company so that, eventually, a single piece of bad news can induce a sudden crash.
How to grow a bubble: A model of myopic adapting agents
The public news media will likely be interested in Einstein and the centennial of the 1905 papers as well; and if our local media isn’t, we should tell them about it.
Matters of Gravity, the newsletter of the Topical Group in Gravitation of the American Physical Society
News media regularly circulate information about the tens of millions of cell phones and laptops that are lost and stolen and millions of identity thefts that are performed every year, but they do not convince users and organizations to adequately protect their software and hardware.
A Tiered Security System for Mobile Devices
Extracting Opinions, Opinion Holders, and Topics Expressed in Online News Media Text.
Product Review Summarization based on Facet Identification and Sentence Clustering