neon lamp


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n neon lamp a lamp consisting of a small gas-discharge tube containing neon at low pressure; luminescence is produced by the action of currents at high frequencies that are wrapped a few turns around the tube
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In news:

Georges Claude displays his neon lamps to the public at the Paris Expo.

In science:

The spectral dispersion has been measured using a Neon lamp and the width of one spectral resolution element was determined using laser illumination.
Modal noise prediction in fibre-spectroscopy I: Visibility and the coherent model
The hollow cathode lamp was operated with between 130 Pa and 250 Pa of argon or neon as a carrier gas for the discharge with an admixture of between 0.5 Pa and 10 Pa.
Accurate transition rates for the 5p - 5s transitions in Kr I
This problem was partly overcome when the partial pressure of krypton in the discharge was reduced by using a neon-krypton mixture in the hollow cathode lamp.
Accurate transition rates for the 5p - 5s transitions in Kr I
The transition data in neon and other noble gases are needed for plasma physics and studies of discharges with many industrial applications in lamps and gas lasers.
Ab initio oscillator strengths for transitions between J=1 odd and J=1,2 even excited states of Ne I