• The neighbor's tabby cat asking for food
    The neighbor's tabby cat asking for food
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v neighbor be located near or adjacent to "Pakistan neighbors India"
    • v neighbor live or be located as a neighbor "the neighboring house"
    • n neighbor a nearby object of the same kind "Fort Worth is a neighbor of Dallas","what is the closest neighbor to the Earth?"
    • n neighbor a person who lives (or is located) near another
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In Denver it is unlawful to lend your vacuum cleaner to your next-door neighbor.
    • Neighbor A person who lives near another; one whose abode is not far off. "Masters, my good friends, mine honest neighbors ."
    • a Neighbor Near to another; adjoining; adjacent; next; neighboring. "The neighbor cities.""The neighbor room."
    • Neighbor One entitled to, or exhibiting, neighborly kindness; hence, one of the human race; a fellow being. "Which now of these three, thinkest thou, was neighbor unto him that fell among the thieves?""The gospel allows no such term as “stranger;” makes every man my neighbor ."
    • Neighbor One who is near in sympathy or confidence. "Buckingham
      No more shall be the neighbor to my counsel."
    • neighbor To adjoin; to border on; to be near to. "Leisurely ascending hills that neighbor the shore."
    • neighbor To associate intimately with.
    • v. i Neighbor To dwell in the vicinity; to be a neighbor, or in the neighborhood; to be near. "A copse that neighbors by."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: In Florida failure to tell your neighbor his house is on fire is illegal.
    • n neighbor One who lives near another; one who forms part of a circumscribed community; a person in relation to those who dwell near him, in the houses adjacent, or, by extension, in the same village or town.
    • n neighbor One who stands or sits near another; one in close proximity.
    • n neighbor A person in relation to his fellow-men, regarded as having social and moral duties toward them.
    • n neighbor One who lives on friendly terms with another: often used as a familiar term of address: as, neighbor Jones.
    • n neighbor An intimate; a confidant.
    • neighbor Neighboring; adjacent; situated or dwelling near or in neighborhood: as, the neighbor village; neighbor farmers.
    • neighbor To border on or be near to.
    • neighbor To make near or familiar.
    • neighbor To inhabit or occupy the same vicinity as neighbors; dwell near one another as members of the same community; be in the neighborhood; be neighborly or friendly.
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  • Danish Proverb
    Danish Proverb
    “No one is rich enough to do without a neighbor.”
  • Arabian Proverb
    Arabian Proverb
    “Lying and stealing are next door neighbors.”
  • Bible
    “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. [Roman 13:9]”
  • Louise Beal
    Louise Beal
    “Love thy neighbor as thyself, but choose your neighborhood.”
  • Gilbert K. Chesterton
    “We make our friends; we make our enemies; but God makes our next door neighbor.”
  • Norman Douglas
    “They who are all things to their neighbors cease to be anything to themselves.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. neighebour, AS. neáhgebūr,; neáh, nigh + gebūr, a dweller, farmer; akin to D. nabuur, G. nachbar, OHG. nāhgibūr,. See Nigh, and Boor


In literature:

A neighbor lost a hive the fourteenth February, in weather cold enough to seal the entrance with ice, and smother the bees.
"Mysteries of Bee-keeping Explained" by M. Quinby
Neighboring mocking-birds disputed his claim, and many a furious chase took place among the trees.
"In Nesting Time" by Olive Thorne Miller
They had, however, two lanterns, and the little boys borrowed the neighbors'.
"The Peterkin Papers" by Lucretia P Hale
The policies and actions of Iraq's neighbors greatly influence its stability and prosperity.
"The Iraq Study Group Report" by United States Institute for Peace
We are becoming very well acquainted, except for those who have not the habit of noticing their neighbors.
"At Plattsburg" by Allen French
On account of wars, and raids from the neighboring clans, it was found necessary to protect the gates of castles.
"An Historical Account of the Settlements of Scotch Highlanders in America" by J. P. MacLean
Some colors are neighbors, as red and yellow, while others are opposites.
"A Color Notation" by Albert H. Munsell
It has been a great social educator, and I am glad, my friends and neighbors, when I can look out upon such an assembly as this.
"A Spoil of Office" by Hamlin Garland
Yonder comes from the store the mechanic, neighbor D. Well, neighbor D, how do the times go with you now?
"Select Temperance Tracts" by American Tract Society
Was it in their house, or a neighbor's?
"Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen" by Hans Christian Andersen
Kitoui, the cripple, went this morning to draw water from the Nile, before all her neighbors who marvelled and cried with joy.
"Woman on Her Own, False Gods & The Red Robe" by Eugène Brieux
Our neighbors talked of the only thing which we ought not to have heard.
"The Conspirators" by Alexandre Dumas (Pere)
Next to the wood-pewee, he was the most friendly of our feathered neighbors.
"A Bird-Lover in the West" by Olive Thorne Miller
Tough on the neighbors, but there you are!
"Otherwise Phyllis" by Meredith Nicholson
They mighty neighborly to rich neighbors but didn't have much time for poor buckra.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves" by Work Projects Administration
I think some of the neighbors even thought I was extravagant in my dressing.
"One Way Out" by William Carleton
How tiresome it was of Fitzroy to insist so much on their neighborly duties!
"Not Like Other Girls" by Rosa N. Carey
He is under obligation to love his neighbor, and must admit that such a one is his neighbor.
"Epistle Sermons, Vol. II" by Martin Luther
The meeting with an old man who had once been a neighbor seemed to give Mr. Hilton the greatest pleasure.
"The Life of Nancy" by Sarah Orne Jewett
She had used it to kill geese, hogs, and cattle of her neighbors.
"A History of Witchcraft in England from 1558 to 1718" by Wallace Notestein

In poetry:

Dear friends and neighbors, one and all,
I'm pleased to meet you here to-day;
'Tis nice for neighbors thus to call,
In such a social way.
"Dear Friends And Neighbors" by David John Scott
Women and men, we gave her royal way;
Proud as young joy the smile she had.
We knew her for a neighbor in the Town,
Unmated, solitary, sad.
"Stronger Than Death" by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward
Superb in one transcendent glance—
Her eyes, I see, are burning black—
My little neighbor, smiling, turns,
And throws my unasked pity back.
"New Neighbors" by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward
Far too early a shadow dark,
Cast by the neighboring mountain's crest,
Stealthily creeps across the park,
Bringing a chill from the sombre west.
"A Winter's Day" by John Lawson Stoddard
His words her prejudice removed,
Her sin she felt, relief she found;
She saw and heard, believed and loved,
And ran to tell her neighbors round.
"The Woman Of Samaria" by John Newton
His neighbor, observing the fun,
Said, "I think that the thing can be done,
If you'll listen to me,
You'll quickly agree
That two heads are better than one.
"A Bicycle Built For Two" by Carolyn Wells

In news:

Red Palace has been a work-in-progress for a while now: It reopened under its current name in 2010, after burlesque house Palace of Wonders merged with neighboring rock venue The Red & The Black.
Jason Davis goes "On the Road" to our nearest neighbor to find out what's new and interesting in the Badger State.
And our East Coast neighbors aren't benefitting from seasonal gas trends, as well.
Earlier this week, I was talking to a neighbor of mine in Adams Morgan.
BRIGHAM CITY — Cuts in aerospace and manufacturing have cost Brigham City and its neighbors more than tax dollars.
We love our gay neighbors.
The Scouts who cleaned and cleared 100 miles of north state trails showed the qualities of good men and good neighbors.
Neighbors in Edinburg are fed up with pesky mosquitoes, a constant nuisance that doesn't seem to go away.
It's a new season, with new neighbors, at Sanibel Historical Museum and Village.
Polish Windsurfer to sell bronze medal to help out 5-year-old neighbor.
Zofia Noceti-Klepacka, a Polish windsurfer, just won a bronze medal at the Olympic games in London and plans on selling it to help her 5-year-old neighbor with medical problems.
Jim Walden, attorney with Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher, provides pro bono represenation to Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes.
Terri LoPrimo's painted lawn, left, and her neighbors lawn in the Staten Island borough of New York are photographed, Thursday, July 26, 2012.
A family is given three days to get out when a new neighbor complains about noise.
A club owner whose Lower East Side hotspot features an ice cage for chugging vodka and promises of free shots if you get naked is trying to bring the party to Williamsburg - but neighbors are battling his plans.

In science:

This core is the residue when leaves (i.e. points with a single neighbor and this neighbor) and isolated points are iteratively removed.
Core percolation in random graphs: a critical phenomena analysis
Alternatively, a cyclic order can be defined as a symmetric binary relation ‘to be neighbors’ such that each element of S has exactly two neighbors.
Real Rational Surfaces Are Quasi-Simple
By definition, every neighbor of u in T has also an additional neighbor in X1 , which is distinct from u.
THe largest eigenvalue of sparse random graphs
The limit m = 0 corresponds to the Bak-Sneppen model (always updating of neighbors) and the limit m = Lz to the simplified Yee version (no updating of neighbors).
Scaling in a simple model for surface growth in a random medium
Starting with a given etching event, if the next etched site is a first neighbor, it is added to the cluster, and so on, until the next etched site is not a neighbor to any of the cluster sites.
Percolation-dependent Reaction Rates in the Etching of Disordered Solids
If eZn is not a neighbor of Zn (i.e. the edge (Zn , eZn ) is closed) then Zn+1 is chosen among the neighbors of Zn with equal probabilities.
The speed of biased random walk on percolation clusters
If the walk(s) is(are) the shortest path(s) i and j are exactly x-th neighbors otherwise they are closer neighbors.
Average path length in random networks
The left panel of this figure shows the phase diagram for the correlated next-nearest-neighbor bonds as given by Eq. (6) whereas the right panel for uncorrelated nextnearest-neighbor bonds.
Random Antiferromagnetic Spin-1/2 Chains with Competing Interactions
We find that the nearest-neighbor interactions always dominate over further-neighbor interactions at all energy scale.
Random Antiferromagnetic Spin-1/2 Chains with Competing Interactions
The upper two panels show the calculation for a model in which ferromagnetic second-neighbor interactions are introduced into the system while the lower two panels for antiferromagnetic third-neighbor interactions.
Random Antiferromagnetic Spin-1/2 Chains with Competing Interactions
We established a sense in which neighboring generic level sets are homeomorphic to the standard infinite dimensional torus, and determined a sense in which these neighboring level sets are connected.
Nonlinear Schrodinger, infinite dimensional tori and neighboring tori
For each specific ’starting point’ subgraph S1 in G′ we pass through all the ’neighboring’ subgraphs S2 (’neighboring’ in the sense that they share all node roles excluding j-th node roles) and check if the joint subgraph (S1 S S2 ) in G′ forms a generalization type j.
Topological Generalizations of network motifs
The nilpotent e(p), associated to the orthogonal partition p, is defined as the endomorphism which maps each basis vector to its right neighbor, and to 0 if there is no right neighbor, with the following exceptions.
Good Gradings of Simple Lie Algebras
If no neighbors were selected from PotentialTriads, select a new neighbor by choosing from StubList as above.
Random Networks with Tunable Degree Distribution and Clustering
It is a necessary condition for a giant component to exist that if we pick a node at random, the average number of neighbors two steps away, s2 , exceeds the number of neighbors one step away, s1 .
Random Networks with Tunable Degree Distribution and Clustering