negative stimulation


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n negative stimulation something causing antagonism or loss of interest
    • ***


In literature:

She disliked Mr. Siddle, in a negative way, but the very nearness of the detective was stimulating.
"The Postmaster's Daughter" by Louis Tracy
During stimulation, therefore, a nerve exhibits a negative variation.
"Response in the Living and Non-Living" by Jagadis Chunder Bose
When these stimulants withdraw, the tide runs to the negative pole, and a soul ebbs from the mortal shore.
"Studies in the Out-Lying Fields of Psychic Science" by Hudson Tuttle
A muscle is stimulated by electro-negatively charged particles, and prevented from contracting by electro-positively charged particles.
"The Universe a Vast Electric Organism" by George Woodward Warder
Thus while the effect of direct unilateral stimulation is a positive curvature, the effect of indirect stimulation is a negative curvature.
"Life Movements in Plants, Volume II, 1919" by Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose

In news:

Once again, I've been spending time working with some of the old glass-plate negatives from our archives here, and as always the experience is stimulating and frustrating at the same time.
A damaged well has a positive skin above zero and a stimulated well has a negative skin .

In science:

For the nonparametric case, only a few results, both positive and negative, are currently known; see for a stimulating account of the topic.
On the posterior distribution of classes of random means
On the other hand, above threshold, the number of excited dipoles drops considerably due to stimulated emission and the negative term dominates.
Definition of the stimulated emission threshold in high-$\beta$ nanoscale lasers through phase-space reconstruction
The system is essentially a “BH laser”, where the orbiting compact ob ject is producing stimulated emission of gravitational radiation: because the massive scalar field acts as a mirror, negative scalar radiation ( ˙E s < 0) is dumped into the horizon, while gravitational radiation can be detected at infinity.
Astrophysical black holes as natural laboratories for fundamental physics and strong-field gravity