negative reinforcer


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n negative reinforcer a reinforcing stimulus whose removal serves to decrease the likelihood of the response that produced it
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In news:

Positive vs Negative Reinforcement in Parenting.
For parents, when it comes to disciplining kids, positive reinforcement may be better than negative, according to a new study from Michigan State.
Violet Blue brings to light the insidious ways in which internet advertising influences and reinforces sex-negative culture in yesterday's Open Source Sex column.
At that point the mainstream media jump on with both feet and negative perceptions of the industry are reinforced.

In science:

The directionally reinforced random walk (Rm ) on Z2 which moves in unit size steps and starts at the origin horizontally in either the positive or the negative direction.
Level Crossing Probabilities II: Polygonal Recurrence of Multidimensional Random Walks
The Euler adic system models a negatively reinforced random walk on the finite graph consisting of two loops based at a single vertex.
Random permutations and unique fully supported ergodicity for the Euler adic transformation
This clearly shows that there is some repetition of technical subjects which though helpful in reinforcement of concepts may sometimes bring a negative reaction from the new employees by making them bored and uninterested.
Approaches to Curriculum and Teaching Materials to Bring Out Better Skilled Software Engineers-An Indian Perspective
This assumption does not negate the existence of reinforcement learning e.g. in real agents’ strategic interactions and is discussed next in the case of people.
If more than Analytical Modeling is Needed to Predict Real Agents' Strategic Interaction
Specifically, we use negative reinforcement as a main tool to introduce diversity in the Personalized PageRank framework.
Diversity in Ranking using Negative Reinforcement
In the next section, we propose an algorithm named Negative Reinforcement Ranking (NR2 ), which is basically a greedy selection method.
Diversity in Ranking using Negative Reinforcement
In order to prove that negative reinforcement helps in increasing diversity, we conducted experiments for various values of α.
Diversity in Ranking using Negative Reinforcement
Fig 6 shows the effect of negative reinforcement (α) on density.
Diversity in Ranking using Negative Reinforcement
Negative reinforcement is the core idea behind picking the next diverse item.
Diversity in Ranking using Negative Reinforcement
As part of future work, we are looking at how negative reinforcement can be utilized to turn our algorithm into a unified ranking one.
Diversity in Ranking using Negative Reinforcement
The idea is to use both positive and negative reinforcement so that only the cluster centres benefit from positive reinforcement.
Diversity in Ranking using Negative Reinforcement
PNR2: Ranking sentences with positive and negative reinforcement for query-oriented update summarization.
Diversity in Ranking using Negative Reinforcement
At negative A2 R becomes large quickly since the At term and the gluino term reinforce each other driving the ˜t1 tachyonic.
Supersymmetric Dark Matter