• WordNet 3.6
    • n Nazism a form of socialism featuring racism and expansionism and obedience to a strong leader
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Ready, an anti-immigration icon of the extreme right who apparently killed himself and four others Wednesday, sympathized with movements ranging from neo-Nazism to Occupy Wall Street.
As Klee 's international reputation grew (in 1930, he became the first living European artist to be given a one-man show at the new Museum of Modern Art in New York), the rise of Nazism began to disrupt the Bauhaus.
As Arturo Ui, Scot McKenzie takes impressive command in Bertolt Brecht's allegory of Nazism.
But Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association says that gay people helped bring Nazism to Germany.
" This contentions reader compares Johnson's support of Nazism with the political leanings of folksinger Pete Seeger , who, during the early 1940?s, was called "Stalin's songbird" by critics of his poli...
0 In his latest novel, Irvin Yalom finds a way to connect a philosopher persecuted in the 17th century with Nazism's rise in the 20th century.
The Introduction of Nazism into Philosophy in Light of the Unpublished Seminars of 1933-1935.
A recent documentary about Rolf Eden revealed that before he became Germany's Hugh Hefner, he was a refugee from Nazism and a soldier in Israel.
Churchill considered Nazism vile and barbaric, a rejection of civilization in every way, despite his respect for the German race.
(The Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano published a statement on July 2 saying that the concordat implied no moral approval of Nazism, and Pacelli would make the same point later.
"My generation went through the Second World War, and Nazism is about the worst there can be," she told NBC Connecticut.
Thousands of people attend a protest called Mass Demonstration Against Nazism, in Budapest, Hungary .
Thousands of people attend a protest called Mass Demonstration Against Nazism, in front of the Parliament building, unseen, in Budapest, Hungary , Sunday, Dec 2, 2012.
Nazism by calling for lists of Jews to be drawn up.
Painter and illustrator Arthur Szyk's obsession with Nazism fascinates.