• WordNet 3.6
    • v naturalize adapt (a wild plant or unclaimed land) to the environment "domesticate oats","tame the soil"
    • v naturalize make into a citizen "The French family was naturalized last year"
    • v naturalize make more natural or lifelike
    • v naturalize adopt to another place "The stories had become naturalized into an American setting"
    • v naturalize explain with reference to nature
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Silkworm, natural size Silkworm, natural size
Natural History music Natural History music
THE BULLFROG IN ITS NATURAL SURROUNDINGS See Snake, Turtle and Dragonfly and notice the tongue of the frog. Habitat Group in Museum of Natural History THE BULLFROG IN ITS NATURAL SURROUNDINGS See Snake, Turtle and Dragonfly and notice the tongue of the frog. Habitat...
ROCKY MOUNTAIN GOAT This animal is really not a goat, but is more nearly related to the antelopes. Range: The higher mountains from Alaska south to California. Group in American Museum of Natural History ROCKY MOUNTAIN GOAT This animal is really not a goat, but is more nearly related to the antelopes. Range: The higher...
BROWN PELICANS IN FLORIDA The Pelicans nest in colonies, and the young feed from the parents' throats. Range: Gulf coast of U. S. and southward. Habitat Group in The American Museum of Natural History BROWN PELICANS IN FLORIDA The Pelicans nest in colonies, and the young feed from the parents' throats. Range: Gulf...

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Bananas contain a natural chemical which can make a person happy. This same chemical is found in Prozac
    • Naturalize To adapt; to accustom; to habituate; to acclimate; to cause to grow as under natural conditions. "Its wearer suggested that pears and peaches might yet be naturalized in the New England climate."
    • Naturalize To become as if native.
    • Naturalize To confer the rights and privileges of a native subject or citizen on; to make as if native; to adopt, as a foreigner into a nation or state, and place in the condition of a native subject.
    • Naturalize To explain phenomena by natural agencies or laws, to the exclusion of the supernatural. "Infected by this naturalizing tendency."
    • Naturalize To make natural; as, custom naturalizes labor or study.
    • Naturalize To receive or adopt as native, natural, or vernacular; to make one's own; as, to naturalize foreign words.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: About 25 percent of all the energy consumed in the US is from natural gas
    • naturalize To reduce to a state of nature: identify with, or make a part of, nature.
    • naturalize To make natural; render easy and familiar by custom and habit.
    • naturalize To confer the rights and privileges of a natural subject or citizen upon; receive under sanction and form of law as a citizen or subject. See naturalization.
    • naturalize To receive or adopt as native, natural, or vernacular; incorporate into ormake part and parcel of a language; receive into the original or common stock: as, to naturalize a foreign word or expression.
    • naturalize So to adapt to new conditions of life that those conditions shall appear to be native to the person or thing naturalized; to introduce and acclimatize or cause to thrive as if indigenous: as, to naturalize a foreign plant or animal.
    • naturalize In musical notation, to apply a natural or cancel (♮) to.
    • naturalize To explain phenomena by natural laws, to the exclusion of the supernatural.
    • naturalize To become like a native.
    • naturalize To become a citizen of another than one's native country. Also spelled naturalise.
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  • Aristotle
    “All men by nature desire to know.”
  • Aristotle
    “Nature does nothing uselessly.”
  • Francis Bacon
    “The subtlety of nature is greater many times over than the subtlety of the senses and understanding.”
  • Francis Bacon
    “Nature is commanded by obeying her.”
  • Philip James Bailey
    Philip James Bailey
    “Art is man's nature: Nature is God's art.”
  • Hosea Ballou
    “Disease is the retribution of outraged Nature.”


Nature abhors a vacuum - This idiom is used to express the idea that empty or unfilled spaces are unnatural as they go against the laws of nature and physics.
Nature of the beast - The basic characteristics of something is the nature of the beast; often used when there's an aspect of something that cannot be changed or that is unpleasant or difficult.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. F. naturaliser,. See Natural


In literature:

Nature's harmony, nature's loveliness, nature's expansive greatness and grandeur teaches of God, and godliness.
"The Memories of Fifty Years" by William H. Sparks
Man must begin; know this, where Nature ends; Nature and man can never be fast friends.
"Preaching and Paganism" by Albert Parker Fitch
"Journals Of Two Expeditions Of Discovery In North-West And Western Australia, Vol. 2 (of 2)" by George Grey
Since "character is nature in the highest form," the development of character must proceed on natural lines.
"The Art of Public Speaking" by Dale Carnagey (AKA Dale Carnegie) and J. Berg Esenwein
These naturally group themselves together.
"The Prose Works of William Wordsworth" by William Wordsworth
Everything in nature contains all the powers of nature.
"Essays" by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Men look at Nature, but they do not look through it up to Nature's God.
"Sermons Preached at Brighton" by Frederick W. Robertson
The one line is natural, and is based upon the natural things given in the parable.
"Life and Labors of Elder John Kline, the Martyr Missionary" by John Kline
The conquest of nature and the growth of culture are proofs to man of his superiority to the world of sense impressions.
"An Interpretation of Rudolf Eucken's Philosophy" by W. Tudor Jones
In short, cultivate Nature, get close to Nature.
"The Young Man and the World" by Albert J. Beveridge
What is there of an exciting nature in the common events of life and the usual course and uniformity of nature?
"Curiosities of Medical Experience" by J. G. (John Gideon) Millingen
But we have never departed from nature; we are as much a part of nature, as natural, as we ever were.
"A Review of the Systems of Ethics Founded on the Theory of Evolution" by C. M. Williams
The retention of the catarrhal products is the frequent cause of permanent disturbances of a more or less serious nature.
"A System of Practical Medicine by American Authors, Vol. I" by Various
An unsuccessful attachment deepened the natural melancholy of his sensitive nature.
"The Catholic World; Volume I, Issues 1-6" by E. Rameur
The Arabs have a great deal of natural wit, which might almost entitle them to be called the Irish of the East.
"From Egypt to Japan" by Henry M. Field
But man has also a sensuous nature, an appetitive nature which is purely private and exclusive.
"Ethics" by John Dewey and James Hayden Tufts
By these natural conceptions the existence and character of God, and the general decrees of the moral law, are considered to be affirmed.
"The Teaching of Epictetus" by Epictetus
These gay natures contrast with the somewhat stern countenance of ordinary nature; they are like music heard out of a workhouse.
"The Oxford Book of American Essays" by Various
They, therefore, naturally inherited and abused the discretion of the old magistrates.
"British Quarterly Review, American Edition, Volume LIV" by Various
It is new, but has its root in the old; it is natural, but originates in the over-nature.
"Expositor's Bible: The Book of Job" by Robert Watson

In poetry:

This month is the gloomiest and saddest
Of all the year;
For in it nature's summer gladness
All disappear.
"October" by Frank Barbour Coffin
Thanksgiving day is coming soon,
That long remembered day
When nature gives her blessed boon
To all America.
"Thoughts Of Thanksgiving" by Charles Frederick White
Oh, for a way to impart
Beauty, no matter how hard!
Like unto nature, whose art
Never once dreams of reward.
"Proem To “A Voice On The Wind And Other Poems”" by Madison Julius Cawein
With all that nature craves,
Fully from thence supplied,
No aching want my bosom heaves
No wish unsatisfied.
"Hymn II" by William Duke
Every toiler in his toil;
Life is Work in Duty's hand,
Art and Nature both demand
Daily labour, midnight oil:
"Beetles (A Few Verses, For Vernon Wollaston)" by Martin Farquhar Tupper
Here is the clay of one whose mind
Was fairer than the dew,
The sweetest nature of his kind
I haply ever knew.
"Robert Parkes" by Henry Kendall

In news:

Wild Oats Markets has penned a deal to acquire two natural food stores that currently operate under the banner Good Nature Markets, according to Jim Lee, president of Wild Oats here.
Clever Apes #29: Nature and human nature .
Naturally Juicy, Naturally Lower in Cholesterol, Natural Beef.
NEW YORK--Natural gas futures rallied somewhat Thursday after a government report showed that natural gas inventories grew less than expected.
Zola jesus in your nature( david lynch remix) in your nature 7.
The Nature Conservancy has donated its entire holdings at two unique and environmentally significant natural areas in Wisconsin.
In a soliloquy to nature, Edmund declares himself as true to nature as anyone born according to the fashion of legitimacy.
Maria Talley talks about becoming a naturalized citizen at the United States District Court naturalization ceremony that was held at the City County building for over 150 new citizens on Wednesday, Aug 29, 2012.
Nature 's Recipe announced Saturday the recall of a limited supply of its " Nature 's Recipe Oven Baked Biscuits with Real Chicken," which were manufactured at its plant in Topeka, Kan. Nature 's Recipe Oven Baked Biscuits With Real Chicken.
Increased onshore natural gas production minimized the effect of Hurricane Isaac on the country's natural gas prices.
Rather than find ways to cooperate with the natural world, America's agribusiness giants reach for the next quick fix in a futile effort to overpower nature.
The following story is contributed by the Florida Museum of Natural History, one of Natural History magazine's Museum Partners.
'Natural Man' by Savoy Brown Syracuse blues band, Savoy Brown (with longtime music vets Kim Simmonds and Joe Whiting) perform the tune 'Natural Man', from their upcoming release, 'Voodoo Moon', at the Post-Standard studio, October 12, 2011.
Ever found a place in nature that made you just drink in the beauty of the natural world.
Property Tax Basis Portability Task Force Energy, Natural Disaster, and Natural Resource Tax IBP Meeting Notes.

In science:

Analogously the notion of real tree (section 4.3) may seem at first sight artificial—how might such ob jects arise naturally?—but then realizing they arise as limits of random finite trees indicates one place where they do arise naturally.
More Uses of Exchangeability: Representations of Complex Random Structures
Two issues concerning the nature of the random error naturally suggest themselves.
Heavy-tailed random error in quantum Monte Carlo
Since it is reasonable to assume that these flows naturally experience random perturbations, our theory provides an important bridge to allow one to encompass natural phenomena under the non-hyperbolic scattering framework.
Random fluctuation leads to forbidden escape of particles
Since supersymmetry is not an exact symmetry of nature, we need to go beyond Calabi-Yau compactifications to find a more accurate description of nature.
Topological Strings and Quantum Curves
Since the gauge coupling constant is naturally complexified, it is natural to introduce a new complex coordinate s = x6 + ix10 and lift the configuration to M-theory, where x10 parametrizes the M-theory circle S 1 .
Topological Strings and Quantum Curves
Let us now explain how D-modules naturally appear in the I-brane set-up. (See also [156] for a much more involved setting.) First of all, by very general arguments the algebra A of open string fields on the D6-brane is naturally noncommutative.
Topological Strings and Quantum Curves
As discussed in detail in [259], this interpretation naturally arises due to the existence of a natural ordering among the elements of the hyperbolic reflection group W , and the fact that for given total charges, there is a unique endpoint of this ordering, corresponding to the attractor point of these charges.
Topological Strings and Quantum Curves
Note that P can be naturally regarded as a proalgebraic group; it has a canonical normal subgroup UP which is prounipotent and the quotient P /UP is naturally a connected reductive algebraic group.
Parabolic character sheaves, III
As has already been pointed out in there seems to be a duality between the global or local nature of the graph property at hand and the type of resilience that is more natural to consider.
Local resilience and Hamiltonicity Maker-Breaker games in random-regular graphs
In this review, we will examine several aspects of these features and will try to provide, in the latter part of the review, a synthesis of ideas which offers an interesting new perspective on the nature of gravity that makes the connection between horizon thermodynamics and gravitational dynamics obvious and natural.
Thermodynamical Aspects of Gravity: New insights
Since the spacetime is static, there exists a timelike Killing vector field ξ a with components ξ a = (1, 0) in the natural coordinate system which exhibits the static nature of the spacetime.
Thermodynamical Aspects of Gravity: New insights
Therefore, the twisted nature of the excitation and the current in electrodynamics is a natural consequence of the mentioned interface to charge conservation.
An electric charge has no screw sense--a comment on the twistfree formulation of electrodynamics by da Rocha & Rodrigues
Note that the natural inclusion γ ⊂ 1 of functors on R-Mod induces a natural morphism φ : Rγ → 1 of functors on D+ (R-Mod).
Abstract local cohomology functors
What are the natural observables of this integrable system? Going back to the underlying gauge theory description, the natural operators are those of the twisted chiral ring.
The Omega Deformation, Branes, Integrability, and Liouville Theory
The natural complex structure on N is obtained by restricting to N the complex structure J on MH , while the natural complex structure on B is similarly related to I .
The Omega Deformation, Branes, Integrability, and Liouville Theory