• WordNet 3.6
    • adv narrowly in a narrow manner; not allowing for exceptions "he interprets the law narrowly"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Narrowly Sparingly; parsimoniously.
    • Narrowly With a little margin or space; by a small distance; hence, closely; hardly; barely; only just; -- often with reference to an avoided danger or misfortune; as, he narrowly escaped.
    • Narrowly With close adherence to the literal meaning of a text; as, to interpret narrowly; to construe narrowly; to read narrowly; -- used especially of laws and contracts.
    • Narrowly With little breadth; in a narrow manner.
    • Narrowly With minute scrutiny; closely; as, to look or watch narrowly; to search narrowly.
    • Narrowly Without much extent; contractedly.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • narrowly With little breadth, extent, or scope; restrictedly as regards breadth or scope.
    • narrowly Sparingly; with niggardliness.
    • narrowly Closely; with careful or minute scrutiny; attentively; carefully: as, narrowly watched, inspected, or seen.
    • narrowly Nearly; within a little; by a small distance.
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  • James Dye
    James Dye
    “You should look at the entire Bible as a whole rather then narrowly, if you can, under close scrutiny and with juxtaposition of passages ”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. nearulice,


In literature:

Captain Walford had narrowly watched his flying foe, in the hopes that she might go to the assistance of her late consort.
"Paul Gerrard" by W.H.G. Kingston
By the way, we narrowly missed laying our hands on Grell an hour or two ago.
"The Grell Mystery" by Frank Froest
It does not appear that the people on the "Drake" were aware of the danger they so narrowly escaped.
"The Naval History of the United States" by Willis J. Abbot
Sir Nicholas Throgmorton, also, very narrowly escaped.
"Fox's Book of Martyrs" by John Foxe
He remained some time, examining her narrowly through his glass.
"Old Jack" by W.H.G. Kingston
He turned round when the door opened, and eyed me narrowly before he got up from his chair.
"A Voyage round the World" by W.H.G. Kingston
The secret police agent stood near the main-hatch, and watched him narrowly.
"The Boy Nihilist" by Allan Arnold
Watching narrowly during the night, he perceived that they went back to Veragua.
"Notable Voyagers" by W.H.G. Kingston and Henry Frith
The second boat came on shore, narrowly escaping the fate of the first.
"Won from the Waves" by W.H.G. Kingston
Had not he, Tito, suffered shipwreck, and narrowly escaped drowning?
"Romola" by George Eliot
The first glume is oblong, lanceolate, dorsally flattened, many-nerved, margins narrowly incurved and keels narrowly winged.
"A Handbook of Some South Indian Grasses" by Rai Bahadur K. Ranga Achariyar
It narrowly missed him.
"Deerbrook" by Harriet Martineau
Windy, who was a pretty good judge of character, eyed him narrowly.
"The Voyages of the Ranger and Crusader" by W.H.G. Kingston
He affected to re-read it, while Burchill narrowly watched him.
"The Herapath Property" by J. S. Fletcher
Following the road, peering narrowly at either side, he finally came in sight of Talapus Ranch.
"Desert Conquest" by A. M. Chisholm
Glancing at him furtively, she saw that the grin was still on his face and that he was watching her narrowly.
"The Range Boss" by Charles Alden Seltzer
She turned and eyed Druce narrowly.
"Little Lost Sister" by Virginia Brooks
Stonor watched him narrowly.
"The Woman from Outside" by Hulbert Footner
So it chanced that Robin spied his old enemy Simeon Carfax and narrowly missed being seen also by him.
"Robin Hood" by Paul Creswick
Kelley scanned the wall narrowly.
"They of the High Trails" by Hamlin Garland

In poetry:

The new man, time-soldier
picked his way narrowly
thru the crowded ruins
of once grave city, gone
comic now w/ rats
& insects of refuge
"The New Creatures" by James Douglas Morrison
"What's the matter with the woman?" asked the gentleman,
As the poor, fallen woman he did narrowly scan.
"There's something the matter, as yer honour can see,
But it's not right to prate about my wife, blame me."
"The Troubles of Matthew Mahoney" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

Ivor McCullough narrowly missed out on completing an end-of-season double in Britain's two major Formula Ford races.
The Blues dominated the game, outshooting the Lions, 15-3, and narrowly missing the target four times -- twice by Dike , plus shots by Carlos Borja and Cheun-Yong Park -- before Dike 's goal.
Greece narrowly passes crucial austerity bill.
A Guernsey County man accused of selling drugs to a task force informant in Marietta narrowly avoided an additional failure to appear charge Tuesday morning.
Arizona picked to win Pac-12, narrowly edging UCLA.
A Suffolk woman is warning folks to be on the alert for a particular type of scam after narrowly avoiding becoming a victim.
On November 6, Matheson narrowly survived yet again, beating Mia Love by fewer than 3,000 votes.
A woman believes she narrowly escaped being murdered by notorious truck stop killer, Robert Ben Rhoades, 27-years ago.
The Knoxville City Council narrowly approved ratifying a contract to name Nicholas Bonstell, of Holland, Michigan, as the new fire chief .
Humala narrowly defeated Keiko Fujimori in Sunday's presidential race.
Federal budget talk too narrowly focused .
Improved to 6-0 by narrowly escaping against Oakland in Week 6.
Part 2' narrowly escapes R rating.
Charter Schools Narrowly Win Approval in Washington State.
Paul McCartney Narrowly Avoided Helicopter Crash.

In science:

Second, its γ -ray energy output and X-ray luminosity at 10 hr are a factor of ∼ 20 and ∼ 30, respectively, below the average value around which most GRBs are narrowly clustered.
The Variable Light Curve of GRB 030329: The Case for Refreshed Shocks
The distribution of differences is very narrowly clustered around zero, so they can be encoded using shorter average codes.
Compression Rate Method for Empirical Science and Application to Computer Vision
Another researcher could then add a module for encoding arms and hands (the pixels in these regions would be narrowly distributed around some mean skin color).
Compression Rate Method for Empirical Science and Application to Computer Vision
We expect the pulse energies G(0) to be narrowly distributed, and g (trep ) to have near-unit magnitude and random phase, where trep corresponds to the time between successive pulses given by the pulse repetition frequency (PRF), as subsequent pulses have very similar envelopes and random phases φ.
True random numbers from amplified quantum vacuum
The posterior distributions for these more complex waveforms are often multi-modal, narrowly concentrated and highly curved when plotted in terms of the physical parameters that define the waveforms.
Gravitational Wave Astronomy: Needle in a Haystack
It has to be very narrowly focused on those ideas that biologists see as essential, not just removing a few topics….
The role of context and culture in teaching physics: The implication of disciplinary differences
That would lead to a normal distribution, narrowly concentrated close to its mean R, in place of the beta distribution above.
Altruism can proliferate through group/kin selection despite high random gene flow
It would tilt the balance towards an extended spectral coverage, not too narrowly focussed on expected features and model predictions, and keeping the possible presence of condensates in mind when calculating detection capabilities.
The prevalence of dust on the exoplanet HD 189733b from Hubble and Spitzer observations
The trend towards gathering and evaluating more and more data generated at the interface of the digital and the physical world is currently driven by commercial interests and often by narrowly defined national security needs.
These sources should have narrowly peaked energy spectra, and the brightest sources should be different at different energies.
Gamma-Ray Bursts
We wanted to be careful to avoid introducing any sub jective bias into the best-fit determination simply by defining the range of the search too narrowly.
Computational Asteroseismology
For every star that is actually disrupted, there are stars with rp & rt that narrowly escape tidal disruption by the central BH after being sub jected to extreme tidal distortion, spin-up, mixing and mass-loss, which may affect their evolution and appearance (Alexander & Livio 2001).
Stars and singularities: Stellar phenomena near a massive black hole
In all reactions with weaklybound systems the momentum distributions are found to be very narrowly focussed about the beam velocity.
Reaction models to probe the structure of light exotic nuclei
By careful asymptotic analysis, he has, in principle, completely solved the problem of adaptive detection in this setting; however, this is a relatively complex and delicate procedure which is tightly tied to the narrowly specified model (1.3) and (1.4).
Higher criticism for detecting sparse heterogeneous mixtures
The size distribution is rather narrowly peaked, coinciding with the typical radius of ILRs in the galaxies under consideration.
Fueling and morphology of central starbursts