• WordNet 3.6
    • n nadir the point below the observer that is directly opposite the zenith on the imaginary sphere against which celestial bodies appear to be projected
    • n nadir an extreme state of adversity; the lowest point of anything
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Nadir That point of the heavens, or lower hemisphere, directly opposite the zenith; the inferior pole of the horizon; the point of the celestial sphere directly under the place where we stand.
    • Nadir The lowest point; the time of greatest depression. "The seventh century is the nadir of the human mind in Europe."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n nadir That point of the heavens which is vertically below any station upon the earth. It is diametrically opposite to the zenith, or point of the heavens vertically above the station. The zenith and the nadir are thus the two poles of the horizon, the nadir being the inferior pole.
    • n nadir Hence The lowest point; the point of extreme depression.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Nadir nā′dir the point of the heavens diametrically opposite to the zenith: the lowest point of anything.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F., Sp., & It. nadir,; all fr. Ar. nazīru's samt, nadir, prop., the point opposite the zenith (as samt,), in which nazīr, means alike, corresponding to. Cf. Azimuth Zenith
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—Ar. nazīr, from nazara, to be like.


In literature:

In 1736 it was conquered by Nadir Shah.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 2" by Various
Nadir Shah of Persia, in the first half of the eighteenth century, amassed enormous riches by the spoils of war.
"Harper's Young People, February 24, 1880" by Various
We are now in the same orbit, approaching the same nadir.
"The Book of Khalid" by Ameen Rihani
Education, like most other things, was everywhere at its nadir, and Giggleswick was no exception.
"A History of Giggleswick School" by Edward Allen Bell
Nadir Shah was born in the province of Khorasan.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, v. 13" by Various
The year 1780, in which he reached London, marks the very nadir of English poetry.
"Hours in a Library" by Leslie Stephen
The peacock throne was placed within it, and was kept there during the remainder of Nadir Shah's reign.
"Needlework As Art" by Marian Alford
The weather is regarded as the very nadir and scoff of conversational topics.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Volume 9" by Robert Louis Stevenson
Will it not be then as it was in the days of the great Shah Nadir?
"Barclay of the Guides" by Herbert Strang
The invasion of Nadir Shah made the task generally easy.
"Rulers of India: Lord Clive" by George Bruce Malleson
From the zenith of hope Captain Starlins had been suddenly plunged souse down to the nadir of despair.
"History of the Colony and Ancient Dominion of Virginia" by Charles Campbell
Harthamah b. al-Nadir al-Jabali, 233-234 (848-849).
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 9, Slice 1" by Various
Shrink from nothing, rise to treachery, let the worldly nadir be your zenith.
"A Bed of Roses" by W. L. George
Emma reached the nadir of her career during the aftermath of President McKinley's assassination.
"Emma Goldman" by Charles A. Madison
We have said that the administration of Angulo marked the nadir of early Cuban history.
"The History of Cuba, vol. 1" by Willis Fletcher Johnson
In 1738 the country was conquered by the Persians under Nadir Shah.
"The New Gresham Encyclopedia. Vol. 1 Part 1" by Various
At one time of greater size, it was reduced by Nadir Shah within its present limits.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 7" by Various
"The Star-Gazers" by George Manville Fenn
On this day, the lonely young girl's spirits seemed to touch their nadir.
"Angela's Business" by Henry Sydnor Harrison
Next to the date was the seal of Nadir Sharif, prime minister and brother of the queen.
"The Moghul" by Thomas Hoover

In poetry:

I have gone down where dragons writhe,
Mating within the nadir slime;
I have caressed in some mad clime
The Gorgon's ringlets, long and lithe."
"Dialogue" by Clark Ashton Smith
See, from Nadir to Zenith one aureole doth reach!
Of yore, the souls exalted by faith's high mysteries
Saw, in the domination of those star-clouded skies,
Jehovah's hand resplendent and heard His silent speech.
"The Glory Of The Heavens" by Emile Verhaeren

In news:

Its nadir represented the deepest single-day decline in that market's 114-year history.
Nadir sees life looking up.
Aristide Economopoulos/The Star-Ledger Nadir Barnwell, Piscataway's quarterback and also a highly rated cornerback, has committed to play for Rutgers instead of Tennessee.
With Detroit-based musician Nadir .
2013 Athlete Nadir Barnwell Interview.
Jayhawks' Tharpe hopes to move past his nadir .
RecruitingNation's Dave Hooker talks with athlete Nadir Barnwell (Piscataway, N.J./Piscataway) about his thoughts on Penn State and Notre Dame and the latest in his recruitment.
Obama Approval Hits Nadir While Hillary Clinton Hits New High.
The Green Party's nadir .
Clayton nomination nadir for state Dems.
" Whisker Wars" (9 pm Friday) may be the nadir of IFC's ironic, hipster-targeted programming.
"Whisker Wars" (9 pm Friday) may be the nadir of IFC's ironic, hipster-targeted programming.
I see it as the nadir to which capitalism can sink, bringing out the worst kind of competitive spirit and materialism fostered by the ideals of individualism and the drive to win.
King Zahir was born Oct 15, 1914, in Kabul and was the only son of Mohammed Nadir Shah.
Zurga is king of the Pearl Fishers and Nadir is a hunter.

In science:

We integrate the fluxes over the creation positions according to the relevant creation probability distribution functions and then build an interpolation function for hPSE (E , η)i as a function of the energy and nadir angle.
The Earth Regeneration Effect of Solar Neutrinos: a Numerical Treatment with Three Active Neutrino Flavors
Main ingredients of the algorithm are the time averaging algorithm with the use of mass eigenstates, the strategy for sampling energy and nadir angle, and the interpolation algorithm.
The Earth Regeneration Effect of Solar Neutrinos: a Numerical Treatment with Three Active Neutrino Flavors
The nadir angle dependence is sensitive to the value of E ′ .
The Earth Regeneration Effect of Solar Neutrinos: a Numerical Treatment with Three Active Neutrino Flavors
We have shown that for large values of θ13 , the earth effect is significant for high energy accelerator or atmospheric neutrinos (E ′ > ∼ 109 ) and it can be large at any nadir angle.
The Earth Regeneration Effect of Solar Neutrinos: a Numerical Treatment with Three Active Neutrino Flavors
The neutrinos arriving to the detector from the nadir direction can partially be absorbed by the Earth.
Neutrinos from the pulsar wind nebulae
The first half of the mission lifetime is devoted to observing the lower energy region in the nadir mode, and the second half of the mission to observing the high energy region in tilted mode.
Sensitivity of JEM-EUSO to GRB Neutrinos
The triangles show the threshold energy and the 99% C.L. flux sensitivity with JEM-EUSO as a function of the nadir angle as labeled.
Sensitivity of JEM-EUSO to GRB Neutrinos
EAS due to τ -decay in the nadir mode (the nadir angle of neutrinos < 30◦ ).
Sensitivity of JEM-EUSO to GRB Neutrinos
As the nadir angle of neutrinos in the FOV increases, the threshold energy of neutrinos gets higher, since the mean distance to EAS and atmospheric absorption both increase.
Sensitivity of JEM-EUSO to GRB Neutrinos
However, the larger nadir angle and resultant higher energy threshold lead to a larger target volume due to the longer lifetime of τ in the Earth crust, which give us a effectively thicker target volume.
Sensitivity of JEM-EUSO to GRB Neutrinos
The larger nadir angle also lead to a longer distance between tau showers and the detector which produces a larger light pool of Cerenkov and effectively gives a wider target area on the Earth.
Sensitivity of JEM-EUSO to GRB Neutrinos
As a result, the sensitivity increases with the nadir angle of neutrinos.
Sensitivity of JEM-EUSO to GRB Neutrinos
As shown in Fig. 4, if such a nearby and bright GRB with the nadir angle > 50◦ occurs inside the FOV of JEM-EUSO, EAS due to τ -neutrinos will be detected.
Sensitivity of JEM-EUSO to GRB Neutrinos
For the nadir angle of ∼ 70◦ , more distant GRBs at z ∼ 1 can be detected.
Sensitivity of JEM-EUSO to GRB Neutrinos
V. D I SCU S S ION If a nearby (< 1 Gpc) GRB fortunately occurs, a considerable neutrino flux has been predicted by our model for the nadir angle ∼ 65◦ .
Sensitivity of JEM-EUSO to GRB Neutrinos