• WordNet 3.6
    • n N.B. a Latin phrase (or its abbreviation) used to indicate that special attention should be paid to something "the margins of his book were generously supplied with pencilled NBs"
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  • Dennis Rodman
    Dennis Rodman
    “Fifty percent of life in the N.B.A. is sex. The other fifty percent is money.”


In literature:

B. Ellis, of Newfield, N. J.
"The Myxomycetes of the Miami Valley, Ohio" by A. P. Morgan
Violin Concerto (B flat), New York, N. Y.
"Annals of Music in America" by Henry Charles Lahee
August Giant was grown by N. B.
"Manual of American Grape-Growing" by U. P. Hedrick
B. Harris, Inspector of Dairy Factories, Canada, and T. D. Curtis, Syracuse, N. Y.
"Prairie Farmer, Vol. 56: No. 4, January 26, 1884" by Various
C. (B. N.) on London street characters, 376.
"Notes and Queries, Index of Volume 5, January-June, 1852" by Various
The other members of the committee, Senators Zebulon B. Vance (N. C.), Joseph E. Brown (Ga.), J.
"The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume IV" by Various
B Company, under Captain (afterwards Lieutenant-Colonel) J.N.
"With Manchesters in the East" by Gerald B. Hurst
Chandler, E. B., a father of Confederation, 49, 63 n., 67.
"The Fathers of Confederation" by A. H. U. Colquhoun
B. Randolph Bias of Williamson; Mrs. Frank N. Mann of Huntington; Mrs. Flora Williams of Wheeling, soloist.
"The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume VI" by Various
"Frederic Lord Leighton" by Ernest Rhys
He lived in B.t.n street, where he had at that time the whole of a handsomely furnished house, but only could half occupy it.
"My Secret Life, Volumes I. to III." by Anonymous
H. B. Nims & Co., Troy, N. Y.
"The Galaxy" by Various
Angus, R. B., and the Canadian Pacific Syndicate, 135, 136 n., 137, 151.
"The Railway Builders" by Oscar D. Skelton
HILL, DAVID B., recommends women in N. Y. Constit.
"The Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony (Volume 2 of 2)" by Ida Husted Harper
Yo' sha'n't whop 'im; he b'longs to me, an' ef you hit 'im another lick I'll set 'im free!
"Stories by American Authors, Volume 9" by Various
H. Topp, Albany, N. Y., Charles B. Ray, New York City, and William C. Nell of Boston, were Secretaries.
"The Early Negro Convention Movement" by John W. Cromwell
She died at Prince William, N. B., June 28th, 1852, at the great age of 97 years.
"Glimpses of the Past" by W. O. Raymond
Other members are R. Mantell, N. Marluff, F. B. Engler, H. C. Moore, R. Heather, L. Peabody.
"Harper's Round Table, June 11, 1895" by Various
The standing of the several nines in the N.Y.I.S.B.B.
"Harper's Round Table, July 2, 1895" by Various
O B J E C T I O N 10.
"Harper's Round Table, September 24, 1895" by Various

In poetry:

Little we Learn beyond the A B C -
Except D E F G H I it be,
Or J K L M N O P Q R
And then S T U V W X Y Z.
"The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám Jr." by Wallace Irwin
Ach b'fhearr leis tuiteam ann an sin
Le comhrag fir, mar bha e fein.
No dol a dh'iarraidh na mna
S gun fhios aige cia an t'aite fo n ghrein.
No dol a dh'iarraidh, &c.
"Seann Oran Gailic" by John Douglas Sutherland Campbell
Chunnaic Righ Bhreatun s e na shuain
An aon bhean a b'aillidh snuadh fo'n ghrein
'S b fhearr leis ro na bh'aige a dh'or
An og-bhean bhi aige fein.
'S b fhearr leis, &c.
"Seann Oran Gailic" by John Douglas Sutherland Campbell
Well, de critters lak to fainted jes' wid dey su'prise.
Sistah Fox, she vowed she was n't gwine to b'lieve huh eyes;
But dey could n't be no 'sputin' 'bout it any mo':
Pa'son Hedgehog was a-cape'in' all erroun' de flo.'
"De Critters' Dance" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
'Seven survivors seen 'n' saved of the "Esmeralda's" crowd,
Taken aboard the sweet "Marie" 'n' bunked 'n' treated proud,
'N' D.B.S.'d to Mersey Docks ('n' a joyful trip we made),
'N' there the skipper were given a purse by a grateful Board of Trade
"One of the Bo'sun's Yarns" by John Masefield

In news:

Throughout his three N-B-A seasons, Yao's largely escapedcriticism from China's official media and the government byhonoring his national team commitments.
Elias, President ProximaRF Technology ProximaRF US Corporate Office: 14220 N Northsight Blvd, Suite 139-B Scottsdale, AZ 85260 480.607-7500.
B&N Picks John Lewis Department Store as First UK Partner.
There were no surprises among the first two picks in tonight's N-B-A draft .
As much as any coach in the N.B.A.
Thetop pick in the N-B-A draft needs to have his tonsils removed.
DC offering monthly titles via Apple, Amazon, B&N.
No Jumping to Conclusions in the N.B. A.
Who will be this season's Radio Disney N.B. T.
David Stern's long, storied, occasionally polarizing tenure as N.B. A.
Tamika Catchings scored 22 points and grabbed 13 rebounds, leading the Indiana Fever to the W. N.B. A.
With all the good news that it has to shout about, the W. N.B. A.
NEWARK — The Liberty's defense stifled the Connecticut Sun for the first three quarters of Saturday's W. N.B. A.
LONDON — Often obscured in the haze of celebration of the Dream Team is this fact: The United States actually voted against allowing N.B. A.
Midnight madness returned to the N.B. A.

In science:

Theorem 4.1 For a triple (P, {hni}n∈N , L) satisfying (P0), (P2), (P3) and (PV), there exists a regular conformal superalgebra (RP , {(n)}n∈N , L) whose reduced subspace is P and the products satisfies (a(n) b)0 = ahni b for al l a, b ∈ P , n ∈ N.
Algebraic structures on quasi-primary states in superconformal algebras
For a cdga B and an integer n, we define S pel(M )(B )n to be the set of pairs (u, α), where u : A −→ Γn(B ) is a morphism of cdga, and α : M −→ Γn (B ) is a morphism of dg-A-modules.
From HAG to DAG: derived moduli spaces
N : N → (N ⊗B A)λ , ηN (n) = n ⊗B 1A . ηN is always bijective, even if A is not strongly graded.
Galois corings from the descent theory point of view
Note that n−α/(2d) Pj b(n) b(n) = nα/(2d) (V (n) j Wij is the pro jection of X (i/n) onto the span of Wij , −mJ ≤ j ≤ mJ .
Estimation of fractal dimension for a class of Non-Gaussian stationary processes and fields
Fix an upper bound of locality on B , i.e., a number N such that a ◦n b = 0 for any n > N , a, b, ∈ B .
Simple associative conformal algebras of linear growth
B( ˆk m(cid:13)0 mapping A N B(Γfr( ˆk0 )) N E (C ) into A N B(Γfr( ˆk0 )) N Γ, we denote this family by same symbol Jt .
Quantum random walks and their convergence
For B ′ ⊂ B , the distribution of N [m, B ]|B ′ conditioned on N (B ′ ) = m coincides with that of N [m, B ′ ].
Rank Independence and Rearrangements of Random Variables
A and B are any square matrices of order n. A canonical realization of a Jordan algebra of the type P (n) consists of all matrices of the form: (cid:26)(cid:18) A B C At (cid:19)(cid:27) where A is any square matrix of order n, B is a symmetric matrix of order n, C is a skewsymmetric matrix of order n.
Simple decompositions of simple special Jordan superalgebras
We derive the estimates for the moments of H (N ,b) and prove that the spectral norm kH (N ,b)k remains bounded in the limit N , b → ∞ when (log N )3/2/b → 0.
Estimates for moments of random matrices with Gaussian elements
The level matching condition has the usual form ∞Xn=−∞ (cid:0)n a+ n b−n (cid:1) , n a−n − n b+ and therefore the sum of a-modes should be equal to the sum of b-modes.
New Integrable System of 2dim Fermions from Strings on AdS_5 x S^5
The last assertion follows easily: N (C ) ⊆ N (B ) because AC = B ; conversely, if Bx = 0 then C x ∈ N (A) ∩ R(C ) ⊆ N (A) ∩ M = {0}, which shows that N (B ) ⊆ N (C ).
Weighted generalized inverses, oblique projections and least squares problems
Then, for every non zero x0 ∈ N (B )⊥ and u ∈ x0 + N (B ), it holds kukA ≤ kxkA for every x ∈ x0 + N (B ) if and only if there exists Q ∈ P (A, N (B )) such that u = (I − Q)x0 .
Weighted generalized inverses, oblique projections and least squares problems
Applying the last proposition to the operator PN (B ) and the vector x0 ∈ H \ N (B ) = H \ R(PN (B ) ) this is equivalent to the existence of Q ∈ P (A, N (B )) such that PN (B ) u = −Qx0 .
Weighted generalized inverses, oblique projections and least squares problems
Since Z (π(B)′′ ) = Tn∈N π(B(−∞,−n]∪[n,∞))′′ (see e.g. [4, 2.6.10] ), for any X ∈ Z (π(B)′′ ) with kX k = 1, there exists a sequence {Xn} with Xn ∈ B[−l(n),n]∪[n,l(n)], kXnk ≤ 1 and limn→∞ Xn = X in the weak operator topology.
Factors generated by $C^*$-finitely correlated states
By rounding each coordinate v to the nearest multiple of n−B−2 , we can find a vector ˜v ∈ n−B−2 · Zn of magnitude 0.9 ≤ k˜vk ≤ 1.1 such that n ˜vk ≤ 2n−B .
Inverse Littlewood-Offord theorems and the condition number of random discrete matrices