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    • n muon an elementary particle with a negative charge and a half-life of 2 microsecond; decays to electron and neutrino and antineutrino
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In literature:

Pions and muons, plus and minus; the lambda and the antilambda.
"A Feast of Demons" by William Morrison

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The Compact Muon Solenoid, one of the detectors on the Large Hadron Collider, weighs more than 12,000 tons.
The CMS, or Compact Muon Solenoid.
KEF Unveils $130K MUON Speaker.
Heavier elements deflect muons more strongly, so the average angle of the muons ' post-impact path tells physicists the material's identity.
If muon neutrinos transform into electron neutrinos , neutrinos could be the reason that the Big Bang produced more matter than antimatter, leading to the universe as it exists today.
Simulation by the LHC's Atlas experiment of the decay of a Higgs boson into 4 muons (yellow tracks), a type of heavy electron.
The silicon tracker for the Large Hadron Collider's Compact Muon Solenoid, or CMS, is installed in 2007.
The Compact Muon Solenoid, or CMS detector, at CERN outside Geneva, Switzerland.
The Compact Muon Solenoid detector at the Large Hadron Collider is used in a key experiment that aims to validate a long-held theory of particle physics.
The silicon tracker for the Large Hadron Collider 's Compact Muon Solenoid, or CMS, is installed in 2007.
Millions of cosmic particles called muons bombard Earth every day.

In science:

Even with the isolation cut, the cosmic ray muon path length differences within a given tower still contribute to the width of the muon peak.
The CDF MiniPlug Calorimeters
Fermi energy, the accuracy of which is limited by the knowledge of the muon magnetic moment or muon mass.
Simple Atoms, Quantum Electrodynamics and Fundamental Constants
The Cherenkov light emitted by the muon is detected by an array of photomultipliers arranged in strings, able to reconstruct the energy and direction of the incident muon/neutrino.
ANTARES Status & Milestones : News from Deep-Sea
The muon peak is at about 60 keV. A more precise estimate of the poition of the muon peak and its comparison to theoretical expectations are in progress 13 .
MACHe3, a prototype for non-baryonic dark matter search: KeV event detection and multicell correlation
Figure 14: Discrimination capabilities fitting simulated data with a statistics of either 1000 through-going muons (dashed lines) or 100 ful ly contained muons (continuous) or 200 showers (dotted) measured in energy bins of width ∆E = 30 GeV.
Spectra of neutrinos from dark matter annihilations
A difference between theory for muonium and for ‘conventional’ atoms is due to a higher importance of recoil effects (since the nucleus, namely a muon, is approximately tenfold lighter than a proton) and a possibility to expand the muon magnetic moment in α.
Precision physics of simple atoms: QED tests, nuclear structure and fundamental constants
As an example, for an event accepted by the Level-1 trigger in the inclusive muon stream, only the parts of the muon chambers indicated by the Level-1 trigger results, and the corresponding road in the tracker, need be considered for the validation of the muon.
The CMS High Level Trigger
The resulting tra jectories are used to validate the Level-1 decision as well as to reflne the muon measurement in this Level-2 muon selection.
The CMS High Level Trigger
The basis of the Level-3 muon selection is to add silicon tracker hits to the muon tra jectory, thus greatly improving the muon momentum measurement and sharpening the trigger threshold.
The CMS High Level Trigger
Isolation criteria can be applied to the muon candidates to provide additional rejection: at Level-2 using the calorimetric energy sum in a cone around the muon, and at Level-3 using the number of pixel tracks in a region around the pro jected muon tra jectory.
The CMS High Level Trigger
Inclusion of Tracker Information and Level-3 Selection The Level-3 muon reconstruction consists of extending the muon tra jectories to include hits in the silicon tracker system.
The CMS High Level Trigger
The determination of the region of interest is based on the track parameters and uncertainties of the extrapolated Level-2 muon tra jectory, obtained with the assumption that the muon originates from the interaction point as described in the previous section.
The CMS High Level Trigger
In the flnal step, all reconstructed tracks are flt once again with reconstructed hits in the muon chambers included from the original Level-2 reconstructed muon, and selected on the basis of a ´2 cut.
The CMS High Level Trigger
Muon Isolation The integrated rate of muons at LHC is dominated by muons from b; c, K, and … decays, as shown in flgure 15.
The CMS High Level Trigger
Integrated rate of single muons from pythia as a function of the muon pT threshold and for luminosity L = 1034 cm¡2 s¡1 .
The CMS High Level Trigger