• Rabbet-Plane.  Molding-Plane
    Rabbet-Plane. Molding-Plane
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n molding the act of creating something by casting it in a mold
    • n molding a preliminary sculpture in wax or clay from which a finished work can be copied
    • n molding sculpture produced by molding
    • n molding a decorative recessed or relieved surface on an edge
    • n molding a decorative strip used for ornamentation or finishing
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In 1900, Queen Victoria sent her New Year's greetings to the British troops stationed in South Africa during the Boer War in the form of a specially molded chocolate bar.
    • Molding a decorative strip used for ornamentation or finishing.
    • Molding (Arch) A plane, or curved, narrow surface, either sunk or projecting, used for decoration by means of the lights and shades upon its surface. Moldings vary greatly in pattern, and are generally used in groups, the different members of each group projecting or retreating, one beyond another. See Cable n., 3, and Crenelated molding, under Crenelate v. t.
    • Molding a preliminary sculpture in wax or clay from which a finished work can be copied.
    • Molding Anything cast in a mold, or which appears to be so, as grooved or ornamental bars of wood or metal, or sculptures.
    • Molding The act or process of shaping in or on a mold, or of making molds; the art or occupation of a molder.
    • p. a Molding Used in making a mold or moldings; used in shaping anything according to a pattern.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: All the gold ever mined could be molded into a cube 60 feet high and 60 feet wide.
    • n molding The act of covering with mold; mold used to cover the roots of plants.
    • n molding The process of shaping any plastic substance into a given form, as wax into artistic figures, or clay into bricks.
    • n molding Anything cast in a mold, or anything formed as if by a mold.
    • n molding In architecture, a member of construction or decoration so treated as to introduce varieties of outline or contour in edges or surfaces, whether on projections or in cavities, such as on cornices, string-courses, bases, door- or window-jambs, lintels, etc. In classical architecture moldings are divided into three classes: the right-lined, as the fillet, tænia, lislet, regula; the curved, as the astragal or bead. the torus, the cavetto, the quarter-round, ovolo, and echinus; and the composite, as the ogee, talon, or cyma reversa, the cyma recta or doucine, and the scotia or trochilos, all of which are known by many synonymous names. In Roman architecture all curved moldings are formed of portions of circles, while in Greek architecture they are for the most part formed of some conic section, of which the curve, in good work, is always of extreme refinement. All these moldings are frequently enriched by carving. In the architecture of the middle ages there is very great diversity in the form and arrangement of the moldings. In the Norman style they consist almost entirely of rounds and hollows. variously combined with splays and fillets, a striking peculiarity of this style being the recurrence of moldings broken into zigzag lines. In the succeeding English style, the early Pointed, the moldings are much lighter and more boldly cut. In the Decorated style of the fourteenth century there is still greater diversity, and this period is further characterized by the introduction of the roll-molding, and another termed the wave-molding. In the Perpendicular style large and often shallow hollows prevail, and the moldings are in general of flatter profile and less effective than those of earlier periods. The moldings of medieval architecture are very commonly sculptured with surface-ornament beautiful in design and elaborate in workmanship. See cuts under dogtooth, double cone, egg, indented, keel-molding, lozenge, fret, 3.
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  • Learned Hand
    Learned Hand
    “It is enough that we set out to mold the motley stuff of life into some form of our own choosing; when we do, the performance is itself the wage.”
  • Jerome K. Jerome
    “We are so bound together that no man can labor for himself alone. Each blow he strikes in his own behalf helps to mold the universe.”
  • William Hurt
    William Hurt
    “You have to create a track record of breaking your own mold, or at least other people's idea of that mold.”
  • Robert Collier
    “Pictures help you to form the mental mold...”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Where lies are easily admitted, the father of lies is not easily kept out. Source unknown A great leader molds public opinion, a wise leader listens to it.”
  • Antoine De Saint-Exupery
    “Each man must look to himself to teach him the meaning of life. It is not something discovered: it is something molded.”


In literature:

The mold closes, and the platform turns on, bringing around another mold to the gatherer.
"How To Write Special Feature Articles" by Willard Grosvenor Bleyer
How would the matron who was cast in the antique mold of Rome take such news?
"The Forest of Swords" by Joseph A. Altsheler
He had been molded for Court-life from childhood.
"Renaissance in Italy, Volumes 1 and 2" by John Addington Symonds
The picture molding may be at the bottom of the cornice.
"The Complete Home" by Various
Cabinet making, tailoring, molding, blacksmithing, baking, and shoe making, are examples.
"Wage Earning and Education" by R. R. Lutz
Prepare a dough as for a brioche and when ready for the pans turn on a molding board.
"Mrs. Wilson's Cook Book" by Mary A. Wilson
A frieze, close-set as peas in a pod, grimaced from the molding.
"Maida's Little Shop" by Inez Haynes Irwin
And don't let the wrong thoughts go on molding you into the wrong thing.
"Contrary Mary" by Temple Bailey
Nature had cast him in a generous physical mold, and he had aided nature on diamond and gridiron.
"Under Handicap" by Jackson Gregory
They should never be allowed to become wet or they will start to mold.
"Growing Nuts in the North" by Carl Weschcke
Set on something that will keep mold from bottom of kettle and turn enough boiling water to come half way up on the mold.
"Good Things to Eat as Suggested by Rufus" by Rufus Estes
They were a mold for the hull of a space ship.
"Space Tug" by Murray Leinster
A strange smile molded her lips, an inscrutable look dawned in the dark eyes.
"Daughter of the Sun" by Jackson Gregory
He found a couple of each, bronze, cast flat in an open-top mold.
"Naudsonce" by H. Beam Piper
But the Emigrant Trail was molding Lucy.
"The Emigrant Trail" by Geraldine Bonner
To make loaf sugar, the crystals are pressed into molds, then dried, and cut into the size desired.
"How We are Fed" by James Franklin Chamberlain
As his reasoning powers were cast in the most colossal mold, so his heart was of the finest and noblest quality.
"Sketches of Reforms and Reformers, of Great Britain and Ireland" by Henry B. Stanton
This authority, embodied in school and church, began to mold the plastic mind of the German child as early as the age of six.
"And the Kaiser abdicates" by S. Miles Bouton
For wheels use wooden button-molds, two inches wide, or circles sawed from a broom handle.
"Home Occupations for Boys and Girls" by Bertha Johnston
The middle of the train was just abreast of them when Rush's quick eyes saw one of the big red molds swaying dangerously.
"The Iron Boys in the Steel Mills" by James R. Mears

In poetry:

What pains we take to mold a friend,
To stamp our image on the heart;
And e'er the anxious task we end,
Stern fate, or duty, bids us part.
"Valedictory On Leaving San Francisco, California." by James Madison Bell
Loss molds our lives in many ways,
And fills our souls with guesses;
Upon our hearts sad hands it lays
Like some grave priest that blesses.
"Love And Loss" by Madison Julius Cawein
He's tall, and for commanding mien,
A finer mold is seldom seen;
His brow is high, his locks are jet,
His eyes are fierce, his lips are met.
"Tribute To Rev. William Paul Quinn" by James Madison Bell
His clothes are ragged
And horrid and old,
The worst that ever were worn;
They're covered with mold,
And in each fold
A terrible rent is torn.
"John S. Crow" by Clara Doty Bates
Very sad and low said she,
"What is shining hair to me?
When from out the rain-wet mold
Kingcups borrow of its gold
Sweet and sweet 'twill be."
"Sad One, Must You Weep" by Isabel Ecclestone Mackay
Two arms of alabaster,
So smooth, so plump, so fair!
None molded by an olden master
Could with their form compare!
Ideals opulent
For inspiraton sent.
"The Daguerreotype" by Aaron Southwick

In news:

Features include crown molding and air conditioning.
Mold contamination is all too common in South Florida.
Mold Clean Up In School.
In Broward County, millions of dollars are being spent to clean up mold in public schools.
Another Tool in the Toolbox to Build a Better Mold.
When it comes to free agency, New England not afraid to break the mold.
The CC750 boasts lower energy costs, reduced risks of mold.
If there's a molding, we chose it.
Materials Unwanted Wax Crayons (wrappers removed) Silicon Ice Cube Trays OR Candy Molds.
Xtrakit's 1/72 scale release is molded in gray plastic with nicely recessed panel lines.
Many boatbuilders do a good job of creating products that fit the mold of their product line, with each new model evolutionary in design and styling.
New Test Method for The Determination of Volume and Density of Rigid and Irregularly Shaped Molded Cellular Materials.
Often times, we get requests from clients to perform warpage simulations on parts/molds, but they want to ignore the contribution from the mold cooling design.
Record high mold count in Chicago.
This is our R27 just out of the mold and ready for the assembly process.

In science:

Early designs of the space frame consist of a structurally strong, low mass web of carbon fiber strips molded into a half cylinder.
Mechanical Design of the CDF SVX~II Silicon Vertex Detector
Therefore the gravitational field and matter can be considered to be molded into the following form.
The quantum vacuum, fractal geometry, and the quest for a new theory of gravity
A ma jor theme advanced in this paper is that the pressures and hence structure of the ISM change rapidly and are probably molded by chaotic velocity fields that converge and diverge.
Evidence and Implications of Pressure Fluctuations in the ISM
Such dielectric structure of crystals offers the possibility of molding the flow of light (including the zero-point electromagnetic fields of vacuum).
A Supplement: on the Quantum-vacuum Geometric Phases
To fabricate test masses, gold was deposited (using a thermal evaporator) into molds of plasma-etched silicon.
Constraints on Yukawa-Type Deviations from Newtonian Gravity at 20 Microns
The drive mass was also fabricated by evaporating gold into a mold of silicon.
Constraints on Yukawa-Type Deviations from Newtonian Gravity at 20 Microns
The long period, unsteady spin-down, X-ray luminosity exceeding its spindown power, and detailed properties of its two-component X-ray spectrum, are all squarely in the AXP mold, and support the magnetar interpretation (Gotthelf & Halpern 2005).
Discovery of Radio Emission from Transient Anomalous X-ray Pulsar XTE J1810-197
Scintillator tiles are made of a cheap Russian scintillator using a molding technique. A Kuraray Y11 1mm diameter double clad WLS fiber is inserted into a 2mm deep circular groove without gluing.
Particle Detector R&D
Winn, Photonic Crystals: Molding the Flow of Light (Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 1995). D. N.
Two-dimensional defect modes in optically induced photonic lattices
An agent can perform a task, thus interact with the environment, to express a certain variable-state within the agent in the form of molding the environment along that preference.
Organization and Complexity in a Nested Hierarchical Spin-Glass like Social Space
And whimsical conversation in the mold of Weintraub’s program is essentially nonsense conversation, a series of non sequiturs.
Lessons from a Restricted Turing Test
Ultimately all physical computations have to fit into a spatial mold, and so our most efficient computers and algorithms will eventually have to evolve toward the underlying spatial “hardware” of nature.
Crystalline Computation
Perhaps a contradiction, which would break us out of our mold, will come from one of the many electroweak studies which do not directly contribute to the Higgs picture.
Summary of Expermental Electroweak Physics
We have proven the principle of this precise micro-mold injection technique and can fabricate several quality caps per hour.
New Results on ATLAS Pixel Opto-Link
To further improve the alignment between the fiber and the VCSEL, the location of the pin on the mold is also measured so that the VCSEL is placed on the base at the location as expected from the fabricated cap.
New Results on ATLAS Pixel Opto-Link