• The Bridge over the Moat, Crowhurst Place
    The Bridge over the Moat, Crowhurst Place
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n moat ditch dug as a fortification and usually filled with water
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Moat (Fort) A deep trench around the rampart of a castle or other fortified place, sometimes filled with water; a ditch.
    • v. t Moat To surround with a moat.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n moat A mound; a hill.
    • n moat In fortification, a ditch or deep trench dug round the rampart of a castle or other fortified place, and often filled with water.
    • n moat A building; dwelling; abode.
    • moat To surround with a ditch for defense; also, to make or serve as a moat for.
    • n moat An obsolete spelling of mote.
    • moat In mining, to puddle; cover with earth so as to exclude air, as a mine shaft in case of an underground fire.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Moat mōt a deep trench round a castle or fortified place, sometimes filled with water:
    • v.t Moat to surround with a moat
    • n Moat mōt (obs.) a hill or mound
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OF. mote, hill, dike, bank, F. motte, clod, turf: cf. Sp. & Pg. mota, bank or mound of earth, It. motta, clod, LL. mota, motta, a hill on which a fort is built, an eminence, a dike, Prov. G. mott, bog earth heaped up; or perh. F. motte, and OF. mote, are from a LL. p. p. of L. movere, to move (see Move). The name of moat, properly meaning, bank or mound, was transferred to the ditch adjoining: cf. F. dike, and ditch,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr, mote, a mound, trench.


In literature:

Around this mound there was a moat, or deep, broad ditch filled with water.
"Life in a Mediæval City" by Edwin Benson
The latter lays down moats and bubbles left by the large brush.
"French Polishing and Enamelling" by Richard Bitmead
The moats are double to the N.W., but triple elsewhere.
"Hertfordshire" by Herbert W Tompkins
They made sand castles and moats, and the rising tide flowed in just as they wished it to.
"Troublesome Comforts" by Geraldine Glasgow
And here are a few sticks I've brought in out of the moat; take them home; when I come I'll bring some more.
"The Young Carpenters of Freiberg" by Anonymous
It was surrounded by a broad moat, fed by a cut from the river.
"With Frederick the Great" by G. A. Henty
Around the exterior wall was a deep moat, supplied with water from a neighboring rivulet.
"The Literary World Seventh Reader" by Various
Skirting the castle moat she led him up the short slope of the Gomizaka.
"Bakemono Yashiki (The Haunted House)" by James S. De Benneville
You see there is a moat runs all round.
"Saint Bartholomew's Eve" by G. A. Henty
Musard's present stay at the moat-house was to be a brief one.
"The Hand in the Dark" by Arthur J. Rees

In poetry:

And so, his mount to the charge,
Or led the columns small or large,
The victor rode;
Till over danger's castle moat,
And in the cannon's silenced throat,
His charger trode.
"Stonewall Jackson" by Albery Allson Whitman
We were first to hear, in the hazel moat,
The nut—brown bird with the poet's note,
That sings, ``Love is neither false nor fleet,''
Makes passion tender, and sorrow sweet.
"The Passing Of The Primroses" by Alfred Austin
They pass'd swift thro' the outer gate; the wretch,
Howling, leap'd o'er the wall into the moat,
Stifling in mud. Fair Ellen pass'd the bridge,
And heard a gloomy voice cry `Is it done?'
"Fair Elanor" by William Blake
Alas, 'tis a dream of ages hoar!
In the fens no dragons won;
No giants from moated castles roar;
Through the forest wide roadways run;
Of all the deeds they did of yore
Not one is left to be done!
"The Three Horses" by George MacDonald
The golden sword has long been buried
And my ambitions have withered like weeds.
In the cool and still sky
the moon opens like a flower.
The shadows of my old palaces
Must now be aimlessly falling across the moats.
"The Past" by Li Yu
Torquay, with its pier and its diadem of white,
Is a moat beautiful and very dazzling sight,
With its white villas glittering on the sides of its green hills,
And as the tourist gases thereon with joy his heart fills.
"Beautiful Torquay" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

Herman Cain's Immigration Plan: A Great Wall of China and an Alligator-Filled Moat.
Moats can offer both solid returns and safety, says Chuck Joyce, who along with Kimball Mayer oversees $20 billion for Boston asset manager GMO.
Rather, I have been thinking about the metaphorical moats that companies need to keep competitors at bay.
(HOST) Commentator David Moats likes to buy from local farms and produce stands.
It's the first time in 297 games that Brett Favre would not be able to start a game following a hit from The Buffalo Bills' Arthur Moats.
Quay 's halibut dish received great balance from a topping of charred rapini and a surrounding moat of smoked beans and bacon.
Having lived in Dallas the past 13 years, I can remember Ryan Moats as a standout running back at Bishop Lynch High School before starring at Louisiana Tech and getting drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles.
Workers were cleaning the moat at the time Wednesday.
In a news release sent Tuesday afternoon, Missouri State University athletic director Kyle Moats confirmed head football.
Bonness finished second in many races to Kevin Moats, an Atlanta man who competed against him in several Ironman competitions.
With the way Arthur Moats has been playing lately, the Buffalo Bills rookie linebacker should have a lot more football memories to make.
And sisters, Vern Watring, Sarah Carrico and Corrie Moats.
Best Moat of Eternal Peril .
Text And Photography By Mike Moats.
Warren Buffett famously invests in businesses with what he calls a protective "moat" around them, meaning that they have some protection from competition that allows them to control their pricing.

In science:

Mature sunspots are known to show surface outflows (“moats”) detected by Doppler shifts and the proper motion of nearby magnetic features (a recent summary is given by Brickhouse and LaBonte 1988).
Diagnostics of a Subsurface Radial Outflow From a Sunspot
The outflows detected using local helioseismology have significantly lower velocities, and appear to persist to several times the radial extent of the moat.
Diagnostics of a Subsurface Radial Outflow From a Sunspot
It is possible that these outflows may represent a subsurface extension of the moat flow.
Diagnostics of a Subsurface Radial Outflow From a Sunspot