• WordNet 3.6
    • v miss leave undone or leave out "How could I miss that typo?","The workers on the conveyor belt miss one out of ten"
    • v miss fail to experience "Fortunately, I missed the hurricane"
    • v miss fail to reach "The arrow missed the target"
    • v miss feel or suffer from the lack of "He misses his mother"
    • v miss fail to reach or get to "She missed her train"
    • v miss fail to perceive or to catch with the senses or the mind "I missed that remark","She missed his point","We lost part of what he said"
    • v miss fail to attend an event or activity "I missed the concert","He missed school for a week"
    • v miss be without "This soup lacks salt","There is something missing in my jewelry box!"
    • v miss be absent "The child had been missing for a week"
    • n Miss a form of address for an unmarried woman
    • n miss a failure to hit (or meet or find etc)
    • n miss a young woman "a young lady of 18"
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

Miss Heavytopp Miss Heavytopp
Miss Job Presley Miss Job Presley
My peaceful pillow at Miss Plankses My peaceful pillow at Miss Plankses
I proceeded to disembark, a-follered by the forms of my Josiah and Miss Plank I proceeded to disembark, a-follered by the forms of my Josiah and Miss Plank
Ox-cart in which old Miss Jacob ust to go a-visitin Ox-cart in which old Miss Jacob ust to go a-visitin
Mr. Bolster led Miss Plank to the altar Mr. Bolster led Miss Plank to the altar
Miss Velvet-Purr sings a song, which is much admired Miss Velvet-Purr sings a song, which is much admired

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Little Miss Muffet was a girl from the 16th century whose name was really Patience
    • Miss A kept mistress. See Mistress, 4.
    • Miss A title of courtesy prefixed to the name of a girl or a woman who has not been married. See Mistress, 5.
    • Miss A young unmarried woman or a girl; as, she is a miss of sixteen. "Gay vanity, with smiles and kisses,
      Was busy 'mongst the maids and misses."
    • Miss Harm from mistake.
    • Miss (Card Playing) In the game of three-card loo, an extra hand, dealt on the table, which may be substituted for the hand dealt to a player.
    • Miss Loss; want; felt absence. "There will be no great miss of those which are lost."
    • Miss Mistake; error; fault. "He did without any great miss in the hardest points of grammar."
    • Miss The act of missing; failure to hit, reach, find, obtain, etc.
    • Miss To be absent, deficient, or wanting. "What here shall miss , our toil shall strive to mend."
    • Miss To discover the absence or omission of; to feel the want of; to mourn the loss of; to want; as, to miss an absent loved one. "Neither missed we anything . . . Nothing was missed of all that pertained unto him.""What by me thou hast lost, thou least shalt miss ."
    • Miss To fail of hitting, reaching, getting, finding, seeing, hearing, etc.; as, to miss the mark one shoots at; to miss the train by being late; to miss opportunites of getting knowledge; to miss the point or meaning of something said. "When a man misses his great end, happiness, he will acknowledge he judged not right."
    • Miss To fail to hit; to fly wide; to deviate from the true direction. "Men observe when things hit, and not when they miss .""Flying bullets now,
      To execute his rage, appear too slow;
      They miss , or sweep but common souls away."
    • Miss To fail to obtain, learn, or find; -- with of. "Upon the least reflection, we can not miss of them."
    • Miss To go wrong; to err. "Amongst the angels, a whole legion
      Of wicked sprites did fall from happy bliss;
      What wonder then if one, of women all, did miss ?"
    • Miss To omit; to fail to have or to do; to get without; to dispense with; -- now seldom applied to persons. "She would never miss , one day,
      A walk so fine, a sight so gay."
      "We cannot miss him; he does make our fire,
      Fetch in our wood."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Tohru Iwatani, the inventor of the video game Pac-Man, came up with the idea when he saw a pizza with a slice missing at a dinner party
    • miss To fail to reach or attain; come short of, or go aside or deviate from, as what is aimed at, expected, or desired; fail to hit, catch, or grasp: as, to miss the mark.
    • miss To fail or come short of, as from lack of capacity or opportunity; fail to be, find, attain to, or accomplish (what one might or should have been, found, attained to, or accomplished): as, he just missed being a poet; you have missed your true vocation.
    • miss To fail to find, get, or keep; come short of having or receiving; fail to obtain or enjoy: as, to miss the way or one's footing; to miss a meal or an appointment.
    • miss To become aware of the loss or absence of; find to be lacking; note or deplore the absence of; feel the want or need of: as, to miss one's watch or purse; to miss the comforts of home; to miss the prattle of a child.
    • miss To fail to note, perceive, or observe; overlook or disregard: as, to miss the best points of a play.
    • miss To escape; succeed in avoiding.
    • miss To omit; leave out; skip, as a word in reciting or a note in singing.
    • miss To do without; dispense with; spare.
    • miss To lack; be deprived of.
    • miss To fail of success or effect; miscarry; fail to hit the mark, as in shooting, playing certain games, etc.
    • miss To fall short; fail in observation or attainment: with of or in.
    • miss To go astray; go wrong; slip; fall.
    • n miss A failure to find, reach, catch, hit, grasp, obtain, or attain; want of success.
    • n miss Error; fault; misdeed; wrong-doing; sin.
    • n miss Hurt or harm from mistake or accident.
    • n miss Loss; want; hence, a feeling of loss.
    • n miss Specifically, in printing, a failure on the part of the person feeding the blank sheets to a press to supply a sheet at the right moment for impression. The miss must be corrected by running through several sheets to absorb the ink put on the blanks by the form.
    • n miss In the game of loo, an extra hand dealt out, for which the players in turn have the option of exchanging their own.
    • miss Wrongly; badly; amiss.
    • n miss Mistress: a reduced form of this title, which, so reduced, came to be regarded, when prefixed to the name of a young woman or girl, as a sort of diminutive, and was especially applied to young girls (corresponding to master as applied to young boys), older unmarried girls or women being styled mistress even in the lifetime of the mother; later, and in present use, a title prefixed to the name of any unmarried woman or girl. In a restricted use, the title Miss, with the surname only, now distinguishes the eldest daughter of a family, the younger daughters having the title Miss prefixed to their full name: as, Miss Brown, Miss Mary Brown, etc. Some matronly unmarried women, holding independent positions as householders or otherwise, are still styled Mistress (Mrs.) as a mark of special respect, at least in some parts of the United States. In speaking or writing of two or more persons of the same name by the title of Miss, the plural form is often given to the name as a whole, as the Miss Smiths, instead of to the title, as the Misses Smith.
    • n miss A young unmarried woman; a girl, in this sense chiefly colloquial; in trade use it has reference to sizes, etc.: as, ladies', misses', and children's shoes.
    • n miss A mistress (of a household). [Southern U. S., in negro use.] [In this use a direct abbr. of mistress in the same sense—a slang use, independent of the above.] A kept mistress.
    • n miss An abbreviation
    • n miss of Mississippi;
    • n miss of mission, missionary.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Both Hitler and Napoleon were missing one testicle.
    • n Miss mis a title of address of an unmarried female: a young woman or girl:
    • v.t Miss mis to fail to hit, reach, find, or keep: to omit: to fail to have: to discover the absence of: to feel the want of: to fail to observe: to leave out
    • v.i Miss to fail to hit or obtain: to go wrong
    • n Miss a failure to hit the mark: loss
    • n Miss mis (obs.) a kept mistress
    • ***


  • Mark Twain
    “It was wonderful to find America, but it would have been more wonderful to miss it.”
  • English Proverb
    English Proverb
    “He that seeks trouble never misses.”
  • Friedrich Nietzsche
    “In Heaven all the interesting people are missing.”
  • Thomas Carlyle
    “The tragedy of life is not so much what men suffer, but rather what they miss.”
  • Leo Buscaglia
    “Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.”
  • Gregory Nunn
    Gregory Nunn
    “Anyone who doesn't miss the past never had a mother.”


A slice off a cut loaf is never missed - Used colloquially to describe having sexual intercourse with someone who is not a virgin, especially when they are in a relationship. The analogy refers to a loaf of bread; it is not readily apparent, once the end has been removed, exactly how many slices have been taken.('You never miss a slice from a cut loaf' is also used.)
Heart misses a beat - If your heart misses a beat, you are suddenly shocked or surprised. ('Heart skips a beat' is an alternative)
Hit and miss - Something that is hit and miss is unpredictable and may produce results or may fail.
Miss is as good as a mile - A miss is as good as a mile means that if you fail, even by the smallest margin, it is still a failure.
Miss the boat - If you miss the boat, you are too late to take advantage of an opportunity.
Not miss a trick - If someone doesn't miss a trick, they take advantage of everything that could help them or might be an opportunity for them.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. missan,; akin to D. & G. missen, OHG. missan, Icel. missa, Sw. mista, Dan. miste,. √100. See Mis-, pref
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Contr. of mistress.


In literature:

So," Miss Lacey looked at her caller with a sudden speculative curiosity, "so you're one of Miss Derwent's satellites, are you?
"The Opened Shutters" by Clara Louise Burnham
And delighted, of course, he said, to see Miss Lempriere and Miss Gunning.
"The Creators" by May Sinclair
Miss Baker and Miss Waddington made up the party.
"The Bertrams" by Anthony Trollope
Miss Kent chose to be jealous of a trifling gift I gave Miss Denham at Christmas, and there was trouble.
"A Coin of Edward VII" by Fergus Hume
At the conclusion of the performance Miss Anderson was introduced to Miss Adams, and congratulated her on her success.
"Charles Frohman: Manager and Man" by Isaac Frederick Marcosson and Daniel Frohman
Oh, Miss Sandbrook, dearest Miss Sandbrook, forgive me!
"Hopes and Fears scenes from the life of a spinster" by Charlotte M. Yonge
The girls whom the boy had addressed as Miss Kean and Miss Stoner led the way.
"Elizabeth Hobart at Exeter Hall" by Jean K. Baird
Miss Wilton, Miss Burroughs.
"The Children of Wilton Chase" by Mrs. L. T. Meade
Miss Rose looked at the table.
"Clematis" by Bertha B. Cobb
Miss Mary V. Montgomery, Mound Bayou, Miss.
"The American Missionary--Volume 49, No. 02, February, 1895" by Various

In poetry:

Where, eagle of the Lord! hast borne --
Into what unknown bliss --
The weary ones from beds of thorn,
The dear ones that we miss?
"The Wing Of Faith" by Annie Adams Fields
Yet though my destiny
It was to miss your early sweet,
You still, when turned to you my feet,
Had sweet enough to be
A prize for me!
"I Was Not He" by Thomas Hardy
But how she does miss her eldest son.
For he had a heart of gold,
But he would sleep with his mother —
He was only six months old.
"Limehouse Liz (Of Lambeth)" by T W Connor
I travel through a desert wide
Where many round me blindly stray;
But He vouchsafes to be my guide,
And will not let me miss my way.
"Walking With God" by John Newton
Who, being miss'd, his mother went
Him calling everywhere ;
Where art thou, Tom ? Where art thou, Tom ?
Quoth he, here, mother, here !
"The Life And Death Of Tom Thumb" by Anonymous British
Ye will not miss me here
With all the bright things of the coming May,
And the rejoicing of the awakened year,—
I shall be far away.
"A Farewell" by Kate Seymour Maclean

In news:

While other beauty queens are preparing for the Miss America stage in January, Miss DC, Allyn Rose, is making a major decision in her personal life.
Miss Southern Heartland Christina McCauley is crowned Miss Georgia 2010.
Shelby McIntosh , Miss Teen Ohio, MISS Heart of The USA, will be holding a can food drive at the above address.
For more information, visit the Miss Oregon website or check out Nichole's Miss Oregon blog.
If you missed it, you missed Tony Lucca, who used to be "friends" with coach Christina Aguilera.
We won't miss all of his ideas, but we will miss the person who produced them and who was always willing to discuss them at whatever length necessary.
Harris has missed all of training camp with a burn on his right foot suffered during the lockout and is expected to miss another week or two.
After Williams missed , Sefolosha swooped in to put back a miss to make it 112-106, and Oklahoma City was safe again.
"I don't miss my breasts as much as I miss 'Harry's Law.'".
And strangely I miss it, I miss it tremendously.
In 2010 Morgan was crowned Miss Oklahoma USA, and was first runner up for Miss USA the same year.
New Jersey State Police have found the bodies of two missing New Brunswick they issued a missing child alert for on Monday afternoon.
Anyway, if you missed it, you missed a heck of a show.
The Miss America pageant was on Saturday, and for the talent competition, Miss Arkansas.
Her accomplishments include winning Miss Planet Beach Minnesota 2010, Miss Car Craft Summer National 2010, Miss 4 Wheel Jamboree 2010, and Miss Swimsuit USA Minneapolis in December 2011.

In science:

Thus the WH turns into a mass term for H and H determined by the missing VEV pattern (4).
From Prototype SU(5) to Realistic SU(7) SUSY GUT
One can readily check that, when the colourcomponent missing VEV solution (13) is substituted into the superpotential WH (10), superheavy masses are generated for most of the components of the H and H multiplets.
From Prototype SU(5) to Realistic SU(7) SUSY GUT
Notice that, compared to the Klebanov-Maldacena result, Eq. (27), the above expression is missing the first term.
IIA/B, Wound and Wrapped
Let us now consider the momentum miss-match of the spectator quarks in the diagrams of Figure 2.
Like-sign dimuon charge asymmetry in the decay of B B-bar pairs
For each such event, at most W matches along the solid path can be missed.
High precision simulations of the longest common subsequence problem