• "May turned away, feeling ashamed and miserable."
    "May turned away, feeling ashamed and miserable."
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n miser a stingy hoarder of money and possessions (often living miserably)
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The Miser and His Gold The Miser and His Gold

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Victor Hugo's Les Miserables contains one of the longest sentences in the French language 823 words without a period.
    • Miser A covetous, grasping, mean person; esp., one having wealth, who lives miserably for the sake of saving and increasing his hoard. "As some lone miser , visiting his store,
      Bends at his treasure, counts, recounts it o'er."
    • Miser A despicable person; a wretch.
    • Miser A kind of large earth auger.
    • Miser A stingy person; one very reluctant to spend money.
    • Miser A wretched person; a person afflicted by any great misfortune. "The woeful words of a miser now despairing."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: All of the officers in the Confederate army were given copies of Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo, to carry with them at all times. Robert E. Lee, among others, believed that the book symbolized their cause. Both revolts were defeated.
    • n miser If. A miserable person; one who is wretched or unhappy.
    • n miser An extremely avaricious person; one who hoards money; a niggard; one who in wealth conducts himself as one afflicted with poverty.
    • miser Characteristic of a miser.
    • miser To gather or keep like a miser; keep with jealous care; hoard: with up.
    • n miser An iron cylinder with an opening in the side and a cutting lip, attached to the lower end of a boring-rod, used in the process of sinking wells in water-bearing strata. The bottom is conical, with a valved opening through which the earth can pass upward. In the so-called “pot-miser,” used in pebbly clay, there is no valve, but the soil is forced upward by a worm on the outside of the pot, which is conical in form, and over whose edge it falls as the instrument works its way downward.
    • miser To collect in the interior of the boring-tool called a miser: used with up.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Miser mī′zėr a miserable person: an extremely covetous person: a niggard: one whose chief pleasure is in hoarding wealth
    • adj Miser like a miser
    • n Miser mīz′ėr a tubular well boring-bit, with valved opening for the earth passing up.
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  • Michel Eyquem De Montaigne
    “Nature should have been pleased to have made this age miserable, without making it also ridiculous.”
  • John Milton
    “To be blind is not miserable; not to be able to bear blindness, that is miserable.”
  • Walter Savage Landor
    “No thoroughly occupied person was ever found really miserable.”
  • Wayne Dyer
    “Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice.”
  • Robert F. Kennedy
    “Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.”
  • Paul Little
    Paul Little
    “Others think it's a choice between doing what we want to do and being happy, and doing what God wants us to do and being miserable.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. miser, wretched, miserable; cf. Gr. mi^sos hate, misei^n to hate: cf. It. & Sp. misero, wretched, avaricious


In literature:

I was utterly miserable.
"My Friend Smith" by Talbot Baines Reed
Here am I as miserable as an owl, and everybody I meet's miserable too.
"A Dog with a Bad Name" by Talbot Baines Reed
This is grand to be together again, with no more miserable partings ahead.
"More About Peggy" by Mrs G. de Horne Vaizey
You would feel pretty miserable then, I should say.
"Pixie O'Shaughnessy" by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
She has made Lettice miserable; the servants are as cross as they can be, and there's no peace in the house.
"Sisters Three" by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
It only makes you more miserable to sulk, and be unkind.
"Etheldreda the Ready" by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
If I have made you miserable, I am miserable too.
"The Heart of Una Sackville" by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
In some things he was a miser, and in others just the reverse.
"Amos Huntingdon" by T.P. Wilson
Oh, was there in all the world a more miserable wretch than he!
"Frank Oldfield" by T.P. Wilson
I believe he's a miserable coward.
"Charge!" by George Manville Fenn
He'll run the miserable German through.
"In Honour's Cause" by George Manville Fenn
My life at the office grew more miserable every day, and Mr Isaac Dempster more tyrannical.
"To The West" by George Manville Fenn
During this time it never cried, only whimpered miserably at rare intervals.
"The Californians" by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
As if Heaven had not punished me enough in giving me that miserable child!
"Olive A Novel" by Dinah Maria Craik, (AKA Dinah Maria Mulock)
I do not know that I have ever spent a more miserable evening anywhere.
"Across Unknown South America" by Arnold Henry Savage Landor
In short, I've made a miserable nuisance of myself.
"Nell, of Shorne Mills" by Charles Garvice
Her mother's dead you ken, and she looked so miserable.
"Janet's Love and Service" by Margaret M Robertson
He at any rate had not said anything, while he had looked very gloomy and miserable.
"Chance" by Joseph Conrad
Things had been going miserably for immigrants in North Carolina.
"Blue Ridge Country" by Jean Thomas
It seemed to throw a shadow on the girl's miserable face.
"Betty Vivian" by L. T. Meade

In poetry:

Which I count with a curious smile
As a miser who hoardeth his gain,
Though, a madhearted spendthrift the while,
I but gather to waste again.
"Love Platonic" by Richard Le Gallienne
Without thy love I've no more wealth
Than seen upon that other shore;
That cold, bare bank he rows them to -
Those kings and misers made so poor.
"Rich or Poor" by William H Davies
She’s such a miser, too, in love,
Its joys she’ll neither share nor prove,
Though hundreds of gallants await
From her victorious eyes their fate.
""To fix her!—’twere a task as vain"" by Tobias Smollett
It must be so—O, this miser heart
That will not let away
The beings we love from this worthless earth
To rise in the blush of a better birth,
In the light of a better day.
"The Night Is Calm" by Alexander Anderson
For 'tis an alien tongue, of alien things,
From all men's care, how miserably apart!
Even my friends say: 'Of what is this he sings?'
And barren is my song, and barren is my heart.
"The Cloud's Swan-Song" by Francis Thompson
Oh, the wine we rashly waste
When held brimming to the lip!
What a difference in its taste
When we drink it sip by sip,
As a miser counts his gold
On a hearth that leaves him cold!
"The Wine Of Life" by John Lawson Stoddard

In news:

Meet the 10-Year-Old Face of 'Les Miserables'.
Anne Hathaway 's bondage boots caught our eye the minute she stepped on the red carpet at last night's Les Miserables movie premiere in New York.
Anne Hathaway 's bondage boots caught our eye the minute she stepped on the red carpet at last night's Les Miserables movie premiere in New York city.
Will Anne Hathaway 's third outing be as charming as the first two, or will it leave us feeling 'Les Miserables.
Last night Anne Hathaway gave us a stunning preview of her vocal performance in the movie musical 'Les Miserables,' with a little backup from the entire (already overworked) 'SNL' cast.
Nominations for the 70th annual Globes were announced Thursday, Dec 13 in Los Angeles, with films including Argo, Lincoln and Les Miserables leading the pack.
I love my husband dearly, but do I need to spend the holidays with his miserable family.
'Hitchcock,' 'Les Miserables' and more of the least- anticipated movies of the holiday season.
The hope and change as promised by candidate Barack Obama in 2008 has failed our country miserably.
Lincoln,' 'Les Miserables' and ' Argo ' among the contenders.
They failed miserably in not voting West Virginia's Kevin Jones as the Big East Conference's Player of the Year.
Miserable atmosphere at Exhibition Stadium in 1982 game led to SkyDome's creation: Perkins.
From the time I found out how to make Cadbury Creme Eggs to the time I made them, I went from overjoyed to completely miserable.
'I'm Basically Pretty Miserable Right Now'.
What started out as an almost miserable experience finished as a dream for Beau and Bud Beech .

In science:

An attempt to fit it with Eq. (1) is shown in Fig. (5): it is a miserable failure.
Optical and X-ray Afterglows in the Cannonball Model of GRBs
FOAM employs combinations of two MC techniques: importance and stratified sampling known from older programs oriented for these tasks VEGAS and MISER .
Upgrade of the Cellular General Purpose Monte Carlo Tool FOAM to version 2.06
Once again, we see that the minimal exponent q = 0 produces miserable results, but the largest eigenvalues are quite accurate even for q = 1.
Finding structure with randomness: Probabilistic algorithms for constructing approximate matrix decompositions
However, the reverse implication (and hence Theorem 1) fails miserably for subgroups in general.
Kesten's theorem for Invariant Random Subgroups
This has miserable ultraviolet behavior, being completely undamped as k → ∞.
Origins of Mass
Allen, Peeking at partizan mis‘ere quotients, in: Games of No Chance 4, to appear.
Dead Ends in Misere Play: The Misere Monoid of Canonical Numbers
In many different contexts perturbation theory fails miserably because of the growth of higher order terms, contrary to the basic perturbative assumption.
The Renormalization Group method for simple operator problems in quantum mechanics
It soon failed miserably, because of the dimensionful gravitational coupling constant.
`Iconoclastic', Categorical Quantum Gravity
Miser, inGravitation: an introduction to current research edited by L.
Huygens-Fresnel Principle in Superspace
New thin-mirror technologies were having some success in correcting effects over small angles, but all attempts to determine large angles across the sky failed miserably.
Hipparcos: a Retrospective
On the other hand, the Steinberg-Guinan model fails miserably at predicting the high velocity response but does well for the low velocity/high temperature response.
Validation of the material point method and plasticity with Taylor impact tests
For example an application may work fine on Broad Band internet users but may perform miserably for users with dial up internet connections.
Quality Assurance And Integration Testing Aspects In Web Based Applications
We conclude that neglecting the s–dependence of the bm (s)’s fails miserably as an approximation.
An evaluation of the analytic continuation by duality technique
On the other hand, if the data consist of a single non-spherical cluster, the same algorithms will fare miserably, breaking it up into a hierarchy of partitions.
Resampling Method For Unsupervised Estimation Of Cluster Validity
By not recognizing this intimate connection, we supply students who will unwittingly or unwillingly make the world more miserable.
Physics Education Research: Or it's so hard to find good help these days