• WordNet 3.6
    • adj minimalist advocating minimal reforms (as in government or politics)
    • adj minimalist of or relating to artistic minimalism
    • n minimalist a practitioner or advocate of artistic minimalism
    • n minimalist a conservative who advocates only minor reforms in government or politics
    • ***


In literature:

The Minimalists immediately presented a motion proposing a working compromise with the Kerensky Government, but this was voted down.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume VII (of VIII)" by Various
Kind of inhumanly minimalist.
"Makers" by Cory Doctorow

In news:

Here's how to achieve a slicked -back look for these minimalist times.
This minimalist home in Tokyo's exclusive Ginza district is composed of two separate studio apartments that the owner, Minoru Yokoyama, uses as his residence and home office.
A Brooklyn runner takes her first steps into the minimalist movement.
Sports Medicine Lecture to Focus on Barefoot and Minimalist Running.
The Clarion Collection The Delores is a 2007 newly-renovated boutique hotel in a chic, trendy style with minimalist aesthetics.
Admittedly, I've always been somewhat of a minimalist.
Walking a few minutes postrun is the minimalist cooldown if you run out of time, and if you're looking to reap even more benefits, consider tailoring the cooldown routine to the type of workout or race.
It's epic, soaring and loud, but also minimalist at times and full of beauty.
PBS's re- exploration of 'Magical Mystery Tour,' the Minimalists' simple lives, and more.
Small spaces within 19th-century buildings boast minimalist, modern decor.
The decor is minimalist, but their ambitions are nothing but.
Sam Fuller's first and greatest war film (1951) is even better in its terse and minimalist power than the restored version of The Big Red One.
Minimalist dials and subtly raised numbers lend a sleek yet tactile quality.
The minimalist Oval Bathtub from Stone Forest is carved from a single block of granite.
A Minimalist Approach to All-Optical Packet Switching.

In science:

The physics of Di´osi-Penrose ansatz.—Since Penrose’s proposal is minimalist in conception (i.e., it relies only on the first principles of quantum mechanics and general relativity), we shall follow his reasoning .
Testing Gravity-Driven Collapse of the Wavefunction via Cosmogenic Neutrinos
In section seven we show that the chosen factor ordering is unique within the minimalistic class of factor orderings mentioned above.
Consistency Check on Volume and Triad Operator Quantisation in Loop Quantum Gravity II
As addressed in Appendix B the current interface for MiniSat is kind of minimalistic.
SAT Techniques for Lexicographic Path Orders
There is no room for extra, unobserved structures, the approach is intendedly minimalistic.
Loop Quantum Gravity: An Inside View
We try to implement them in a minimalistic fashion, complicating the axioms as little as possible.
Two-dimensional quantum Yang-Mills theory with corners