• WordNet 3.6
    • n minge vulgar term for a woman's pubic hair or genitals
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Minge (Zoöl) A small biting fly; a midge.
    • v. t Minge To mingle; to mix.
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. myngian,; akin to E. mind,


In literature:

Ming-Y took the manuscripts, and began to examine them with eager delight.
"Some Chinese Ghosts" by Lafcadio Hearn
Still more strangely the Patriarch Asvaghosha (Ma Ming) is represented by a female figure.
"Hinduism And Buddhism, Volume II. (of 3)" by Charles Eliot
The curiosity of Ming-Ti did not lead to any immediate triumph of Buddhism.
"Hinduism and Buddhism, An Historical Sketch, Vol. 3 (of 3)" by Charles Eliot
It was only the third Emperor of the Mings who dared to remove the court to Peking.
"Indiscreet Letters From Peking"
The Ming prince in Nanking was just as incapable, and surrounded by just as evil a clique, as the Ming emperors of the past.
"A history of China., [3d ed. rev. and enl.]" by Wolfram Eberhard
The Japanese dress is the dress of the Ming period in China, 1368-1644.
"China and the Chinese" by Herbert Allen Giles
I want to show you a set of Ming I picked up the other day for Bessy.
"The Fruit of the Tree" by Edith Wharton
For long are the claws of the she-panther crouched on the throne of the Mings.
"The Spinner's Book of Fiction" by Various
Yuean or Early Ming Period.
"Chinese Painters" by Raphael Petrucci
The day after Mr. Bradford and John Leaf suffered in Smithfield, William Minge, priest, died in prison at Maidstone.
"Fox's Book of Martyrs" by John Foxe
A clump of Chinese bulbs bloomed in an old Ming bowl.
"Mistress Anne" by Temple Bailey
Sir Hope Grant, with the French troops under Montauban, had fought their way up to Yuen-ming-Yuen, the Summer Palace of the emperor.
"Crown and Anchor" by John Conroy Hutcheson
A little north of Nanking are located two of the Ming tombs.
"Travels in the Far East" by Ellen Mary Hayes Peck
When Ming Soy see you way down road, Ming Soy bleat glong.
"The Trail of Conflict" by Emilie Baker Loring
Although Ming-style Chinese Ch'an still persists today, mainly outside China, its practice bears scant resemblance to the original teachings.
"The Zen Experience" by Thomas Hoover
The old account connects the infantile ruler with a region called Loh-ming.
"Ancient Chinese account of the Grand Canyon, or course of the Colorado" by Alexander M'Allan
Spring Menouscaming Mino ka ming.
"Voyages from Montreal Through the Continent of North America to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans in 1789 and 1793" by Alexander Mackenzie
Harpoons and lances were next finally completed, and with them we hastened to retrieve our honor in the "ah-ming-ma" chase.
"My Attainment of the Pole" by Frederick A. Cook
It is here at the altar of perfection amidst the chaste richness of Tang and Sung and Ming that the true disciple must worship.
"Pottery, for Artists Craftsmen & Teachers" by George J. Cox
China was great and prosperous under the Mings.
"A History of the Philippines" by David P. Barrows

In poetry:

Who seeks for crown or sceptre
when every man's a ming
whose patch of cottage garden
has felt the feet of Spring!
"A Little Bit Of Garden" by William Henry Ogilvie
Through flocks of mountains, myriad valleys,
I arrive in Jingmen,
where Ming-fei was born and bred--*
the village is still there.
"Thoughts On An Ancient Site:Birthplace Of Wang Qiang" by Du Fu

In news:

Chien- Ming Wang's bullpen session convinces Davey Johnson he can contribute.
Sean Burnett won't test elbow off mound until weekend and how Chien- Ming Wang could be used.
Chien- Ming Wang to be evaluated before returning to the mound.
Nationals right-hander Chien- Ming Wang threw 84 pitches in 5 1/3 innings Washington's more.
Chien- Ming Wang was roughed up in his ninth and final rehab start with the AA Harrisburg Senators Saturday evening, but it wasn't enough to deter his return to the Nationals.
Chien- Ming Wang returns to Nationals.
Chien- Ming Wang arrived in the Nationals' clubhouse today from his latest rehab stint, which presumably means he'll be coming off the disabled list shortly.
Bruins defeat Yao Ming 's team in China.
0 Yao Ming during a media event in May ( Kin Cheung / Associated Press ).
Washington Nationals right-hander Chien- Ming Wang pitched in an extended spring training game on Monday afternoon.
Chien- Ming Wang will throw a simulated game Wednesday.
China’s Ming Yang Wind Power opens Raleigh office, hopes to supply this nation with giant wind turbines to meet US demand for green energy.
Yao Ming enjoyed huge success in the NBA while playing with the Hosuton Rockets.
Ming Tan leaves Ritchey for role at Capo.
"Ming stated that he sometimes combines his afternoon break to take a 45-minute nap ," according to the auditor's report on one interview.

In science:

Ming Li and Paul Vit´anyi, An introduction to Kolmogorov complexity and its applications, third ed., Texts in Computer Science, Springer, New York, 2008.
Translating the Cantor set by a random
From an optimization perspective, it is more convenient to minimize a convex ob jective instead of a sigmoidal approximation in order to avoid the many local minima. minimizing the empirical proportion of non-equilibria, i.e. minG∈H (1 − (cid:98)π(G )).
Learning the Structure and Parameters of Large-Population Graphical Games from Behavioral Data
Thibault Damour, Michael Soffel, and Chong-ming Xu.
The experimental status of Special and General Relativity
Thibault Damour, Michael Soffel, and Chong-ming Xu.
The experimental status of Special and General Relativity
Shyan-Ming Perng Enrico Fermi Institute, University of Chicago, 5640 S.
Total Mass-Momentum of Arbitrary Initial-Data Sets in General Relativity
Acknowledgement This work was supported in part by the Mardsen fund of the Royal Society of New Zealand. I.P.N. is grateful to Pei-Ming Ho for the collaboration in the course of which he learned some of the ideas presented here and to Ed Copeland for providing some useful insights on the problem.
Cosmic Acceleration from M Theory on Twisted Spaces
The probability that the ma jority vote yields the wrong result for a particular bit is obtained by sumn (cid:19) ξn (1 − ξ )R−n , for ming the binomial distribution, (cid:18) R n ≥ (R + 1)/2 (for odd R).
Robust quantum searching with spontaneously decaying qubits
Ming-Zhe Chen. A study of the jacobian matrix of robots (in chinese).
A Classification of 6R Manipulators
If F and G are sets of Boolean functions, we define ∆(f , G ) = ming∈G ∆(f , g ) and ∆(F , G ) = minf ∈F ∆(f , G ).
Attribute Estimation and Testing Quasi-Symmetry
Here, distance between functions f , g : D → R, denoted δ(f , g), is simply the probability that f (x) 6= g(x) when x is chosen uniformly at random from D and δ(f , F ) = ming∈F {δ(f , g)}.
Testing Linear-Invariant Non-Linear Properties
In order to estimate the average speed of mosquitoes, a simple experiment was designed by Richard (Lu-Hsing Tsai), Tom (Po-Yu Tsai) and Robert (Hung-Ming Tsai).
On the Study of Richard Tom Robert Identity
Fast ML decoding of SPC product code by linear progra ming decoding,” in Proc.
Interior-Point Algorithms for Linear-Programming Decoding
Recall that ˆd([Id], [g ]) = ming∗∈[g] d(Id, g∗ ).
Projective Reeds-Shepp car on $S^2$ with quadratic cost
Chen Zh, Yu-Ming Lin, Michael J. Rooks at al., Graphene Nano-Ribbon Electronics.
Electrostatic Field of Charged Infinite Metallic Plane Contacting with Metallic Sphere
QING-MING CHENG AND HONGCANG YANG Z xp∆ui h∇xp , ∇uii = − Z h∇xp , ∇uii2 − Z xp h∇ui , ∇h∇xp , ∇ui ii = −kh∇xp , ∇ui ik2 + Z div(xp∇h∇xp , ∇uii)ui = −kh∇xp , ∇ui ik2 + Z h∇xp , ∇h∇xp , ∇uiiiui + Z xpui∆h∇xp , ∇uii = −kh∇xp , ∇ui ik2 − Z h∇xp , ∇uii2 + Z xpui h∇xp , ∇(∆ui )i.
Universal bounds for eigenvalues of a buckling problem II