• WordNet 3.6
    • adj merged formed or united into a whole
    • ***


  • Erma Bombeck
    “You hear a lot of dialogue on the death of the American family. Families aren't dying. They're merging into big conglomerates.”


In literature:

At the top of one ridge the snow merged into neve split into small crevasses, nine inches wide and four or five yards apart.
"The Home of the Blizzard" by Douglas Mawson
Ingolby had made a tactical mistake in at once removing the office of the merged railway from Manitou, and he saw it quickly.
"The World For Sale, Complete" by Gilbert Parker
With Mrs. Carbuncle there was no merging and fading.
"The Eustace Diamonds" by Anthony Trollope
Hastings felt relieved when, the next day, several couriers arrived with tidings so important as to merge all considerations into those of state.
"The Last Of The Barons, Complete" by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
You question me about love; you ask if I have ever bowed to a master, ever merged my life in another's: expect no answer on this from me.
"The Parisians, Complete" by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
On the west it merges into the Wasatch Mountains; on the north it descends by wooded slopes into the Uinta Valley.
"Canyons of the Colorado" by J. W. Powell
Gradually, darkness fell, and soon the details of the gardens were merged into shadows.
"The House on the Borderland" by William Hope Hodgson
But the small units of labour cannot so absolutely merge their individuality.
"Problems of Poverty" by John A. Hobson
Long years of adverse fate were needed to merge the keen individual instinct of old into the common consciousness of to-day.
"Ireland, Historic and Picturesque" by Charles Johnston
Presently he turned deliberately to his left and the next moment his figure was merged in the gloom.
"The Nest of the Sparrowhawk" by Baroness Orczy

In poetry:

Day is passing swiftly
Its sad and sombre prime;
Boyhood sad is merging
In sadder manhood's time:
"The Two Children Pt 1" by Emily Jane Bronte
"Three cheers!" they cried, and I could hear their voices,
And the sharp beating of her clanged iron bells;
Her music faded, merged in the sea noises,
And she was gone, loud cheering down the swells.
"Stowaway" by Bill Adams
ROAMING in thought over the Universe, I saw the little that is Good
steadily hastening towards immortality,
And the vast all that is call'd Evil I saw hastening to merge itself
and become lost and dead.
"Roaming In Thought" by Walt Whitman
Thine were the calming eyes
That round my pinnace could have stilled the sea,
And drawn thy voyager home, and bid him be
Pure with their pureness, with their wisdom wise,
Merged in their light, and greatly lost in thee.
"Lux Perdita" by William Watson
Aged rocks lend me thy power 'gainst winds and tempest wild:
A woman's strife before me, I fain would be a child.
Long since 'twas said at parting, "Forever, love, good-bye."
And life merged into duty, Oh, waters, tell me why!
"Thou Waters, Tell Me Why" by Mary Alice Walton
Merging and rending, we wait for the miracle. Meanwhile
The fire runs deeper, consuming these selves in its growth.
Can this be the mystical marriage--this clash and communion;
This pain of possession that frees and encircles us both?
"The Flaming Circle" by Louis Untermeyer

In news:

Updated Wednesday, July 18, 2012, at 6:43 a.m. Equity Bancshares, a Wichita-based bank holding company , said Monday it will merge Signature Bank into Andover-based Equity Bank.
Over the past twenty-five years, numerous investor-owned utilities have changed names, implemented a holding company structure, or merged.
Do residents of the Ilion , Mohawk, and Herkimer School Districts have the urge to merge.
Leaving Herkimer, Mohawk and Ilion Central School Districts looking to merge into one small "A" Class School District.
GHSU e-mails indicate Azziz opposed 'Augusta' in name of merged university.
If Express-Medco Merge, Is A New Walgreen Deal In The Offing .
On the heels of its Ascential acquisition IBM this week announced plans to buy privately held DWL, a supplier of customer data integration software that allows companies to combine business operations or merge with other companies.
Businesses merge efforts following merger of Samsung Techwin and Samsung Electronics' video security products.
The candy maker's latest promotional campaign merges chocolate and navigation devices.
When districts merge , the community can experience a loss of identity.
But the merge won't happen overnight.
Milwaukie-based NatureBake is merging into its popular Dave's Killer Bread brand.
Voters resoundingly reject proposal to merge Evansville, Vanderburgh County governments.
The merging of cocktails with culinary is a good thing, as is the return of recipe contests for cooking with spirits.

In science:

Tidal triggering by the LMC, the Sagittarius dwarf, or a now-merged satellite is a plausible origin (Murali & Tremaine 1998; Weinberg 1998; Vesperini & Weinberg 2000).
An Upper Limit to the Age of the Galactic Bar
As the stress is increased so that Σ & σi , two fronts come from the walls, as shown by the arrows before they merge in the centre.
A simple model for heterogeneous flows of yield stress fluids
Subsequent to the star formation routine, we identify groups of 10 stars within the current gravitational softening length and merge them into a single galaxy fragment.
The impact of galaxy formation on X-ray groups
Then, at each iteration we merge the two clusters that provide the lowest value of the function U (P ) (see Eq. (21)).
Clusters in Simple Fluids
In case of inviscid flow (Fig. 6a), for counter-rotating compact ob ject, inner and outer X-type (saddle type) sonic point branches merge each other.
Unification to the "Pseudo-General-Relativistic" analysis of accretion disks around rotating black holes and neutron stars