• Diagrammatic median longitudinal section of crayfish
    Diagrammatic median longitudinal section of crayfish
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj median relating to or situated in or extending toward the middle
    • adj median dividing an animal into right and left halves
    • adj median relating to or constituting the middle value of an ordered set of values (or the average of the middle two in a set with an even number of values) "the median value of 17, 20, and 36 is 20","the median income for the year was $15,000"
    • n median the value below which 50% of the cases fall
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Median (Geom) A median line or point.
    • Median Being in the middle; running through the middle; as, a median groove.
    • Median (Zoöl) Situated in the middle; lying in a plane dividing a bilateral animal into right and left halves; -- said of unpaired organs and parts; as, median coverts.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • median Pertaining to or situated in the middle; specifically, in anatomy and zoology, intermediate as dividing the body by a longitudinal and vertical plane: medial; mesal: as, the linea alba is the median line of the abdomen; in botany, situatedin or along, or belonging to, the middle of a structure having a right side and a left. See below.
    • median In crystal., same as mean line and bisectrix. See bisectrix, 1.
    • median In climatology, the average central course of a trade-wind.
    • median In botany, a nerve traversing the middle of a leaf or leaf-like expansion.
    • median In botany, of a flower or other lateral structure of a plant, a vertical plane which bisects the anterior and posterior sides, and which, if prolonged, would pass through the center of the parent axis. Goebel. Also called anteroposterior plane.
    • median In entomology, the third main longitudinal vein or rib of an insect's wing, counting from the anterior border.
    • median Of or pertaining to Media, an ancient kingdom of Asia. Also Medic.
    • n median Same as Mede.
    • median Noting the middle number of a series; having as many before as behind (or above as below) a certain number: distinguished from average: as, the median age of the population was found to be 21 (that is, there were as many persons above 21 as below it), while the average age was found to be 25.
    • median Such a point on the x -axis of the frequency polygon that the ordinate from it bisects the polygon of rectangles or the continuous curve.
    • n median In geometry: A sect whose endpoints are the bisection-points of opposite sides of a quadrilateral.
    • n median A sect from a vertex of a triangle to the bisection-point of the opposite side.
    • n median The measure or observation which has as many of the separate measures or observations above as below it.
    • n median In entomology, the median vein of an insect's wing.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Median mē′di-an being in the middle, running through the middle: situated in the median plane, that dividing the body longitudinally into symmetrical halves
    • adj Median mē′di-an pertaining to Media or the Medes, an ancient Aryan race which became fused with the Persians under the victorious Cyrus about 550 B.C
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. medianus, fr. medius, middle. See Medial


In literature:

The lowest of the curve is about 1890, in the Median, the average and in each of the quartiles.
"Quaker Hill" by Warren H. Wilson
The median and ulnar nerves may be stretched or torn.
"Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities--Head--Neck. Sixth Edition." by Alexander Miles
Sometimes the stem has a median ring-like zone, being violet above the zone and white below.
"The Mushroom, Edible and Otherwise" by M. E. Hard
The elytra are soldered at the median edge, so that it cannot spread its wings to fly.
"The Industries of Animals" by Frédéric Houssay
It also has white median and lateral stripes on the top of the head.
"The Bird Book" by Chester A. Reed
Know, like the Median, fate is in thy walls: Dost ask, How?
"Young's Night Thoughts" by Edward Young
All the foregoing herpestines have the nose short, with its under surface flat, bald, and with a median longitudinal groove.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 5, Slice 4" by Various
Median pallial nerve of dorsal lobe of mantle.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Slice 3" by Various
The blood is brought to the respiratory organs in both cases by a great venous collecting sinus having a ventral median position.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 3" by Various
Median stripe velvety black.
"Handbook of Medical Entomology" by William Albert Riley
The ones who sell off the highway medians and at the traffic lights.
"Makers" by Cory Doctorow
All these types possess the paddle-shaped prepubic bones, which are never united in the median line.
"Dragons of the Air" by H. G. Seeley
Second, eight Median kings; during two hundred and twenty-four years.
"A Manual of the Antiquity of Man" by J. P. MacLean
A year or two later Media was invaded and Median chiefs came to Nineveh to offer homage to their conqueror.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 9, Slice 7" by Various
A Median Empire was set up in the north under Cyaxares.
"A Short History of the World" by H. G. Wells
But better have the loss fall upon median Crampton's heavy ebony ruler, eh, Harry?
"The Haute Noblesse" by George Manville Fenn
How could a Median demon have such power over Jewish bodies?
"A Philosophical Dictionary, Volume 2 (of 10)" by François-Marie Arouet (AKA Voltaire)
In Media they took Median wives and learned the Median language.
"Man, Past and Present" by Agustus Henry Keane
When should one use the average, and when the median?
"Mentally Defective Children" by Alfred Binet
At this early period, he was sent to the court of his grandfather, Astyages, the Median king, where he remained for five years.
"Olive Leaves" by Lydia Howard Sigourney

In poetry:

Persons of the Drama.
Darius, King of Media and Babylon.
Pharnaces, Courtier, Enemy to Daniel. Soranus, dido.
Araspes, A Young Median Lord, Friend and Convert to Daniel
"Daniel. A Sacred Drama" by Hannah More

In news:

Snowfall statewide is 93-percent of the historical median.
Emergency workers carry a victim across the Interstate 10 median after a massive auto accidentin Southeast Texas Thursday Nov 22, 2012.
) lately, one word comes to mind regarding the median/shoulder maintenance.
Americans' wealth has shrunk so much that, in 2010, median family net worth was no more than it had been in 1992 after adjusting.
Work on the second phase of the Route 13 corridor/median project is just about complete in Smyrna.
A government report finds median pay for nearly 2,000 senior managers at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac exceeded $200,000 last year.
Median weekly earnings for those reporting a high school diploma but no college education was $648, which totals about $33,700 per year assuming 52 weeks of earnings .
The median forecast from economists surveyed by Dow Jones Newswires is -1.0, from -5.2 in November.
Elimination of Bush tax cuts could raise tax bills by $2,200 for median Louisiana family.
The Great Recession took such a heavy toll on the economy that the typical American family lost nearly 40% of its wealth from 2007 to 2010, shaving the median net worth to a level not seen since the early 1990s.
The Twin Cities' real estate market continued to show improvement in November, as median sales prices were up 16.9 percent over the same month in 2011, and the number of pending sales increased by 12.6 percent.
Some 40% of those from ethnic minorities live in poverty, it said, if poverty is defined as receiving 60% or less of the median income.
According to the census, the median value of a home in Alabama is $121,800, but Madison far exceeds that figure at $231,900.
A Madison County median home value is at $163,100 and Huntsville comes in at $154,600.
The Alabama Department of Transportation will close some southbound and northbound lanes of the Elton B Stephens Expressway in Birmingham Friday for litter removal and median cleaning.

In science:

Median measurement errors are shown at upper left.
A Synthesis of Data from Fundamental Plane and Surface Brightness Fluctuation Surveys
Median error bars are shown at upper right, where the AV error estimate is taken from SFD.
A Synthesis of Data from Fundamental Plane and Surface Brightness Fluctuation Surveys
For this reason we tried to use the median value of the color of the stars along the RGB to reduce the effect of intermediateage populations.
Determination of the Distance to M33 Based on the Tip of the Red Giant Branch and the Red Clump
The second method is simpler to compute and consists of assuming the median value θcm (of the sorted individual values of θc) to be always located in the cluster.
Experimental study of a proximity focusing Cherenkov counter prototype for the AMS experiment
Because of data sparseness it was possible to use only a 3 point median filter to get a rough estimate for a smooth combined curve.
Bias and consistency in time delay estimation methods: case of the double quasar HE 1104-1805
Moreover, the weighted distribution xf (x), giving the distribution of the contribution to the mean, is peaked on the median xm .
Broad distribution effects in sums of lognormal random variables
For a real random variable Y we denote by EY the expected value and by MY any median of Y .
Concentration of norms and eigenvalues of random matrices
This difference is inessential, since this level of concentration implies that the median and mean cannot be too far apart.
Concentration of norms and eigenvalues of random matrices
Theorem 1 implies that the order of fluctuations of kXm,nk about its median is O(1), independent of m and n.
Concentration of norms and eigenvalues of random matrices
In typical situations, the median itself grows without bound as m or n does.
Concentration of norms and eigenvalues of random matrices
In each panel, the large, open squares are at the median R and average velocity, vp , of the globular clusters in the four coarse radial bins of Table 3.
Dynamics of the Globular Cluster System Associated with M49 (NGC4472): Cluster Orbital Properties and the Distribution of Dark Matter
This i is a random variable; let i0 be its median value (conditioned on u(0) and on ˜p not passing the first vertex on the right with angle π).
Random Surfaces
The expected strong correlation between [Oii] and Hα line fluxes for SF galaxies is seen, but with a median line flux ratio F[OII] /FHα = 0.23, about a factor of two smaller than that found in the sample of Kennicutt (1992).
Star formation rate indicators in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
For the whole sample, the model of Afonso et al. (2003) is better at tracing the trend in the median obscuration with SFR, although appears to be a slight overestimate.
Star formation rate indicators in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
This is pursued further in § 4.2 below, and results in median values for F[OII] /FHα very similar to that found for the full radio detected sample currently being explored.
Star formation rate indicators in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey