• WordNet 3.6
    • n meaninglessness the quality of having no value or significance "he resented the meaninglessness of the tasks they assigned him"
    • n meaninglessness a message that seems to convey no meaning
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: 27 percent of U.S. male college students believe life is "a meaningless existential hell." (big surprise, eh?)
    • n meaninglessness The character of being meaningless, or without significance or import.
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  • Hannah Arendt
    “Action without a name, a who attached to it, is meaningless.”
  • British Board of Film
    British Board of Film
    “This film is apparently meaningless, but if it has any meaning it is doubtless objectionable.”
  • Aldous Huxley
    “Specialized meaninglessness has come to be regarded, in certain circles, as a kind of hall-mark of true science.”
  • Robert H. Schuller
    “If there exists no possibility of failure, then victory is meaningless.”
  • Aristotle Onassis
    Aristotle Onassis
    “After a certain point, money is meaningless. It ceases to be the goal. The game is what counts.”
  • Chuck Knox
    Chuck Knox
    “Practice without improvement is meaningless.”


In literature:

Antonyms: insignificant, unimportant, meaningless.
"Putnam's Word Book" by Louis A. Flemming
A clamour that had at first been merely noisy and meaningless, began now to gain an effect.
"The Rules of the Game" by Stewart Edward White
His practical mind revolted against the gross ignorance and meaningless asceticism of Egypt.
"A Short History of Monks and Monasteries" by Alfred Wesley Wishart
The subject of turning eggs is another source of rather meaningless controversy.
"The Dollar Hen" by Milo M. Hastings
Blooming - A meaningless and greatly used adjective.
"A Yankee in the Trenches" by R. Derby Holmes
What symptoms she exhibited were meaningless even to Scattergood.
"Scattergood Baines" by Clarence Budington Kelland
To the men of the Desert, doubt and beauty mingled in this fashion seemed meaningless.
"Hills and the Sea" by H. Belloc
Reading in which the contact of minds is of secondary importance, or even cuts no figure at all, is meaningless and valueless.
"A Librarian's Open Shelf" by Arthur E. Bostwick
Somehow, he could not feign ignorance as to what she meant, neither could he use meaningless words to her.
"Story of Chester Lawrence" by Nephi Anderson
He held her form tenderly to his heart, murmuring senseless, meaningless words of comfort and love, like a mother crooning her babe to sleep.
"One Day" by Anonymous
That it rests entirely on form and meaningless rites, is incredible.
"Evolution Of The Japanese, Social And Psychic" by Sidney L. Gulick
She was altogether out of it except as a meaningless counter in their incomprehensible, grown-up game.
"The Tree of Heaven" by May Sinclair
The interview lasted five minutes, and was perfectly meaningless.
"A Woman's Part in a Revolution" by Natalie Harris Hammond
For this end combinations of meaningless syllables were learned and repeated until they formed a close connection in memory.
"Psychology and Industrial Efficiency" by Hugo Münsterberg
It had no special significance, but spread through my semi-consciousness into meaningless patterns.
"Balloons" by Elizabeth Bibesco
The enormity of war was meaningless to him.
"Drake, Nelson and Napoleon" by Walter Runciman
Yet this second act is in itself meaningless if it is not supported by the first.
"The Photoplay" by Hugo Münsterberg
The thundering applause of an entire world that had once been his was mere noise, empty and meaningless.
"A Man's Woman" by Frank Norris
Inhibition is meaningless save as an implication of power lodged somewhere.
"Harvard Psychological Studies, Volume 1" by Various
They are meaningless and vacant tracts of time.
"Talks To Teachers On Psychology; And To Students On Some Of Life's Ideals" by William James

In poetry:

They cannot think of so many crops to a field
Or of clean wood cleft by an axe.
Their love is an eager meaninglessness
Too tense, or too lax.
"Women" by Louise Bogan
Do you want the jingle of rhythm and rhyme?
Art's sweet but meaningless notes?
Or the music of thought, that, like the chime
Of a grand cathedral, floats
"A Christmas Chant" by Abram Joseph Ryan
Nothing to them were the hopes of a nation;
"Czar" and "Mikado" were meaningless sounds;
None of the patriot's deep inspiration
Softened the agony caused by their wounds.
"The Unforgotten Heroes" by John Lawson Stoddard
Not meaningless, not merely vast,
Nor crudely modern in design,
But something suited to thy past,--
For highest art a hallowed shrine,
A classic home of long ago,
The Tusculum of Cicero.
"Isola Comacina" by John Lawson Stoddard
What presses about us here in the evening
As you open a window and stare at a stone-gray sky,
And the streets give back the jangle of meaningless movement
That is tired of life and almost too tired to die.
"Waters Of Babylon" by Louis Untermeyer
This way have men come out of brutishness
To spell the letters of the sky and read
A reflex upon earth else meaningless.
With thee, O fount of the Untimed! to lead,
Drink they of thee, thee eyeing, they unaged
Shall on through brave wars waged.
"Hymn To Colour" by George Meredith

In news:

The say that New York is not the city it once was is a statement so obvious and oft-repeated that it is all but meaningless.
Why play Messi in meaningless game.
Obama's money gap: Incompetence , incumbency or meaningless.
Don't tell David Biggar that personal relationships in business are meaningless, as a former boss of his once did.
Phil Mendelson is the new chairman, and Michael Brown now has the near-meaningless second-in-command title of Chairman Pro Tempore.
Hey, at least in the NBA he didn't have to worry about somebody trying to take his head off during a meaningless exhibition.
National political conventions, criticized in recent years for being meaningless, expensive rubber stamp for preordained presidential nominations, could usually be counted on for one thing.
Francesa way off on college hoops regular season being meaningless .
College basketball's regular season is meaningless and ESPN's TipOff Marathon is evil.
Jill Kelley Loses Meaningless Honorary Consul Title.
Benevides pleased with Lions' tune-up in ' meaningless ' win before playoffs.
Wall Street and Sandy, Obama-Christie example, 'Do not call' meaningless .
HELCO PUC hearing meaningless without more fiscal disclosure.
Cyber dominance meaningless without skilled workforce.
Mitt Romney's Meaningless Retirement Date.

In science:

Unfortunately, unlike the one-dimensional case, in multiple dimensions there is no natural order definition and terms such as “past” and “future” are meaningless unless defined with respect to a specific order.
The Rank of the Covariance Matrix of an Evanescent Field
For the purposes of this paper this is of no concern because we are looking at the local volume operator which is not spatially diffeomorphism invariant so that expectation value calculations with respect to spatially diffeomorphism invariant coherent states are meaningless.
Semiclassical analysis of the Loop Quantum Gravity volume operator: I. Flux Coherent States
Moreover, this framework allows us to state and prove results that are either unnatural or altogether meaningless in the first order case.
Lovely pairs of models: the non first order case
Of course, they have no reason to be saturated as models of their first-order theory, and when they are not, this first-order theory is rather meaningless.
Lovely pairs of models: the non first order case
Worse still, if Mn consisted only of an,1 then Q Mi/U would be empty, making the na¨ıve interpretation of quantifiers meaningless.
Continuous first order logic for unbounded metric structures
Note that the bound Psucc ≤ p given by Proposition 4.1 is meaningless when the weak Helstrom family is trivial.
Optimal Observables for Minimum-Error State Discrimination in General Probabilistic Theories
In general, the behaviour of the Langevin model and of the granular model show some differences, for example the case expressed in Figure 4 (case b) has not a counterpart in these models and the “effective temperature” approach is meaningless, even when times scales are well separated.
The fluctuation-dissipation relation: how does one compare correlation functions and responses?
It should be emphasized that all other metrical forms, the Hermitean metric among them, that could be canonically defined on the vector space C4 itself (or on its subspace C3 ) are, in fact, meaningless in the framework of the algebrodynamics since they do not preserve their structure under the B automorphisms.
Algbrodynamics over complex space and phase extension of the Minkowski geometry
Essentially, it is meaningless to discuss the problem of dynamics in complex space before one specifies the notion of complex time .
Algbrodynamics over complex space and phase extension of the Minkowski geometry
Since the GSL is not even properly defined without a renormalization scheme, there has to be at least one renormalization scheme for which this is true or the GSL itself would be false or meaningless.
Proving the Achronal Averaged Null Energy Condition from the Generalized Second Law
It is important to note that there is an implicit constant in the previous definition represented by the dot, and we wil l not make it explicit in order to avoid cumbersome and meaningless expressions.
Generic Nekhoroshev theory without small divisors
This is, however, meaningless because the data13 are not of sufficient precision for the conclusive comparison with the modified Lifshitz theory at a 95% confidence level.21 If a comparison at the 70% confidence level would be made, the result21 on the exclusion of the modified theory is reproduced.
The Casimir Effect and the Foundations of Statistical Physics
On the torus T2 , however, GaussBonnet theorem implies that the curvature has to change sign for every metric, so that question is meaningless.
Scalar curvature and $Q$-curvature of random metrics
Because of the unboundedness at infinity of 2D Coulomb potentials, we can no longer use the method in for the construction of equilibrium states, and the DLR equation becomes meaningless.
Infinite-dimensional stochastic differential equations related to random matrices
While indeed in the p+ → ∞ limit a → 0 as follows from Eq. (2.5), one also notices from Eq. (2.4) that strictly-speaking in this limit µ → ∞ making Eq. (3.34) meaningless.
R-Current DIS on a Shock Wave: Beyond the Eikonal Approximation