• WordNet 3.6
    • n magnanimousness the quality of elevation of mind and exaltation of character or ideals or conduct
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  • Winston Churchill
    “In War: Resolution. In Defeat: Defiance. In Victory: Magnanimity. In Peace: Goodwill.”
  • Saadi
    “The best loved by God are those that are rich, yet have the humility of the poor, and those that are poor and have the magnanimity of the rich.”
  • Winston Churchill
    “Moral of the Work. In war: resolution. In defeat: defiance. In victory: magnanimity. In peace: goodwill.”
  • Virginia Woolf
    “Where the Mind is biggest, the Heart, the Senses, Magnanimity, Charity, Tolerance, Kindliness, and the rest of them scarcely have room to breathe.”
  • Marianne Moore
    Marianne Moore
    “War is pillage versus resistance and if illusions of magnitude could be transmuted into ideals of magnanimity, peace might be realized.”
  • Edmund Burke
    “Magnanimity in politics is not seldom the truest wisdom; and a great empire and little minds go ill together.”


In literature:

Having once got out of herself, seen herself from afar off, she was calmer, and went on to register a magnanimous vow.
"Two on a Tower" by Thomas Hardy
Now, what would a magnanimous man do?
"Some Rambling Notes of an Idle Excursion" by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)
All the readers of this article have in some sweet and gushing hour of their lives played the role of Magnanimous-Incident hero.
"Alonzo Fitz and Other Stories" by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)
Can your race add anything to this dog's stock of morals and magnanimities?
"The Mysterious Stranger and Other Stories" by Mark Twain
But see the magnanimity which is born in me, which I have cultivated all my life.
"Mark Twain's Speeches" by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)
Actions proceeding from Equity, joyned with losse, are Honourable; as signes of Magnanimity: for Magnanimity is a signe of Power.
"Leviathan" by Thomas Hobbes
But I repeat it, queen, I do not accept this offer of your magnanimity.
"Henry VIII And His Court" by Louise Muhlbach
You dare to reckon fractions against your master, who, in his magnanimity, has just presented, you with gold!
"Frederick The Great and His Family" by L. Muhlbach
Were it not so, who had ever given reputation to virtue; valour, force, magnanimity, and resolution?
"The Essays of Montaigne, Complete" by Michel de Montaigne
How, indeed, he must have loved her; or how magnanimous, how impossibly magnanimous, he was!
"The Judgment House" by Gilbert Parker
She knew Andre was too magnanimous to ever allude to her horrible fault, and would use every means to conceal it.
"File No. 113" by Emile Gaboriau
Go to your cells and pray to God for this magnanimous prince, for his children and successors in perpetuity.
"The Memoirs of Madame de Montespan, Complete" by Madame La Marquise De Montespan
And you, you were magnanimous!
"Peak and Prairie" by Anna Fuller
Paul, with a certain feeling of splendour and magnanimity, threw down half a sovereign.
"Despair's Last Journey" by David Christie Murray
She was in no mood to affect indifference, yet she could neither be angry nor magnanimous.
"Hopes and Fears scenes from the life of a spinster" by Charlotte M. Yonge
Gurnemanz is struck by the magnanimity of her action.
"The Wagnerian Romances" by Gertrude Hall
The thing that she must realise before everything else was his magnanimity.
"Tales of Space and Time" by Herbert George Wells
Beth did not thank Arthur Brock for his magnanimity.
"The Beth Book" by Sarah Grand
There could be no doubt with whom the victory lay: with whom the magnanimity.
"The Wild Geese" by Stanley John Weyman
I can afford to be magnanimous and submit to your ravings; therefore, I am neither angry nor afraid.
"A Forest Hearth: A Romance of Indiana in the Thirties" by Charles Major

In poetry:

'Such magnanimity
Is now not needed, sir; for you will see
That since I am here, a thing like this is, plainly,
Best done by me.'
"The Obliterate Tomb" by Thomas Hardy
Have hoped that they the land would head
In acts magnanimous; but, lo,
When fainting heroes beg for bread
They frown: where they are driven they go.
"Lines To A Friend Visiting America" by George Meredith
His country's weal his care and thought,
Beloved in peace was he;
Magnanimous in war--shall not
The nation grateful be,
And render at his burial spot
A testimonial free?
"At General Grant's Tomb" by Hattie Howard
Voice, with what emulous fire thou singest free hearts of old fashion,
English scorners of Spain, sweeping the blue sea-way,
Sing me the daring of life for life, the magnanimous passion
Of man for man in the mean populous streets of To-day!
"To-Day" by Helen Gray Cone
Once thy magnanimous sons trod, victors, the portals of Asia,
Once the Pacific waves rushed, joyful thy banners to see;
For it was Trajan that carried the battle-flushed eagles to Dacia,
Cortes that planted thy flag fast by the uttermost sea.
"The Surrender Of Spain" by John Hay
There is no Corinth save the whip and curb
Of Corinth, high Periander; the superb
In magnanimity, in rule severe.
Up on his marble fortress-tower he sits,
The city under him: a white yoked steer,
That bears his heart for pulse, his head for wits.
"Periander" by George Meredith

In news:

The Soul of Buckley In a word, magnanimous.
The Jacksonville Jaguars holdout running back would have you believe that making such a declaration amounts to a magnanimous gesture where he's giving something up.
Moore seniors not just magnanimous but smart.
How does one move from being a monomaniacal corporate maven to being an open-eyed magnanimous philanthropist.
If any Republicans thought that President Obama would respond with magnanimity in victory, they now know better.
Sore Winners Democrats might be magnanimous in victory.
"Everyone now knows that this program has changed magnanimously," said one of many Hillie heroes yesterday, Chance Brady.
In retrospect, Terry may have regretted this magnanimous gesture, for it was Custer's failure to obey Terry 's orders that caused the 1876 campaign to end in disaster.