• "The other passengers thought him mad."
    "The other passengers thought him mad."
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adv madly (used as intensives) extremely "she was madly in love","deadly dull","deadly earnest","deucedly clever","insanely jealous"
    • adv madly in an insane manner "she behaved insanely","he behaves crazily when he is off his medication","the witch cackled madly","screaming dementedly"
    • adv madly in an uncontrolled manner "she fought back madly"
    • ***

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The Fifth of November anticipated in Quite Mad-eira The Fifth of November anticipated in Quite Mad-eira

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The artist Vincent Van Gogh sliced part of his ear off in madness
    • Madly In a desperate manner; as, she fought back madly .
    • adv Madly In a mad manner; without reason or understanding; wildly.
    • Madly intensely; as, she was madly in love.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Every queen named Jane has either been murdered, imprisoned, gone mad, died young, or been dethroned.
    • madly In a mad manner. Without reason or understanding.
    • ***


  • Proverb
    “Whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad.”
  • Theodore Roethke
    Theodore Roethke
    “What is madness but nobility of soul. At odds with circumstance?”
  • Aristotle
    “No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness.”
  • J. G. Ballard
    “In a completely sane world, madness is the only freedom!”
  • Hermann Broch
    Hermann Broch
    “The world has always gone through periods of madness so as to advance a bit on the road to reason.”
  • Salvador Dali
    “The only difference between me and a madman is that I am not mad.”


As mad as a hatter - This simile means that someone is crazy or behaves very strangely. In the past many people who made hats went insane because they had a lot of contact with mercury.
As mad as a wrongly shot hog - (USA) If someone is as mad as a wrongly shot hog, they are very angry. (Same as, Angry as a bear or Angry as a bull).
Hopping mad - If you're hopping mad, you are extremely angry.
Mad as a badger - If someone is as mad as a badger, they are crazy.
Mad as a bag of hammers - Someone who is as mad as a bag of hammers is crazy or stupid. ('Daft as a bag of hammers' is also used.)
Mad as a cut snake - (AU) One who is mad as a cut snake has lost all sense of reason, is crazy, out of control.
Mad as a hornet - (USA) If someone is as mad as a hornet, they are very angry indeed.
Mad as a March hare - Someone who is excitable and unpredictable is as mad as a March hare.
Mad as a wet hen - If someone is as mad as a wet hen, they are extremely angry.
Method in his madness - If there's method in someone's madness, they do things in a strange and unorthodox way, but manage to get results.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
From Mad (a.)


In literature:

He is by no means certain even that Hamlet is mad at all.
"Shakespearean Tragedy" by A. C. Bradley
Your folks would be pretty mad if you walked through the village with Joe Smith.
"The Mormon Prophet" by Lily Dougall
This is not what one would call a madly impassioned letter.
"Sunrise" by William Black
He was received with becoming courtesy, and immediately shewn into the presence of Mad.
"The Rivals of Acadia" by Harriet Vaughan Cheney
Whom the gods destroy they first make mad; and Umballa was mad.
"The Adventures of Kathlyn" by Harold MacGrath
He was simply going mad, as people go mad for want of food and drink.
"Romance" by Joseph Conrad and F.M. Hueffer
Enthusiasm plies a whip that starts steeds in a mad gallop it is not easy to arrest.
"Bella Donna" by Robert Hichens
De overseer driv dem 'omans clear off de plantation, and Marster, he was mighty mad.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves" by Work Projects Administration
Poor man, so mad, so completely mad on that one point!
"A Cigarette-Maker's Romance" by F. Marion Crawford
To bring religious zeal into disrepute, he makes some zealous to madness, to persecution, to blood.
"Modern Skepticism: A Journey Through the Land of Doubt and Back Again" by Joseph Barker
Scrambling madly through the woods, there was a sudden cry, a crash and silence.
"The Victim" by Thomas Dixon
It was enough to drive one mad.
"A Journey to the Centre of the Earth" by Jules Verne
Mad I am, I know, but not mad enough for that.
"The Birthright" by Joseph Hocking
In their lives ran the same strain of madness, the madness of the furies, as in his own.
"The Art of Disappearing" by John Talbot Smith
It was madness, but, like many cases of madness, it was very coherent.
"The Cryptogram" by James De Mille
They beat the fire madly with their coats, but in two minutes the roaring air had brought the flames upon them.
"In the Heart of a Fool" by William Allen White
I told you I should forever cure him of his mad infatuation.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, December 1930" by Various
I am in fact madly in love with you.
"The Grandee" by Armando Palacio Valdés
It was this that wrung the cry from Clarissa's lips, and drove the mad merriment from her face.
"The German Classics, v. 20" by Various
At Struthill, in Stirlingshire, was a well famous for its healing virtues in madness.
"Chapters in the History of the Insane in the British Isles" by Daniel Hack Tuke

In poetry:

When David sipped and sipped the tea,
Somehow it didn't taste right;
I guess when he found he was sipping sand
He was mad enough to fight.
"The Deliverance" by Frances Ellen Watkins
And Him that planted first the grape-
o podex, in thy vault there dwells
A charm to make the member mad,
And shake the marrow of the spine.
"The Atheist" by Aleister Crowley
“And if it stood, why then ’twere good,
Amid their tremulous stirs,
To count each stroke when the mad waves broke,
For cheers of mariners.
"Winstanley" by Jean Ingelow
Now do I know that I am mad,
For here are a million people surly with traffic;
This is no maid.
Neither could I play upon any reed if I had one.
"N. Y." by Ezra Pound
An shoo did, in a few minnits mooar;
An worn't shoo mad? nivver fear!
An th' laader aw reckoned to snooar,
An th' laader shoo skriked i' mi ear.
"A Pair O' Black Een" by John Hartley
"'Then sleep no more:
Around thy heart
Some ten-der dream may i-dlee play.
But mid-night song,
With mad-jick art,
Will chase that dree muh-way!'"
"The Hired Man And Floretty" by James Whitcomb Riley

In news:

OKLAHOMA CITY — deadCENTER Film Festival-goers will be afforded a rare look inside the sonic laboratory of Oklahoma City's mad scientists of psychedelic songcraft when The.
Joe Carnahan's mad hit man/woman movie.
In the mad, uncivilised world of social media, the old rules simply don't apply, writes Malachi O'Doherty.
For a refreshing spring break, say good-bye to beach-party madness and spend some time with nature.
The US Department of Agriculture's decision to drastically scale back its mad cow testing next month has drawn mixed reactions.
Defying the rejection of private mad cow tests.
The football season is over and March Madness is a over a month away.
Have you ever been so mad that you wanted to climb into a bulldozer and just smash every single car around you.
People around the Washington DC area are in a mad dash to buy up as many Hostess products as possible before they're no longer available.
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult celebrates 25 years of industrial dance madness.
Rich Sommer as Harry Crane on 'Mad Men.
Now, I don't in any way condone driving like a mad man, because safetyshould come first.
The characters on the popular show Mad Men often drink Canadian Club, which is helping to bring Canadian whisky back into fashion in Canada and the U.S.
After hosting a successful finale to March Madness, New Orleans gears up for Super Bowl XLVII next February.
Monster Truck madness in West Sacramento.

In science:

We define C (MJ f , ℓ) and C (Mad J ,q f , ℓ) in the similar way.
A hybrid HDMR for mixed multiscale finite element method with application for flows in random porous media
The relationship (3.26) tells us that adaptive HDMR Mad J ,q f may be the most efficient if higher level collocation is required and J is large as well.
A hybrid HDMR for mixed multiscale finite element method with application for flows in random porous media
Because each of terms in adaptive HDMR Mad J ,q S are usually correlated each other, the variance of Mad J ,q S is not equal to the summation of the variance of all terms in (3.14).
A hybrid HDMR for mixed multiscale finite element method with application for flows in random porous media
In this case there is a mass gap between mkk and mAdS .
Observations on the Space of Four Dimensional String and $M$ theory Vacua
These include the ground based AMI, ACT, AMiBA, APEX, MAD/MITO, and SPT, the stratospheric pro ject OLIMPO, and the Planck satellite, whose full sky survey is expected to result in the detection of thousands of clusters (as reviewed by Hansen in this volume).
The Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect
The pro jection depth with (µ, σ) = (Med, MAD) is selected in our simulation studies and some results are given in Table 4.
On the limiting distributions of multivariate depth-based rank sum statistics and related tests
Madore [Mad] have been approaching the definition of non-commutative differential geometries through modules of derivations over the algebra of “smooth functions”.
Non-Commutative Geometry, Categories and Quantum Physics
Cartier P. (2001). A Mad Day’s Work: from Grothendieck to Connes and Kontsevich, The Evolution of Concepts of Space and Symmetry, Bul l.
Non-Commutative Geometry, Categories and Quantum Physics
Figure 7 evaluates the impact of including the empirical mad within those summary statistics on the result of the t test.
Relevant statistics for Bayesian model choice
For each of the 100 points used for the boxplots, the data is made of n = 150 observations and the t-statistics are based on 104 samples of the same size simulated using a location parameter θ estimated by ABC based on a summary statistic without (left) or with the mad statistic (right).
Relevant statistics for Bayesian model choice
The new exchange functional, which we dub “optB88”, yields a MAD of only 10 meV, an accurate binding energy for the methane dimer, and similar mean deviations for all three subsets.
Chemical accuracy for the van der Waals density functional
Technicolor Interacting Massive Particle as Dark Matter and Francesco Sannino† Mads T.
iTIMP: isotriplet Technicolor Interacting Massive Particle as Dark Matter
Thus, Uad can be viewed as a subset of Mad in the sense of identifying u(·) ∈ Uad to δu(·) ∈ Mad .
Second-Order Necessary/Sufficient Conditions for Optimal Control Problems in the Absence of Linear Structure
Readers who are familiar with relaxed controls will immediately find Mad is a subset of relaxed control space.
Second-Order Necessary/Sufficient Conditions for Optimal Control Problems in the Absence of Linear Structure
Yet, elements of Mad are much simpler than other relaxed controls.
Second-Order Necessary/Sufficient Conditions for Optimal Control Problems in the Absence of Linear Structure