• Moline Universal Tractor, Model D, of 198, in the Hall of Farm Machinery, National Museum of History and Technology
    Moline Universal Tractor, Model D, of 198, in the Hall of Farm Machinery, National Museum of History and Technology
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n machinery machines or machine systems collectively
    • n machinery a system of means and activities whereby a social institution functions "the complex machinery of negotiation","the machinery of command labored and brought forth an order"
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Machinery to scrape of bristle Machinery to scrape of bristle
Electrical Machinery Electrical Machinery

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Every year approximately 2,500 left-handed people are killed by using object or machinery designed for right-handed people
    • Machinery Machines, in general, or collectively.
    • Machinery The means and appliances by which anything is kept in action or a desired result is obtained; a complex system of parts adapted to a purpose. "An indispensable part of the machinery of state.""The delicate inflexional machinery of the Aryan languages."
    • Machinery The supernatural means by which the action of a poetic or fictitious work is carried on and brought to a catastrophe; in an extended sense, the contrivances by which the crises and conclusion of a fictitious narrative, in prose or verse, are effected. "The machinery , madam, is a term invented by the critics, to signify that part which the deities, angels, or demons, are made to act in a poem."
    • Machinery The working parts of a machine, engine, or instrument; as, the machinery of a watch.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: You could milk about six cows per hour by hand, but with modern machinery, you can milk up to 100 cows per hour.
    • n machinery The parts of a machine considered collectively; any combination of mechanical means designed to work together so as to effect a given end: as, the machinery of a watch, or of a canal-lock.
    • n machinery Machines collectively; a congeries or assemblage of machines: as, the machinery of a cotton-mill is often moved by a single wheel.
    • n machinery Any complex system of means and appliances, not mechanical, designed to carry on any particular work, or keep anything in action, or to effect a specific purpose or end: as, the machinery of government.
    • n machinery Specifically, the agencies, particularly if supernatural, by which the plot of an epic or dramatic poem, or other imaginative work, is carried on and conducted to the catastrophe.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Machinery machines in general: the working parts of a machine: combined means for keeping anything in action, or for producing a desired result
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  • Oscar Wilde
    “There is no country in the world where machinery is so lovely as in America.”
  • Stephen B. Leacock
    “The classics are only primitive literature. They belong to the same class as primitive machinery and primitive music and primitive medicine.”
  • Horace Mann
    “Education, then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men -- the balance-wheel of the social machinery.”
  • Eli Stanley Jones
    Eli Stanley Jones
    “Fear is the sand in the machinery of life.”
  • Henry Ward Beecher
    “It's not the work which kills people, it's the worry. It's not the revolution that destroys machinery it's the friction.”
  • Karel Capek
    Karel Capek
    “Man will never be enslaved by machinery if the man tending the machine be paid enough.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
From Machine: cf. F. machinerie,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—L. machĭna—Gr. mēchanē, akin to mēch-os, contrivance.


In literature:

Time has eliminated ancient methods, and bettered machinery so that effects never before dreamed of can now be obtained.
"The Story of Silk" by Sara Ware Bassett
Burke, on the other hand, and the Rockingham party generally were opposed to any change in the constitutional machinery.
"The Political History of England - Vol. X." by William Hunt
With that added the whole machinery then works as man.
"Philosophy of Osteopathy" by Andrew T. Still
The very best possible with largest and best machinery is a little more than one pound from every hundred consumed.
"James Watt" by Andrew Carnegie
Where can you find any other piece of machinery that will run as long or as faithfully with so little care?
"Christopher and the Clockmakers" by Sara Ware Bassett
There were crates of books as well as pieces of machinery.
"Wanted--7 Fearless Engineers!" by Warner Van Lorne
Foreign machinery has about half the space, and French machinery the remainder.
"Lippincott's Magazine, December 1878" by Various
With the exception of the steering and balancing fans, there was no machinery whatever visible on the exterior of the vessel.
"To Mars via The Moon" by Mark Wicks
Suddenly there was a slight tremor in the vessel, indicating that some machinery was in motion.
"The Boy Volunteers with the Submarine Fleet" by Kenneth Ward
This public machinery like the machinery of private capitalism was turned against Bolshevism.
"The American Empire" by Scott Nearing
When the machinery was introduced for Broom-making, the girls looked askance at the appliances.
"Tuskegee & Its People: Their Ideals and Achievements" by Various
In the carding, slubbing, intermediate, roving, and spinning machinery there is in every case an increase in the amount of machinery tended.
"The Evolution of Modern Capitalism" by John Atkinson Hobson
In some cases railroad tracks were laid into the buildings and whole trainloads of costly machinery were shipped out of the country.
"Birdseye Views of Far Lands" by James T. Nichols
The capitalist owns the machinery and can live in idleness.
"British Socialism" by J. Ellis Barker
Approximately twenty-five percent of the Sao Paulo plantations are cultivated by machinery.
"All About Coffee" by William H. Ukers
The social machinery, like the machinery of the body, must work smoothly, otherwise misery will be the inevitable result.
"The Next Step" by Scott Nearing
These consisted mainly of raw cotton, machinery, prepared skins, chemical products, and wool.
"England and Germany" by Emile Joseph Dillon
The world of machinery was ready to assail its human masters!
"Astounding Stories, June, 1931" by Various
If there's enough time, enough machinery, and enough manpower.
"The Flaming Mountain" by Harold Leland Goodwin
Berwick was found with a wounded hand, resulting from his efforts to stop the machinery.
"Frontier Boys in the South Seas" by Wyn Roosevelt

In poetry:

No more than doth the miller there,
Shut in our several cells, do we
Know with what waste of beauty rare
Moves every day's machinery.
"Beaver Brook" by James Russell Lowell
This box contains the music of the spheres;
Its Swiss machinery records the stars.
Ever the listener given to fancy hears
The strings of Venus and the drum of Mars.
"The Attic" by Henri Coulette
I, too, have passed her on the hills
Setting her little water-mills
By spouts and fountains wild--
Such small machinery as she turned Ere she had wept, ere she had mourned,
A young and happy Child!
"Ruth" by William Wordsworth
He fixed thee mid this dance
Of plastic circumstance,
This Present, thou, forsooth, wouldst fain arrest:
Machinery just meant
To give thy soul its bent,
Try thee and turn thee forth, sufficiently impressed.
"Rabbi Ben Ezra" by Robert Browning
"No matter wot they say, 'e only grins,"
Sez Poole. "'E's rather wobbly on 'is pins.
Seems like a soldier bloke. An' Peter Begg
'E sez one leg
Works be machinery, but I dunno.
I only know 'e's there an' 'e won't go.
"Digger Smith" by C J Dennis
But still the farming methods of Josiah, Joe and Jim
Distressed their good old parent and disturbed the mind of him.
"These sons o' mine appear to be a sight too slow," thought he
"They need a better class o' stock and more machinery."
"Dad's Philanthropic Plan" by C J Dennis

In news:

One person can easily use all of the functions of this fencing machinery.
The increase was driven by sales of industrial machinery, petroleum and coal products, automobiles and chemicals.
This line of vacuum components includes a wide variety of suspensions, fittings, brackets, and suction cups for use in all types of high-speed automation and packaging machinery.
This line of vacuum components includes a wide variety of suspensions, fittings, brackets, and suction cup s for use in all types of high-speed automation and packaging machinery.
Farm machinery — the bigger, the better — has always been the most popular attraction at the Sunbelt Age Expo.
Farmers received some welcome tax relief for machinery and equipment purchases, says Roger McEowen, director, Iowa State University Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation.
Teagle Machinery, Ltd, world renowned designer and manufacturer of bale processors, announces the launch of seven new models and enhancements of its TOMAHAWK series at World Dairy Expo 2012 (booth# EH SO2) in Madison Wisconsin, October 2-6.
Automated Systems & Equipment, Inc, a custom machinery builder in Spartanburg, S.C.
Afghan carpet industry left threadbare by machinery.
Tom Snow is CEO of T. J Snow Company, Inc, Chattanooga, TN, a manufacturer and distributor of resistance-welding machinery, supplies and accessories: 423/894-6234.
Titan Machinery holds Fall Tillage Day.
PIPESTONE, Minn — Titan Machinery gave farmers the opportunity to see Steiger and Magnum series tractors work last week during an event near Pipestone.
Machinery Systems Engineer, Panhandle Research and Extension Center.
It's up to you to know how to secure machinery when transporting it on a trailer.
Two machinery makers are providing online tools for side-by-side comparisons.

In science:

In order to have an induction machinery for the number of parabolic points, one should also prove a factorization when X0 has rwo smooth irreducible components intersecting at a node x0 .
Factorization of generalized theta functions at reducible case
Nanosystems: Molecular Machinery, Manufacturing, and Computation.
Multiagent Control of Self-reconfigurable Robots
These results do not yet rely on the machinery of .
From Subfactors to Categories and Topology II. The quantum double of tensor categories and subfactors
Therefore a global approach is needed, which we develop using our machinery from Section 4.
From Subfactors to Categories and Topology II. The quantum double of tensor categories and subfactors
Unfortunately for the general case we do not have the proper mathematical machinery.
Large N limit of SO(N) gauge theory of fermions and bosons
Association of Computing Machinery, New York.
Random graphs as models of networks
This provides a proving ground for testing our machinery for taking initial data at the beginning of the FN regime and producing a final waveform result.
Modeling gravitational radiation from coalescing binary black holes
In Theorem 1, we show that such machinery is not needed here, and offer a simple and direct proof.
There are no iterated morphisms that define the Arshon sequence and the $\sigma$-sequence
However stochastic integrals against fGn cannot be defined as easily as for the white Gaussian noise and the proposed constructions require the complex machinery of Malliavin calculus or Wick products[33, 34].
Multifractal stationary random measures and multifractal random walks with log-infinitely divisible scaling laws
We prove that it is well-defined, for which we use the full force of the machinery of .
McKay correspondence for elliptic genera
In order for their machinery to work, the map (A.1) is of constant rank — in particular surjective — for every f in Mg ,k (X, A) [BL3].
Family Gromov-Witten Invariants for Kahler Surfaces
The previous section may seem unrelated to the first but as the next theorems will show the problem of understanding the distribution of L(α) and G(M , N ) fits nicely into the machinery of sect. 2.
Toeplitz determinants, random growth and determinantal processes
The formulation of microscopic models for phantom energy relies on the machinery developed in quintessence models, namely the evolution of the scalar field in a suitably chosen potential.
Generalized phantom energy
The discussion will begin in Section 2, where the machinery of the DeutschHayden approach is outlined, in particular, the mathematics that lies behind the two claims to locality.
Nonlocality and information flow: The approach of Deutsch and Hayden
Having outlined the machinery of the Deutsch-Hayden approach, we may now consider the status of its claim to provide a particularly local picture of quantum mechanics.
Nonlocality and information flow: The approach of Deutsch and Hayden