• "'May I offer you a lozenge?'"
    "'May I offer you a lozenge?'"
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n lozenge a dose of medicine in the form of a small pellet
    • n lozenge a small aromatic or medicated candy
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Lozenge (Her) A diamond-shaped figure usually with the upper and lower angles slightly acute, borne upon a shield or escutcheon. Cf. Fusil.
    • Lozenge A figure with four equal sides, having two acute and two obtuse angles; a rhomb.
    • Lozenge (Her) A form of the escutcheon used by women instead of the shield which is used by men.
    • Lozenge A small cake of sugar and starch, flavored, and often medicated. -- originally in the form of a lozenge.
    • Lozenge Anything in the form of lozenge.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n lozenge A plane figure with four equal sides, having two acute and two obtuse angles, also called a diamond; a rhomb; also, formerly, any oblique parallelogram.
    • n lozenge Somothing resembling such a figure in form. : In heraldry
    • n lozenge A small cake of sugar, or confection, often medicated, originally in the form of a rhomb, but now variously shaped.
    • n lozenge A pane of glass for window-glazing, either lozenge-shaped or square, but intended to be set diagonally; a quarrel.
    • n lozenge An envelop-blank cut out by a punching-machine.
    • n lozenge In the cutting of brilliants, one of the four quoins of the upper surface or crown. See quoin.
    • n lozenge A spangle.
    • lozenge In decorative art, divided by diagonal lines into diamonds or lozenges: a common distribution of decorative design in the fourteenth century: as, a lozenge pattern. Tapestries of this epoch are often so divided, each lozenge being filled with some heraldic bearing, and the background of miniatures in manuscripts often has the same pattern.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Lozenge loz′enj an oblique-angled parallelogram or a rhombus: a small cake of flavoured sugar, originally lozenge or diamond shaped:
    • n Lozenge loz′enj (her.) the rhomb-shaped figure in which the arms of maids, widows, and deceased persons are borne
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. lozange, losange,; perh. the same as OF. losenge,f flattery, praise, the heraldic sense being the oldest (cf. E. hatchment, blazon,). Cf. Losenger Laudable
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. losange, flattery, whence its use for an epitaph, square slab, window-pane.


In literature:

The pseudochrysalis is red, the colour of a cough-lozenge.
"The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles" by Jean Henri Fabre
Why, here's a good sound sassafras lozenge in my pocket.
"Betty Leicester" by Sarah Orne Jewett
The stones are all alike, oblong lozenges, inscribed in Hebrew.
"In the Tail of the Peacock" by Isabel Savory
A rupture in the membrane following indirect violence is usually lozenge-shaped.
"Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities--Head--Neck. Sixth Edition." by Alexander Miles
"Notes and Queries, Number 195, July 23, 1853" by Various
On his head a tall white lozenge-shaped miter embroidered with a red and gold cross.
"The Saracen: Land of the Infidel" by Robert Shea
When they are very large they look pretty cut into lozenges.
"The Cook's Oracle; and Housekeeper's Manual" by William Kitchiner
The streets were broad, and laid out to cut the city into lozenge-shaped sections, instead of the conventional squares.
"The God in the Box" by Sewell Peaslee Wright
In these cases I always recommend the use of the Vegetable Compound in the form of Lozenges, or Pills.
"Treatise on the Diseases of Women" by Lydia E. Pinkham
LADY FLO: Haven't you a lozenge?
"The Strand Magazine, Volume V, Issue 25, January 1893" by Various
Between the pauses of his address he kept supplying himself with a lozenge.
"Law and Laughter" by George Alexander Morton
A lozenge surrounded by the Hook design.
"Rugs: Oriental and Occidental, Antique & Modern" by Rosa Belle Holt
His father kept in a drawer some cough lozenges which he constantly used.
"Tales from Dickens" by Charles Dickens and Hallie Erminie Rives
The square or labyrinth is the lozenge shaped symbol or yoni of India.
"The Sex Worship and Symbolism of Primitive Races" by Sanger Brown, II
It was lighted by a little window like a lozenge in the roof.
"Waterloo" by Émile Erckmann
In a third, it was lozenge-shaped.
"The Ethnology of the British Colonies and Dependencies" by Robert Gordon Latham
She had much suffering from her throat throughout life, and as a little girl was nearly choked by a lozenge.
"Elizabeth Gilbert and Her Work for the Blind" by Frances Martin
Morgiana, meanwhile, sought an apothecary and asked him for some lozenges.
"Favorite Fairy Tales" by Various
Some one please give me a cough lozenge, for my throat's getting hoarse.
"The Head Girl at the Gables" by Angela Brazil
He was a soft-faced man who wore lozenge-shaped light blue spectacles and seemed afflicted with a slight chin rash.
"The Ambassador" by Samuel Kimball Merwin

In poetry:

They framed the picture she had made,
Half-delighted and half-afraid.
In a courtyard with a lozenged floor
The Virgin watched, and through the arched door
The angel came
Like a springing flame.
"The Book Of Hours Of Sister Clotilde" by Amy Lowell
At night the imagination walks like a ghoul
Among the stone lozenges and counterpanes of turf
Tumescent under cypresses; the long, rueful call
Of the owl soars high and then wheels back to earth.
"An Old Lament Renewed" by Vernon Scannell

In news:

Depending on the total dosage of zinc and the composition of lozenges, zinc lozenges may shorten the duration of common cold episodes by up to 40%, according to a study published in the July issue of Open Respiratory Medicine Journal.
Both the 2 mg and 4 mg dosages come in three-vial packages, with each vial containing 27 lozenges (for 81 total lozenges ).
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare has launched a Nicorette mini-sized anti-smoking lozenge , which is designed to dissolve up to three times faster than other stop-smoking lozenges .
Soon, Mrs Frontera, who had struggled with addictions to milder narcotics , was consuming five Actiq lozenges a day.
The upper portions had a rich, frothy network of terra-cotta colonettes, helmets, lions' heads and lozenge shapes, all set against a crisscross brick pattern.
Tooth Soap Rolls Out Hyaluronic Acid Lozenge.
Many of my clients only seek out zinc in the form of lozenges when they have a sore throat.
Perrigo on Wednesday announced that it has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration for its abbreviated new drug applications to market over-the-counter nicotine polacrilex mini lozenge USP in both 2-mg and 4-mg strengths.
John Wristen's voice, always at least raspy, Sunday sounded as though he would be pulling throat lozenges out of his pocket for a few hours.

In science:

The Ising corner corresponds to a lozenge tiling under the constraint of a fixed volume below the thereby defined surface.
Random Growth Models
Figure 3: (top, left) Illustration of the initial conditions for the particles system. (bottom, left) A configuration obtained from the initial conditions. (right) The corresponding lozenge tiling configurations.
Dimers and orthogonal polynomials: connections with random matrices
Wilson Mixing times of Lozenge tiling and card shuffling Markov chains, Ann.
Approximate Lifshitz law for the zero-temperature stochastic Ising model in any dimension
The above model can also be established as a tiling of the half plane by lozenges .
The Gaussian free field in an interlacing particle system with two jump rates
This provides new tools for asymptotic analysis of uniformly random lozenge tilings of polygons on the triangular lattice; or, equivalently, of random stepped surfaces.
Asymptotics of Random Lozenge Tilings via Gelfand-Tsetlin Schemes
We study uniformly random tilings (by lozenges of three types) of polygons drawn on the triangular lattice with sides parallel to one of three possible directions.
Asymptotics of Random Lozenge Tilings via Gelfand-Tsetlin Schemes
Figure 1. A tiling of a polygon by lozenges (= rhombi) of three types, and its dimer interpretation.
Asymptotics of Random Lozenge Tilings via Gelfand-Tsetlin Schemes
Clearly, lozenge tilings of P and such interlacing arrays X with fixed top row as in (2.3) are in a bijective correspondence.
Asymptotics of Random Lozenge Tilings via Gelfand-Tsetlin Schemes
The complex slope Ω defines proportions of lozenges of various types p , p , p , p + p + p = 1 (seen in a large box under this measure) as follows.
Asymptotics of Random Lozenge Tilings via Gelfand-Tsetlin Schemes
On the other hand, everywhere in P \ D , the random configuration is asymptotically frozen, i.e., it contains only one type of lozenges.
Asymptotics of Random Lozenge Tilings via Gelfand-Tsetlin Schemes
Note that this is the same as to classify frozen regions by the type of lozenges they are built of.
Asymptotics of Random Lozenge Tilings via Gelfand-Tsetlin Schemes
That is, we look at first appearances of lozenges of two new types when the frozen region turns into a liquid one.
Asymptotics of Random Lozenge Tilings via Gelfand-Tsetlin Schemes
In this and the next section we perform asymptotic analysis of the uniform measure PP(N ) on lozenge tilings of the polygon P(N ) i=1 ⊂ Z(cid:48) = Z + 1 as N → ∞.
Asymptotics of Random Lozenge Tilings via Gelfand-Tsetlin Schemes
We then discuss how these local asymptotics describe global properties of random lozenge tilings such as the limit shape and the frozen boundary.
Asymptotics of Random Lozenge Tilings via Gelfand-Tsetlin Schemes
This section is devoted to studying the asymptotics of random lozenge tilings on the edge of the limit shape.
Asymptotics of Random Lozenge Tilings via Gelfand-Tsetlin Schemes