lower limit


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n lower limit the limit on the lower (or southernmost) side of something
    • n lower limit the smallest possible quantity
    • ***


In literature:

The lower limit of the ground-water is more irregular than the upper surface and is less definitely known.
"The Economic Aspect of Geology" by C. K. Leith
Though endowed with only a very limited knowledge of nautical geography, the negro knew a good deal about the lower latitudes of the Atlantic.
"The Ocean Waifs" by Mayne Reid
The instinctive habits of the lower animals are limited, are peculiar to each species, and have immediate reference to their bodily wants.
"The Christian Foundation, Or, Scientific and Religious Journal," by Various
Consciousness is, of course, at its worst when expressed through the limitation of its lower vehicles.
"Elementary Theosophy" by L. W. Rogers
This may be limited to a small area near the lower end, or it may extend through the whole length of the teat.
"Special Report on Diseases of Cattle" by U.S. Department of Agriculture
They will be found to occur nearer the lower than the upper limit of their ranges.
"Ancient art of the province of Chiriqui, Colombia" by William Henry Holmes
The lower limit of the Roman age of classical studies may be conveniently placed in the year 529.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 4" by Various
Small steamers also navigate the lower Cauca and Nechi rivers, and a limited service is maintained on the upper Cauca.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 6" by Various
A limit should be set to the use of a high note on any one of the three lower strings on violins, violas and 'cellos.
"Principles of Orchestration" by Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov
On this basis the lower limit would be March 25, 1610.
"Francis Beaumont: Dramatist" by Charles Mills Gayley
I incline to the view that mine is correct, the more as he puts his figure, 14 billions, as a safe lower limit.
"The Value of Money" by Benjamin M. Anderson, Jr.
The Archean period includes the time previous to the deposition of the oldest known sedimentary beds, and its lower limit is as yet undefined.
"North America" by Israel C. Russell
You see the age limit of this state is lower than some.
"The Turn of the Tide" by Eleanor H. Porter
However we may interpret the lower limit of this period, the literature which it embraces is immense.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 10, Slice 2" by Various
At the upper and lower limits, there is a motive for shipping gold as a commodity.
"The Principles of Economics" by Frank A. Fetter
We have, therefore, a much lower limit, viz., the year 1282.
"British Quarterly Review, American Edition, Volume LIV" by Various
Only once or twice did the prices go above the limit she had set for them, and several times they were lower.
"Mary Ware in Texas" by Annie F. Johnston
Therefore our criterion applies to the upper limit of non-mental action, not to the lower limit of mental.
"Animal Intelligence" by George J. Romanes
The parental relation is lower, more limited.
"Concerning Children" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
A light tenor must be careful not to force up the lower register of his voice beyond its natural and easy limit.
"Advice to Singers" by Frederick James Crowest

In news:

State officials are considering lowering the speed limit on Kansas highways from 70 miles per hour to 65 mph as a way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Lowering the speed limit was recommended by the Kansas Energy Council' Greenhouse Gas Policy Committee.
Political observers say Libertarians , who generally favor limited government and lower spending, tend to take more votes from Republicans than Democrats.
The speed limit on Bluffton Parkway between Pinecrest subdivision and Buckwalter Parkway has been lowered to 35 mph.
The County Commissioners voted on Tuesday to lower the speed limit on Tuesday after a handful of Ocean Pines residents sent the officials a letter asking for the reduction.
The lower limit of detection is about 10 mass-ppm.
Lower limits apply to pensions payable at earlier retirement ages.
New EPA proposal would lower limit to 60-70 parts per billion.
Lower feed costs, less manure and fewer over-conditioned heifers are the top reasons to consider limit feeding, says Pat Hoffman, a University of Wisconsin-Madison dairy scientist based in Marshfield.
Nevertheless, bass size sets practical upper and lower limits on prey size.
The lower limit is set by several factors.
Lower than expected iPad sales suggest limits to Apple's recent growth.
The BNC connector, which is available in a variety of configurations, has long been relegated to a frequency range much lower than its usable upper-frequency limit.
Limiting Refined Grains Linked to Lower Body Fat.
The Town of Hempstead held a hearing Tuesday night to consider lowering the age limit of a condominium complex from 62 to 55.

In science:

As mentioned above, the lower limit depends on the confidence with which a flat R profile can be determined, so that τmin = ǫ−1 lnD , where ǫ is the dynamic range of the observations and D is σBθ /Bθ (Elitzur 1998).
OH Zeeman Magnetic Field Detections Toward Five Supernova Remnants Using the VLA
Lower limit symbols mark the boundaries of the cross-correlation regions used in the radial velocity study.
A TiO study of the dwarf nova IP Pegasi
Since some of the random matrix elements can be very small, floating point accuracy gives a lower limit of T = 0.05.
Ground states versus low-temperature equilibria in random field Ising chains
This is due to our lower limit on the inflowing gas temperature, T = 104 K.
Entropy Evolution in Galaxy Groups and Clusters; A Comparison of External and Internal Heating
Fig. 1 therefore gives a lower limit to the extinction correction uncertainty.
The SCUBA Local Universe Galaxy Survey II. 450 micron data - evidence for cold dust in bright IRAS Galaxies
For each category, the lower limit is set by the detection limit.
X-ray sources in globular clusters
Note that n = 2 is lower limit for the dimension of manifold M .
On the concept of normal shift in non-metric geometry
In some cases, a lower limit of 5 can be placed for this ratio .
The Spiral Structure of the Milky Way, Cosmic Rays, and Ice Age Epochs on Earth
Since the error will have the tendency to smear the distribution, the obtained contrast between the minimum and maximum flux is only a lower limit.
The Spiral Structure of the Milky Way, Cosmic Rays, and Ice Age Epochs on Earth
We find a lower limit on the ratio of the X-ray source luminosity to the optical luminosity of NGC 720 by simply summing the luminosities of the detected sources, excluding the center.
X-ray Source Population in the Elliptical Galaxy NGC 720 with Chandra
The integral in Eq. (4) should also have a lower limit at approximately one beam width.
On the Spiral Structure of NGC 2915 and Dark Matter
One can therefore adopt either choice of lower limit.
On the Spiral Structure of NGC 2915 and Dark Matter
UV line and continuum fluxes would be lower limits.
Detections of Ro-Vibrational H$_2$ Emission from the Disks of T Tauri Stars
Therefore, we expect that the asymptotic decay slope α2 has not yet been reached, and the value of 1.9 inferred from observations may be regarded as a lower limit.
The Variable Light Curve of GRB 030329: The Case for Refreshed Shocks
The lower limit is obtained for the extreme case of when after the jet break the jet expands sideways at the the local speed of sound and its radius is almost constant (Rhoads 1997).
The Variable Light Curve of GRB 030329: The Case for Refreshed Shocks