• the Second Cataract at Low Nile
    the Second Cataract at Low Nile
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj low filled with melancholy and despondency "gloomy at the thought of what he had to face","gloomy predictions","a gloomy silence","took a grim view of the economy","the darkening mood","lonely and blue in a strange city","depressed by the loss of his job","a dispirited and resigned expression on her face","downcast after his defeat","feeling discouraged and downhearted"
    • adj low of the most contemptible kind "abject cowardice","a low stunt to pull","a low-down sneak","his miserable treatment of his family","You miserable skunk!","a scummy rabble","a scurvy trick"
    • adj low literal meanings; being at or having a relatively small elevation or upward extension "low ceilings","low clouds","low hills","the sun is low","low furniture","a low bow"
    • adj low less than normal in degree or intensity or amount "low prices","the reservoir is low"
    • adj low used of sounds and voices; low in pitch or frequency
    • adj low very low in volume "a low murmur","the low-toned murmur of the surf"
    • adj low subdued or brought low in condition or status "brought low","a broken man","his broken spirit"
    • adj low unrefined in character "low comedy"
    • adj low no longer sufficient "supplies are low","our funds are depleted"
    • adj low low or inferior in station or quality "a humble cottage","a lowly parish priest","a modest man of the people","small beginnings"
    • adv low in a low position; near the ground "the branches hung low"
    • v low make a low noise, characteristic of bovines
    • n low the lowest forward gear ratio in the gear box of a motor vehicle; used to start a car moving
    • n low a low level or position or degree "the stock market fell to a new low"
    • n Low British political cartoonist (born in New Zealand) who created the character Colonel Blimp (1891-1963)
    • n low an air mass of lower pressure; often brings precipitation "a low moved in over night bringing sleet and snow"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

Bench made with Pinned Mortise-and-Tenon Joints, Low Back Bench made with Pinned Mortise-and-Tenon Joints, Low Back
A-listenin' to the low, sobbin' music A-listenin' to the low, sobbin' music

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The longer white infants from low-income families are breast-fed, the less likely they will be overweight as young children, researchers said on Monday
    • Low strong imp. of Laugh.
    • n Low A hill; a mound; a grave.
    • Low Beneath the usual or remunerative rate or amount, or the ordinary value; moderate; cheap; as, the low price of corn; low wages.
    • Low Deficient in vital energy; feeble; weak; as, a low pulse; made low by sickness.
    • Low Depressed in condition; humble in rank; as, men of low condition; the lower classes. "Why but to keep ye low and ignorant ?"
    • Low (Mus) Depressed in the scale of sounds; grave; as, a low pitch; a low note.
    • n Low lō; Scot. lou Fire; a flame; a light.
    • Low In a low or mean condition; humbly; meanly.
    • Low In a low position or manner; not aloft; not on high; near the ground.
    • Low (Astron) In a path near the equator, so that the declination is small, or near the horizon, so that the altitude is small; -- said of the heavenly bodies with reference to the diurnal revolution; as, the moon runs low, that is, is comparatively near the horizon when on or near the meridian.
    • Low In subjection, poverty, or disgrace; as, to be brought low by oppression, by want, or by vice.
    • Low In time approaching our own. "In that part of the world which was first inhabited, even as low down as Abraham's time, they wandered with their flocks and herds."
    • Low (Phon) Made, as a vowel, with a low position of part of the tongue in relation to the palate; as, ă (ăm) (See Guide to Pronunciation, §§ 5, 10, 11.
    • Low Mean; vulgar; base; dishonorable; as, a person of low mind; a low trick or stratagem.
    • Low Moderate; not intense; not inflammatory; as, low heat; a low temperature; a low fever.
    • Low Near the horizon; as, the sun is low at four o'clock in winter, and six in summer.
    • Low Near, or not very distant from, the equator; as, in the low northern latitudes.
    • Low Not elevated or sublime; not exalted in thought or diction; as, a low comparison. "In comparison of these divine writers, the noblest wits of the heathen world are low and dull."
    • Low Not loud; as, a low voice; a low sound.
    • Low Not rich, high seasoned, or nourishing; plain; simple; as, a low diet.
    • Low Not rising to the usual height; as, a man of low stature; a low fence.
    • Low Numerically small; as, a low number.
    • Low Occupying an inferior position or place; not high or elevated; depressed in comparison with something else; as, low ground; a low flight.
    • Low Smaller than is reasonable or probable; as, a low estimate.
    • Low Submissive; humble. "Low reverence."
    • Low Sunk to the farthest ebb of the tide; as, low tide.
    • n Low The calling sound ordinarily made by cows and other bovine animals. "Talking voices and the law of herds."
    • n Low (Card Playing) The lowest trump, usually the deuce; the lowest trump dealt or drawn.
    • v. i Low To burn; to blaze.
    • v. t Low To depress; to lower.
    • v. i Low To make the calling sound of cows and other bovine animals; to moo. "The lowing herd wind slowly o'er the lea."
    • Low Under the usual price; at a moderate price; cheaply; as, he sold his wheat low .
    • Low Wanting strength or animation; depressed; dejected; as, low spirits; low in spirits.
    • Low With a low musical pitch or tone. "Can sing both high and low ."
    • Low With a low voice or sound; not loudly; gently; as, to speak low . "The . . . odorous wind
      Breathes low between the sunset and the moon."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: A study revealed that men that were born with a low birth weight were less likely to get married
    • low To utter the soft bellow peculiar to animals of the cow kind; moo.
    • n low The bellow of cattle; a moo.
    • low Lying or being below the general or natural level or plane; depressed in place or position; at some depth or distance downward; deep: as, low ground; a low valley; the lower regions.
    • low Below the usual standard of height; falling below the customary level or position: as, a low bow; a low tide (that is, an ebb-tide unusually depressed); low tide or low water (used absolutely, without an article, for the state of the tide or the water at its greatest normal depression of level).
    • low Not high in position; not far above a natural or generally recognized plane or level: as, the sun is low (that is, not far above the horizon); a bird of low flight; a low shelf.
    • low Not high in upward extent; having little vertical extension; of no great height; moderate or deficient in altitude or stature; not lofty: opposed to high, lofty, and tall: as, low hills, plants, or trees; a low house or wall; a man of low stature; a low forehead.
    • low Not high in a scale of reckoning; below the usual rate, reckoning, or value; moderate; meager; cheap: as, low wages, rates, prices; a low estimate; wheat was low.
    • low Not high in number; indicating or indicated by a small number; expressed by numerals indicating few: as, a low number; low latitudes (those expressed in low numbers, and therefore near the equator).
    • low Not high in grade, position, station, state, or account; of inferior grade; humble in rank; lowly: as, people of low estate; the lower classes; the lower walks of life.
    • low Not high in character or condition. Not full or strong; lacking in fullness, strength, or force; weak; feeble; depressed: as, low fortune; low hopes; a low pulse or state of health; low spirits; his affairs are at a low ebb.
    • low Not haughty or proud; meek; lowly.
    • low Lacking in dignity, refinement, or principle; vulgar; groveling; abject; mean; base: as, low associates; low tastes; a low companion; low life; a low trick.
    • low Not high in quality or degree. Not excessive or intense; not violent; moderate: as, low heat; low temperature; a low fever.
    • low In optics, of slight refrangibility (that is, having a relatively great wave-length).
    • low In logic, having little logical extension; narrow; predicable of few objects.
    • low Not rich or highly seasoned; plain; simple: as, low diet.
    • low Holding Low-church views. See Low-churchman.
    • low In biology, of lowly, simple, or generalized structure; not high in the scale of organization; not highly differentiated or specialized: as, low protozoan animals; low cryptogamic plants.
    • low Of sounds: Not loud; gentle; soft.
    • low Relatively grave in pitch; produced by relatively slow vibrations; depressed; flat: opposed to high.
    • low Synonyms . Mean, Groveling, etc. (see abject), base, ignoble, vile, vulgar, common, dishonorable, cheap, plebeian, shabby. See list under mean.
    • n low In card-playing, a certain card, often, but not always, the lowest trump, the holding or taking of which confers certain advantages. See all-fours.
    • n low In meteorology, same as low area.
    • n low plural Low level land.
    • low Near the ground; not aloft; not high: as, to fly low; to aim low.
    • low In a mean condition: in composition: as, a low-born fellow or lass.
    • low Late, or in time approaching the present.
    • low With a depressed voice; not loudly: as, speak low.
    • low In music
    • low Not loudly; quietly; softly.
    • low At a low or grave pitch.
    • low To lower.
    • low To bring low; humble.
    • low To go low; descend; fall.
    • n low A hill; a small eminence; a mound, either natural or artificial. The word is now only in provincial use. It is found as an element of several place-names in -low or -law, as in Ludlow, Lammerlaw, etc.
    • low To heap or pile up.
    • n low Flame; fire; blaze.
    • low To flame; blaze.
    • low An obsolete preterit of laugh.
    • low A dialectal form of allow.
    • low Specifically, in phonetics, of a vowel sound, produced with the tongue, or part of it, in a low position.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: People in low-income homes spend 50% more time playing video games than people in high-income homes
    • v.i Low to make the loud noise of oxen: to bellow
    • n Low the bellow of oxen
    • adj Low (comp. Low′er; superl. Low′est) lying in an inferior place or position: not high: deep: shallow: small: moderate: cheap: dejected: mean: plain: in poor circumstances: humble
    • adv Low not aloft: cheaply: meanly: in subjection, poverty, or disgrace: in times near our own: not loudly:
    • v.i Low to fall: to sink: to grow less
    • adj Low letting down: sinking: degrading
    • n Low low (Scot.) a flame
    • v.i Low to blaze
    • adv Low (astron.) near the equator
    • ***


  • James Russell Lowell
    “Not failure, but low aim, is crime.”
  • Lord Byron
    “That low vice, curiosity!”
  • Coco Chanel
    “Nothing goes out of fashion sooner than a long dress with a very low neck.”
  • Virgil
    “Fear is proof of a low born soul.”
  • Dhammapada
    “Do not have evil-doers for friends, do not have low people for friends: have virtuous people for friends, have for friends the best of men.”
  • Edward Young
    “Those who build beneath the stars build too low.”


High and low - If you search high and low, you look everywhere for something or someone.
Low-hanging fruit - Low-hanging fruit are things that are easily achieved.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. low, louh, lah, Icel. lāgr,; akin to Sw. låg, Dan. lav, D. laag, and E. lie,. See Lie to be prostrate


In literature:

Others loitered about and conversed in a low tone of voice.
"Across Coveted Lands" by Arnold Henry Savage Landor
Nobody warn't 'lowed to have fires, and if dey wuz caught wid any dat meant a beatin'.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States" by Work Projects Administration
At Ratae was the Ninth, guarding the low country and the eastern fens.
"Nicanor - Teller of Tales" by C. Bryson Taylor
Clouds hung low in the valleys, and we occasionally went through banks of mist not unlike those of Scotland.
"Across Unknown South America" by Arnold Henry Savage Landor
She taught me how to talk low and how to act in company.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States" by Various
This they muttered in low tones lest they might be heard by Carlos or the girl.
"The White Chief" by Mayne Reid
I had never noticed that street before, except to remark that it wasn't half low and common.
"Nights in London" by Thomas Burke
She wore a bright-colored green gown, cut low.
"The Bishop of Cottontown" by John Trotwood Moore
When Steve spoke his voice was low, and he seemed to be speaking to himself rather than to his companion.
"The Heart of Unaga" by Ridgwell Cullum
Just as he dealt the first stroke a low, mewling cry caused him to look up.
"The Camp in the Snow" by William Murray Graydon

In poetry:

I shall hear the sweet low tone
Of a voice before unknown,
Saying, "This is from me to you--
From me, and to you alone."
"Ultima Thule: The Iron Pen" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
"Be a queen in Anhalt Dessau,
Let tower and town be thine;
But leave unto me my treasure,
This fair low-born love of mine.
"The Prince Of Anhalt Dessau" by Nora Pembroke
Yes ! I beheld her brightest flow'r,
Laid low by rude Fate's cutting wind ;
Speechless I view'd the tempest low'r,
And mark'd the rents it left behind.
"The Death Of Love" by Laura Sophia Temple
Kiss me softly and speak to me low;
Trust me, darling, the time is near
When lovers may love with never a fear;
Kiss me, dear!
Kiss me softly and speak to me low.
"To My Love" by John Godfrey Saxe
De lightnin' flash, de bough sway low,
My po' sick hea't is trimblin' so,
It hu'ts my very breas'.
But him dat give de lightnin' powah
Jes' bids me in de tryin' howah
"Lay low in de wildaness."
"A Plantation Melody" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
WE'ER low—we're low—we're very very low,
As low as low can be;
The rich are high—for we make them so—
And a miserable lot are we!
And a miserable lot are we! are we!
A miserable lot are we!
"The Song Of The Low" by Ernest Jones

In news:

The Low-Down on Ultra-Low-Sulfur Diesel Boat Fuel.
The City of Los Angeles is in the midst of a series of community meetings aimed at soliciting input into how Federal grants that target very-low, low-, and moderate-income communities in the city should be used.
Dave Barry recaps the highs and lows (okay, mostly lows) of 2009.
The National Weather Service forecasts highs in the mid-80s today for Tulsa, with overnight lows in the low-50s.
Maine State Trooper Lauren Edstrom, who interviewed Lowe, did not read her Miranda rights, Clifford wrote, even when it became clear Lowe may have been the driver .
44° F Low: 22° F. 43° F Low: 27° F. 40° F Low: 27° F.
Skies will stay cloudy and fog fills in where the clouds aren't and I'm expecting lows to dip into the low 40s at the coast and upper 30s inland.
55° F Low: 47° F. 63° F Low: 37° F. 40° F Low: 27° F.
Overnight lows will drop into the upper-30's for our Milwaukee temperature and lakefront communities, and low-30's for Waukesha's temperature and inland areas.
With tonight's lows expected to hit 34 degrees and a 42-degree low Thursday, Futrell urged homeowners to make sure their fireplaces are in proper working order.
That low-key, low-energy President Barack Obama whose performance was widely panned after the first - 9:02 am.
As of 7am, temperature readings range from the low teens in extreme north Georgia to the low to mid 20's in south Georgia.
49° F Low: 31° F. 50° F Low: 29° F. 51° F Low: 31° F.
Lows will be in the mid 30s Northshore to low to mid 40s south.
Mortgage rates continue to hit new lows, but the ultra-low rates are out of reach for many would-be borrowers who can't meet strict underwriting standards.

In science:

They offer many potentials merits for low-energy (keV-MeV range) low background experiments.
A CsI(Tl) Scintillating Crystal Detector for the Studies of Low Energy Neutrino Interactions
Most of our results are obtained for T = 0; these are expected to be exact at zero temperature in the low-frequency limit, and to remain valid at nonzero temperatures for low frequencies ω > ∼ T .
Dynamics and transport in random quantum systems governed by strong-randomness fixed points
We note that the zero modes of the open D-string is what gives the Yang-Mills theory at low energies, which fits with the picture that the NCOS theory at low energies reduce to Yang-Mills theory.
Open Branes in Space-Time Non-Commutative Little String Theory
The connection between low energy D-branes and gauge theories indicates that, in a suitable low-energy limit, it should be possible to describe black branes by a strongly coupled field theory.
Large N field theories from superstrings
Note that the faintest HDF-N sources occupy a region at low count rate and relatively low band ratio that has not, until now, been seen for individual sources.
The Chandra Deep Survey of the Hubble Deep Field North Area. IV. An Ultradeep Image of the HDF-N