• WordNet 3.6
    • n looting plundering during riots or in wartime
    • ***


  • Walt Disney
    “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates loot on Treasure Island and best of all, you can enjoy these riches every day of your life.”


In literature:

Howat looted about from his removed place of being.
"The Three Black Pennys" by Joseph Hergesheimer
You have been looting the library, I see.
"A Hoosier Chronicle" by Meredith Nicholson
Some trudged along with a saddle slung over the back, hoping to loot a mount by the wayside.
"With Steyn and De Wet" by Philip Pienaar
Wreckers then went out and looted everything on board.
"A Journal of a Tour in the Congo Free State" by Marcus Dorman
Moreover the looting of Old Clubfoot's larder would only ensure more midnight raids on the flocks upon the mountain.
"Bears I Have Met--and Others" by Allen Kelly
He called me and said: 'Bunky, that loot is worrying me.
"The City and the World and Other Stories" by Francis Clement Kelley
Throughout the day the town was looted by the soldiers.
"New York Times Current History; The European War, Vol 2, No. 3, June, 1915" by Various
The poor people are then allowed to loot them.
"Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official" by William Sleeman
As to looting, we must not forget that all commandeering of goods on the part of the enemy has been so described.
"With Methuen's Column on an Ambulance Train" by Ernest N. Bennett
The fact that the place had not been looted gave me some hope that you were still alive.
"Round the World in Seven Days" by Herbert Strang
Houses had been looted and speeches were made in the marketplace.
"With Botha in the Field" by Eric Moore Ritchie
I positively cannot leave this office without loot of some sort.
"The Lighted Way" by E. Phillips Oppenheim
Then, if the thief is caught, the police have the loot as evidence against the thief.
"The Grammar School Boys Snowbound" by H. Irving Hancock
But if they knew it was to fetch all this loot on board, they'd make a little more haste.
"Blue Jackets" by George Manville Fenn
No use carry gun, I think; fox in wet weather get in hollow tlee, or under big loot.
"Adrift in the Ice-Fields" by Charles W. Hall
Towards the end of August the amount of looting became serious.
"In Mesopotamia" by Martin Swayne
On a great beam overhead are bags of clinking loot and shining brasses from wrecked ships.
"Wappin' Wharf" by Charles S. Brooks
So Brandfort passed into our hands for all that it was worth, which did not seem to be much; but what little there was, no man looted.
"With the Guards' Brigade from Bloemfontein to Koomati Poort and Back" by Edward P. Lowry
By-and-by looting became more general.
"Khartoum Campaign, 1898" by Bennet Burleigh
It must have seemed like looting on a battlefield.
"The Prairie Mother" by Arthur Stringer

In poetry:

And ilka nicht atween Sancts and Souls
She laid the dures to the wa',
Blew up the fire, and set the cheir,
And loot the spale doon fa'.
"Halloween" by George MacDonald
An' aye he sang, an' better he sang,
An' the worms creepit in an' oot;
An' ane he tuik, an' twa he loot gang,
An' still he carolled stoot.
"The Herd And The Mavis" by George MacDonald
If you encounter any Boers
You really must not loot ‘em,
And, if you wish to leave these shores,
For pity’s sake, don’t shoot ‘em.
"Butchered to make a Dutchman's Holiday" by Harry Breaker Morant
Sae the curse fell on Simon lang an' sair,
For stealin' the auld kirk bell;
But he never loot on to man o' his sin,
Though ae nicht he had to tell.
"The Weary Weird" by Alexander Anderson
Selling all my ancient idols,
I worship the new god: before his altar
I bring the mythic fruits of distant lands
and cast the loot of ocean-se pulchres.
"Eros of Ebony" by Clark Ashton Smith
The little dark men of the mountain and waste,
So quick to laughter and tears,
They came panting with hate and haste
For the loot of five hundred years.
"The Pirates in England" by Rudyard Kipling

In news:

If you steal, don't forget the loot .
Bank robber stashes loot in Lowe's trash can.
Obituary burglary suspects may be dumping loot .
Adam Leon, Tashiana Washington, Ty Hickson, Zoë Lescaze and Meeko Gattuso of Gimme the Loot .
Hitler's photo albums of Nazi loot found (VIDEO).
Rebel soldiers were seen looting the presidential palace Thursday of televisions and other goods.
Sundance Selects Acquires SXSW Winner 'Gimme the Loot '.
Tashiana Washington and Ty Hickson in "Gimme the Loot ".
' Loot ' wins SXSW grand jury prize for best narrative feature.
Your Information, Their Loot .
Terrorists Could Land Looted Gadhafi Weapons.
The Hunt for Looted Antiquities at the World's Richest Museum.
Experts Fear Looted Libyan Arms May Find Way to Terrorists.
Looting is "one of the biggest problems and one of the biggest challenges to the conservation of cultural heritage in this country," said Brendan Cassar, a cultural specialist with the UN who works on protecting historical sites.
With Looting , Syria's Army Isn't Winning Hearts And Minds.

In science:

Bergstra, J.A., Loots, M.E.: Program algebra for sequential code.
Thread extraction for polyadic instruction sequences
Bergstra, J.A., Loots, M.E.: Program algebra for sequential code.
Autosolvability of halting problem instances for instruction sequences
Bergstra, J.A., Loots, M.E.: Program algebra for sequential code.
About Instruction Sequence Testing