log line


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n log line a knotted cord that runs out from a reel to a piece of wood that is attached to it
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Log line (Naut) a line or cord about a hundred and fifty fathoms long, fastened to the log-chip. See Note under 2d Log n., 2.
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In literature:

A line of meal the length of the medicine tube was sprinkled on the logs and the tube laid thereon.
"Eighth Annual Report" by Various
For a few minutes it was like pulling at a log of wood, and Rob declared the line must be caught.
"Rob Harlow's Adventures" by George Manville Fenn
The second mate and two hands came aft with the log-line and reel.
"The Pirate of the Mediterranean" by W.H.G. Kingston
Observing something like a handle projecting from a hole, he seized it, and hauled out a large wooden reel with a log-line on it.
"Shifting Winds" by R.M. Ballantyne
John Adams is winding up the log-line with McCoy.
"The Lonely Island" by R.M. Ballantyne
The landlady, Mrs. Kate Wells, was standing on one of the logs, hanging up some clothes on a line.
"Old Rail Fence Corners" by Various
This second method consists of actually measuring the progress of the ship through the water, by an instrument called the log and line.
"Rollo on the Atlantic" by Jacob Abbott
A log in a stream follows the line of least resistance.
"Oh, You Tex!" by William Macleod Raine
There were the same shelters ingeniously constructed of brush and logs and a picket line for horses and mules.
"Ride Proud, Rebel!" by Andre Alice Norton
The vessel had no compass, no log, no sounding-line, nor even the suspicion of a chart.
"The World's Greatest Books, Volume 19" by Various
"The Sailor's Word-Book" by William Henry Smyth
The girl ran swiftly along the line of logs to a point a little way above the dam.
"The Rival Campers Ashore" by Ruel Perley Smith
You put Davies on our track; he broke the line, and sent a log down on our canoes.
"Partners of the Out-Trail" by Harold Bindloss
He felt like a log and I could not recover line.
"Tales of Fishes" by Zane Grey
But the log line isn't everything in an ocean race.
"Fire Mountain" by Norman Springer
We were obliged to haul up the log-line with the bag and shift the sounding apparatus.
"Farthest North" by Fridtjof Nansen
There will promptly spring up along the whole line both logging-camps and saw-mills.
"A Report on Washington Territory" by William Henry Ruffner
Giving instructions to haul in the log line, I went below to look at the barometer.
"The Flying Bo'sun" by Arthur Mason
A piece of rag, terminating the stray-line of the log-line.
"The Seaman's Friend" by Richard Henry Dana
As to what's called longitude, she's best left to the log-line.
"My Danish Sweetheart., Volume 2 of 3" by William Clark Russell

In poetry:

Never heed his usual tale,
That he has good logs for sale,
But read these lines and really learn,
The proper kind of logs to burn.
"The Firewood Rhyme" by Anonymous British
We formed into line, 'neath the merry sunshine,
Near the logs at the end of the railing;
"Are you ready, boys? Go!" cried the starter, and low
Sank the flag, and away we went sailing.
"Hippodromania; Or, Whiffs From The Pipe" by Adam Lindsay Gordon
She'll log a giddy seventeen and rattle out the reel,
The weight of all the run-out line will be a thing to feel,
As the bacca-quidding shell-back shambles aft to take the wheel,
And the sea-sick little middy strikes the bell.
"A Pier-Head Chorus" by John Masefield

In news:

Cobalt Digital designs and manufactures a full line of loudness processing solutions, including error logging and graphing, to enable CALM compliance.
911 kept free for emergencies Fireworks line logs 377 calls, freeing 911 for emergencies.
On foil-lined baking sheet, pat each portion into 6-inch (15-cm) logs.
That's where your log line comes in.
President's Day sales: Shoppers line up, log on for deep discounts.
Volicon has signed a reseller agreement with Signum Bildtechnik to represent the entire Volicon Observer line of digital video logging, monitoring and streaming solutions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Russia.
To view the Dual Coil line of chokes , or to order samples, log on to www.we-online.com/midcom.
Volunteer Cassandra Pate said she had never seen a line at the log-cabin -style Cedarpines Park Community Center for County Service Area 18.
If the company tries to move logs from the area again without fixing the road or building a school, the women, she says, will form a line through town blocking the truck's path.
Police say Margie Privett crossed the center line, then crashed into the log truck.
Songs from The Punch Line logged in KDHX's playlists.
Since the dam was removed and the water level is now drastically lower, hundreds of old mill logs line the banks and bottom of the Blackfoot River.
Access an event-log summary from the command line.
If you plan to use Telnet to remotely log on to your machine, you'll be glad to know that the CD-ROM has several command-line tools.
The nonprofit, confidential tip line can be accessed by calling toll free 1-800-47-DRUGS or logging on to www.wetip.com.

In science:

Solid line represents the fit by a power law in the log-log scale.
Cuts and penalties: comment on "The clustering of ultra-high energy cosmic rays and their sources"
From this figure we see that the region with log y < −0.5 occupies 60% of the volume (dotted line).
The Probability Distribution Function of Light in the Universe: Results from Hydrodynamic Simulations
The long-dashed line in the lower panel is computed by assuming the log-normal distribution for f (y ) and the analytic fit to the relation between log y and log j as shown in Figure 2 and described in § 2.3.
The Probability Distribution Function of Light in the Universe: Results from Hydrodynamic Simulations
Short-dashed line: toy model described in § 3.1 with a cutoff at log y = −0.5.
The Probability Distribution Function of Light in the Universe: Results from Hydrodynamic Simulations
The two dotted lines in panel (a) indicate that the region with log y < −0.5 (log y < 0) contain 10% (20%) of the total mass.
The Probability Distribution Function of Light in the Universe: Results from Hydrodynamic Simulations
Figure 3 shows the moments against t (in log-log scales) and the straight lines are drawn in the figure in order to indicate the multiscaling (3).
Multiscale self-organized criticality and powerful X-ray flares
This discrepancy between the result of this simulation and the result obtained in the others cited above reflects the general difficulty in the determination of a: In a log-log plot the power law form of the nonlinear I -V characteristics should give a straight line with the slope a.
Scaling determination of the nonlinear I-V characteristics for 2D superconducting networks
The log of S (t) versus t plot in the inset shows straight lines due to the exponential relaxation.
Relaxation in open one-dimensional systems
The log of S (t) versus t plot in the inset shows straight lines due to the exponential relaxation.
Relaxation in open one-dimensional systems
The log S (t) versus t plot in the inset of figure 4 show straight lines, which is an evidence of exponential relaxation.
Relaxation in open one-dimensional systems
The inset of the figure 9 shows log of S (t) versus t plot of the energy relaxation function, which show straight lines that is a signature of exponential relaxation.
Relaxation in open one-dimensional systems
The empirical fitting functions of Worthey et al. (1994) give Lick/IDS absorption-line indices as a function of Teff , log g , and metallicity [F e/H ].
Evolutionary Population Synthesis for Binary Stellar Populations
To bound the last line, note that by (18), P∗(τn/2 < TκN ) ≤ c/√n and the conditional probability is bounded by a term of order 1/ log n due to Lemmas 7 and 8.
The Beurling estimate for a class of random walks
J | = p(N + M ) log I and recall the last line of (7.5).
Intermittency in a catalytic random medium
Radial velocity and flux measurements of the Hα and Hβ lines were made with the “e” routine (which determines the line centroid) in the IRAF SPLOT package. A log of all of the above observations is provided as Table 1.
New Low Accretion-Rate Magnetic Binary Systems and their Significance for the Evolution of Cataclysmic Variables