load line


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n load line waterlines to show the level the water should reach when the ship is properly loaded
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Load line (Naut) the line on the outside of a vessel indicating the depth to which it sinks in the water when loaded.
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In literature:

He brought with him several fishing-lines, an old muzzle-loading gun, some cooking utensils, and a small bundle of provisions.
"Messenger No. 48" by James Otis
In addition to these miseries an awful accident took place on the Natal line, when a train loaded with refugees ran off the rails.
"South Africa and the Transvaal War, Vol. 1 (of 6)" by Louis Creswicke
A long line of barges loaded with brick for new houses came floating down the stream behind a busy little tug.
"The Root of Evil" by Thomas Dixon
Each ship, being loaded, sailed to the line of the buoys, and, safely moored to one of them, proceeded to unload.
"Chatterbox, 1906" by Various
The loaded wagons of McDowell's brigade, hurrying to the rear along the Purdy road, interfered with the formation of Sherman's new line.
"From Fort Henry to Corinth" by Manning Ferguson Force
Twenty men loaded like beasts of burden formed the line, and finally M'Gillivray with his wife and family brought up the rear.
"All Afloat" by William Wood
The power of discharging water is obtained by forming a watertight deck at the load-water-line.
"A Yacht Voyage Round England" by W.H.G. Kingston
At the very end of this assembly line a crane was loading a finished object onto a flat-bed trailer.
"Space Platform" by Murray Leinster
She was loaded heavy, and they often had to drag her on the line.
"The Young Alaskans on the Missouri" by Emerson Hough
A skirmish line may load while moving, the pieces being held as nearly as practicable in the position of load.
"Manual of Military Training" by James A. Moss
Notice the long lines of freight cars loaded with supplies.
"The Johnstown Horror" by James Herbert Walker
The telephone pole is simply loaded down with power lines waiting to be tapped.
"David and the Phoenix" by Edward Ormondroyd
She was loaded with coal for the depot of the P. and O. line.
"Due West" by Maturin Murray Ballou
The walls were lined with shelves loaded with books and compartments filled with scrolls.
"The Saracen: Land of the Infidel" by Robert Shea
He fastened a line to the load and went on ahead, breaking the trail and hauling with all his strength.
"Murder Point" by Coningsby Dawson
The dimensions of the Columbia are: Length on mean load line, 412 feet; beam, 58 feet.
"Christopher Columbus and His Monument Columbia" by Various
Two trucks stood on the line already laid, one bearing sleepers, the other loaded with steel rails.
"Ireland as It Is" by Robert John Buckley (AKA R.J.B.)
Military trucks were lined up, apparently waiting to be loaded with the blue earth.
"The Flaming Mountain" by Harold Leland Goodwin
Coming back this way with canoes loaded to the water-line, there must be a disembarking.
"The Story of the Trapper" by A. C. Laut
If any one should glean from reading these lines that all there is to loading a scow is to load it, he or she is a much misled person.
"Seeds of Pine" by Janey Canuck

In poetry:

The plumed staff officer gallops
Along the swaying line,
That shakes as, beaten by hailstones,
Shakes the loaded autumn vine;
And the earth beneath is reddened,
But not with the stain of wine.
"One Day's Command" by Anonymous Americas
He will keep a heavy wagon movin' right along the road.
In among the hills and mountains he will pack a heavy load.
He might light out for some reason that you never could explain,
But you'll find him at the picket line in time to get his grain.
"The Army Mule" by Bruce Kiskaddon

In news:

There's a 5k run, loads of vendors, magicians, circus performers, a line up of local bands and plenty of food and beer to be had from 12 to 5 p.m.
Sheriff's deputies have taken a 12-year-old boy into custody after witnesses reported he pointed a loaded gun at a classmate standing in the lunch line at a rural junior high school in East Texas.
There are several low-priced die-cast lines that can be a load of fun to collect, without the headache of knowing that you paid more money than any sane person would for toy cars.
United Air Lines is trying to lighten its load.
Importer adds fresh, value-loaded looks to fast-growing line.
Syracuse University football team's offensive line quickens its feet and lightens its load.
Loads of lines boast star power.
Tad Mitchell loads a bagged Christmas tree into his truck to take to Collinwood, Tenn. Tuesday evening at the Trim-A-Tree farm at the corner of US 72 and Line Road.
Trucks wait in long lines to load at the Port of Long Beach, Calif on Tuesday, December 4, 2012.
A loaded ship owned by China Shipping Container Lines Co.
High-tech packaging lines: Top and side loading solutions.
Crews attempted to move the Vigilant into position to take the load off the tanker's mooring lines, but the tug's starboard engine overheated and lost power.
Loads of lines boast star power.
DHS has moved the manufacturing and repair operations of its external load product line from its Oceanside facility to Red Barn Machine, a business partner of DART located in Eugene, OR.
The MV Svenja, with a draft of 8.66 metres owned by the SAL shipping line, arrived at the port heavily laden with a load weighing just over 12,000 tonnes.

In science:

For a stellar wind which is spherically symmetric, ξ and ne are symmetric about the line of centers, and this symmetry significantly reduces the load of computing the DEM distribution.
X-ray Spectroscopy of Accretion Disks and Stellar Winds in X-Ray Binaries
A high-intensity secondary hadron beam is obtained by moving the nine motorised hadron absorber modules out of the beam and loading settings corresponding to a single momentum all along the beam line.
The COMPASS Experiment at CERN
Also shown (thin lines) are the load lines for a cell body with radius of 1 µm (left), and a minicell with effective radius of about 0.3 µm (right).
The hydrodynamics of swimming microorganisms
Because spacetime itself immediately outside the horizon rotates at ΩH (as viewed by a distant observer), if there is some load that always keeps the field lines moving more slowly, there is a consistent stress through which the black hole does work on the field.
General Relativistic MHD Jets
On a related note, the closed field lines can also be loaded with mass and the planet will thus develop a quasi-static exosphere (see TAL); this exosphere can enhance the observational signature, by increasing the transit depth at UV wavelengths, and should thus be considered further.
Magnetically Controlled Outflows from Hot Jupiters
However, the complete protection of the network takes place at 80% load reduction, shown by the dotted line.
Topological Analysis and Mitigation Strategies for Cascading Failures in Power Grid Networks
As above, whether or not such a value of Bφd can be achieved depends on how mass is loaded on to the poloidal field lines.
Extracting energy from black holes: the relative importance of the Blandford-Znajek mechanism
In the Blandford-Zna jek mechanism, a Kerr black hole is assumed to connect with remote loads with magnetic field lines.
Extracting Energy from Black Hole through Transition Region
The magnetic field lines thread the black hole’s horizon, the rotation of the black hole twists the magnetic field lines and transports energy and angular momentum from the black hole to the loads (Blandford & Zna jek 1977; Macdonald & Thorne 1982; Phinney 1983).
Extracting Energy from Black Hole through Transition Region
Recently, a variant picture has been considered: instead of connecting with remote loads, the magnetic field lines are assumed to connect a Kerr black hole with a disk surrounding it (Blandford 1999; Gruzinov 1999; Li 2000).
Extracting Energy from Black Hole through Transition Region
Assume some magnetic field lines connect plasma particles inside the ergosphere of a Kerr black hole with remote loads.
Extracting Energy from Black Hole through Transition Region
Because of the rotation of the plasma fluid, energy and angular momentum are extracted from the plasma particles by the magnetic field lines and transported to the remote loads.
Extracting Energy from Black Hole through Transition Region
While in our scenario, the magnetic field lines connect particles in the transition region with remote loads without going through the disk.
Extracting Energy from Black Hole through Transition Region
Consider some magnetic field lines connecting plasma fluid inside the ergosphere of a Kerr black hole with remote loads.
Extracting Energy from Black Hole through Transition Region
At a high accretion rate (dotdashed lines) the mass load onto the star can be sufficient to transform it to a black hole before the maximum frequency could be reached whereas at low accretion (dashed lines) the star spins up to the Kepler frequency limit.
Phase Diagram for Spinning and Accreting Neutron Stars