• Liquid air production
    Liquid air production
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v liquidize make (a solid substance) liquid, as by heating "liquefy the silver"
    • v liquidize get rid of all one's merchandise
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Experiments with liquid air Experiments with liquid air
More liquid air experiments More liquid air experiments

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Only female mosquitoes bite humans. Male mosquitoes live on natural liquids from plants and other resources
    • v. t Liquidize lĭk"wĭd*īz To render liquid.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: When the female grasshopper lays eggs, she covers her eggs with a pasty liquid that protects the eggs throughout the winter
    • liquidize To make liquid; liquefy. Also spelled liquidise.
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  • John Burns
    John Burns
    “The Thames is liquid history.”
  • Winston Churchill
    “I have not become the Kings First Minister in order to preside over the liquidation of the British Empire.”


In literature:

When mixing sponge use one quart liquid to about three pounds of flour.
"Mary at the Farm and Book of Recipes Compiled during Her Visit among the "Pennsylvania Germans"" by Edith M. Thomas
Rapid cooling of the product prevents overcooking, clarifies the liquid and preserves the shape and texture of the product.
"Every Step in Canning" by Grace Viall Gray
If fluorine is passed into the ordinary liquid acid, each bubble as it enters produces a flame in the liquid.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 832, December 12, 1891" by Various
It then exudes a liquid and is healed.
"The Commercial Products of the Vegetable Kingdom" by P. L. Simmonds
But he has but one vein in all his body filled with liquid fire, and this vein is closed with a nail.
"Young Folks Treasury, Volume 2 (of 12)" by Various
Carefully remove all the skin and bones from a pound of boiled salmon, or use a small can of the sealed, draining away all the liquid.
"The Easiest Way in Housekeeping and Cooking" by Helen Campbell
Measure the liquid and allow 1 cup of sifted cornmeal to 3 cups of liquid.
"Foods That Will Win The War And How To Cook Them (1918)" by C. Houston Goudiss and Alberta M. Goudiss
And that lady, with hips full and round, began to drench her close and deep bosom by the tears she shed which were hot as liquid fire.
"The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 2"
What was the liquid in the phial?
"The Lancashire Witches" by William Harrison Ainsworth
Expose this to heat over the spirit-lamp, until the whole becomes a clear liquid.
"A System of Instruction in the Practical Use of the Blowpipe" by Anonymous
Consonants are further subdivided into Mutes, Liquids, Nasals, and Spirants.
"New Latin Grammar" by Charles E. Bennett
The liquid had eaten or drank the solid metal up, particle by particle.
"Among the Forces" by Henry White Warren
They were grey eyes, bold and fierce and liquid as a lion's.
"The Grey Cloak" by Harold MacGrath
They are formed from a liquid mixed with earth, or with metal, or with a mineral compound.
"De Re Metallica" by Georgius Agricola
This is a kind of liquid coal.
"Marvels of Scientific Invention" by Thomas W. Corbin
He gave me this pig-pepsin in a bottle of red liquid, and I religiously took some after each meal.
"The Book of Life: Vol. I Mind and Body; Vol. II Love and Society" by Upton Sinclair
As the pendulum passes down through the liquid, the succeeding layers of the latter are thus alternately distorted and released.
"The Energy System of Matter" by James Weir
A primary cell consists of a vessel containing a liquid in which two dissimilar metal plates are immersed.
"Hawkins Electrical Guide, Number One" by Nehemiah Hawkins
It was made soluble by digestion, and in a liquid form was able to reach the blood.
"A Civic Biology" by George William Hunter
A liquid ring is the only one admitting of permanence.
"Illustrations of Universal Progress" by Herbert Spencer

In poetry:

And as he gave it unto them,
Let fall a tear upon its leaves—
The same celestial liquid gem
We oft perceive on dewy eves.
"The Progress Of The Rose" by Denis Florence MacCarthy
In prayer prone before my King,
I bend to Him my face and knee,
My heart His sacrifice shall be,
My tear His liquid offering.
"Before My King" by Shlomo ibn Gabirol
And hunters still find happiness
In seeing, red with wounds,
A sobbing deer, with liquid eyes,
Dragged down by yelping hounds!
"Before A Statue Of Buddha" by John Lawson Stoddard
I loved to hold my liquid way
Thro' floods of living light;
To kiss the sun's bright hand by day,
And count the stars by night.
"Earth's Burdens" by Ernest Jones
Hark to the three. Chimed they in one,
Life were music of the sun.
Liquid first, and then the caw,
Then the cry that knows not law.
"The Three Singers To Young Blood" by George Meredith
My mind starts up at some flash
on the flow of its thoughts
like a brook at a sudden liquid note of its own
that is never repeated.
"Fireflies" by Rabindranath Tagore

In news:

Police Reportedly Slashed, Attacked With Liquid at OWS.
Many processes require control of liquid level.
Liquid packaging machines quickly and accurately fill pouches.
Drawn on with liquid eyeliner, they seem as if they could be the result of a grooming tip from a guide to being rock star fabulous.
This liquid eyeliner has everlasting love.
The Mx12 Hybrid dispenses both paste and liquid ink products for UV flexo ink, which eliminates manufacturing steps traditionally executed at the ink branch.
Mixing of powders into liquids should be relatively easy.
You pour powder onto the liquid's surface and then mix it in.
This paper examines the various factors involved with mixing powders into liquids and how to avoid potential problems.
PD Flowmeters Quitely Excell in Low-Flowrate, High Viscosity, and Liquid and Gas Metering Applications.
Magnetrol Digital E3 Modulevel Liquid Level Displacer Transmitter.
Liquidation of the company will be completed by the end of December 2013.
It'll quickly turn you into a liquid and then — you can go right down the sewer.
Inventors create a liquid cremation machine.
Processing & Handling: Separation (Liquid-Liquid & Gas-Liquid): Distillation .

In science:

The modern definition of a Fermi liquid is a system of fermions (usually electrons) where the effect of electron-electron interactions are sufficiently tame that they can be accurately described with perturbation theory. A Fermi liquid is in this sense “close” to a noninteracting electron gas.
Quantum Phenomena in Low-Dimensional Systems
In low dimensional systems, especially one-dimensional systems, Fermi liquid theory and many-body perturbation theory can break down, leading to what is called a non-Fermi liquid.
Quantum Phenomena in Low-Dimensional Systems
In fact, where the two-dimensional electron gas stands in this regard is not known at present, although most indications are that is it a Fermi liquid (or possibly what is known as a marginal Fermi liquid).
Quantum Phenomena in Low-Dimensional Systems
For example, it is not even clear whether the normal states are Fermi liquids or non-Fermi liquids.
Quantum Phenomena in Low-Dimensional Systems
In these systems, the properties of even weakly interacting particles differ dramatically from that of noninteracting ones, and the generic conducting state of one-dimensional bosons, fermions, or even spins is a Luttinger liquid instead of a Landau Fermi-liquid.
Quantum Phenomena in Low-Dimensional Systems
The breakdown of Fermi liquid theory in one dimension is now known to be the norm, and the generic nonFermi-liquid state of matter in one dimension is called the Luttinger liquid.
Quantum Phenomena in Low-Dimensional Systems
The simplest type of Luttinger liquid is characterized by a single dimensionless parameter g , which, roughly speaking, characterizes the degree to which the system deviates from a Fermi liquid, defined as g = 1.
Quantum Phenomena in Low-Dimensional Systems
However, there some important distinctions between these Luttinger liquids (called chiral Luttinger liquids) and the Luttinger liquids described above: First, the value of g in a chiral Luttinger liquid is predicted to be simply related to the filling factor ν of the electron gas, so it can be determined rather easily.
Quantum Phenomena in Low-Dimensional Systems
Nino Yannoni proposed to use liquid crystal solvents instead of liquid solvents.
Experimental Quantum Computation with Nuclear Spins in Liquid Solution
Figure 5.19: Liquid crystals are a phase of matter whose order is intermediate between that of a liquid and that of a crystal.
Experimental Quantum Computation with Nuclear Spins in Liquid Solution
The ZEPLIN Program uses a series of Xenon-based scintillators devices able to discriminate the background from the nuclear recoils in liquid or liquid-gas detectors in various ways.
Direct detection of WIMPs with conventional (non-cryogenic) detectors. Experimental review
The ZEPLIN II and III detectors use in addition to the liquid scintillator signal the ionisation produced in the liquid to drift the released charge out of the liquid into the gas phase.
WIMP direct detection overview
We then discuss the current ZEPLIN II program as a prototype of large liquid Xenon detectors. Cryoarray is a possible cryogenic detector. Finally we discuss ZEPLIN IV and other one ton liquid Xenon detectors and the limiting backgrounds for such detectors.
Direct Search for Dark Matter Particles With Very Large Detectors
Starting in the early 1990s, the UCLA/Torino ICARUS group initiated the study of liquid Xe as a WIMP detector with powerful discrimination. The basic mechanism of detection in Liquid Xenon is shown in Fig. 4.
Direct Search for Dark Matter Particles With Very Large Detectors
The cooling materials are liquid N2 and evaporated liquid H e.
Hadron Physics at COSY