• "'How would you like to earn twenty pounds reward?'"
    "'How would you like to earn twenty pounds reward?'"
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n liking a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment "I've always had a liking for reading","she developed a liking for gin"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

Making a Number of Like Pieces from a Given Piece Making a Number of Like Pieces from a Given Piece
Dance, Like They Had Seen the People Dance at The Show 164 Dance, Like They Had Seen the People Dance at The Show 164
Sat There Like a Frog on A Pond Lily Leaf 308 Sat There Like a Frog on A Pond Lily Leaf 308
Wouldn't yer like ter 'ave one o' them things Wouldn't yer like ter 'ave one o' them things
"I hate to have you smoke, Ulaley—I hate to like a dog." "I hate to have you smoke, Ulaley—I hate to like a dog."
He Did Cry Like a Cow--frontispiece He Did Cry Like a Cow--frontispiece

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Smokers are twice as likely to develop lower back pain than non-smokers
    • Liking Appearance; look; figure; state of body as to health or condition. "I shall think the worse of fat men, as long as I have an eye to make difference of men's liking .""Their young ones are in good liking .""Would he be the degenerate scion of that royal line . . . to be a king on liking and on sufferance?"
    • p. a Liking līk"ĭng Looking; appearing; as, better or worse liking . See Like, to look. "Why should he see your faces worse liking than the children which are of your sort?"
    • Liking The state of being pleased with, or attracted toward, some thing or person; hence, inclination; desire; pleasure; preference; -- often with for, formerly with to; as, it is an amusement I have no liking for. "If the human intellect hath once taken a liking to any doctrine, . . . it draws everything else into harmony with that doctrine, and to its support."
    • Liking The state of being pleasing; a suiting. See On liking, below.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Bhutan issued a stamp in 1973 that looked like a record and actually would play the Bhutanese national anthem if placed on a record player
    • n liking The state of being pleased with something; favor; approval; inclination; pleasure: as, one's liking for a friend; he took a liking to the place.
    • n liking A favorable or pleasing condition; attractive appearance; comeliness; in general, appearance.
    • n liking Synonyms Predilection, attachment, etc. See love.
    • liking Pleasing; comely; good-looking.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Reindeer like to eat bananas
    • n Liking state of being pleased with: inclination: satisfaction in:
    • n Liking (B.) condition, plight
    • ***


  • Sir John Denham
    Sir John Denham
    “We are never like angels till our passion dies.”
  • Norman Vincent Peale
    “Getting people to like you is merely the other side of liking them.”
  • Martin Amis
    Martin Amis
    “Weapons are like money; no one knows the meaning of enough.”
  • Ivy Baker
    Ivy Baker
    “The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning.”
  • Francis Beaumont
    Francis Beaumont
    “Our natures are a lot like oil, mix us with anything else, and we strive to swim on top.”
  • George W. Crane
    George W. Crane
    “Act the way you'd like to be and soon you'll be the way you act.”


Drink like a fish - If someone drinks like a fish, they drink far too much alcohol.
Drop like flies - This means that something is disappearing very quickly. For example, if you said people were dropping like flies, it would mean that they were dying off, quitting or giving up something rapidly.
Dropped like a hot cake - If something is dropped like a hot cake, it is rejected or disposed of very quickly.
Eat like a bird - If someone eats like a bird, they eat very little.
Eat like a horse - Someone who eats like a horse, eats a lot.
Eat like a pig - If some eats like a pig, they either eat too much or they have bad table manners.
Every ass likes to hear himself bray - This means that people like the sound of their own voice.
Face like thunder - If someone has a face like thunder, they are clearly very angry or upset about something.
Feel like a million - If you feel like a million, you are feeling very well (healthy) and happy.
Fit like a glove - If something fits like a glove, it is suitable or the right size.
Flat out like a lizard drinking - (AU) An Australian idiom meaning extremely busy, which is a word play which humorously mixes two meanings of the term flat out.
Get on like a house on fire - If people get on like a house on fire, they have a very close and good relationship.
Go down like a cup of cold sick - (UK) An idea or excuse that will not be well accepted will go down like a cup of cold sick.
Go down like a lead balloon - (UK) If something goes down like a lead balloon, it fails or is extremely badly received.
Go over like a lead balloon - (USA) If something goes over like a lead balloon, it will not work well, or go over well.


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Orig. the verb meant 'to be pleasing,' and was used impersonally, as it 'likes me'—i.e. it pleases me, A.S. lícianlíc, like.


In literature:

There's no place like Devon, in all the earth, and no spot like Chagford in Devon.
"Children of the Mist" by Eden Phillpotts
He had to work like the men at the lower Quarter, like Domingo and Cato and Indian Jim.
"Lewis Rand" by Mary Johnston
I do not much like the task, but when did I ever like labour of any kind?
"The Journal of Sir Walter Scott" by Walter Scott
He never had liked the business and he didn't like reminders that he owed his present comfort to it.
"The Brimming Cup" by Dorothy Canfield Fisher
She fought like a panther in front of him.
"Lazarre" by Mary Hartwell Catherwood
She isn't like anybody you ever saw, or, I think, anybody you are ever likely to see again!
"A Hoosier Chronicle" by Meredith Nicholson
Rodney didn't feel like answering, nor, for the moment, like listening to Barry.
"The Real Adventure" by Henry Kitchell Webster
He was pushing along on all fours like an animal, he was so drunk ... good, simple Klaus, whom I liked.
"Tramping on Life" by Harry Kemp
In glory he was like unto Suryya, in forgiveness like unto the Earth, in wrath like unto the destroyer Yama and in wealth like unto Vaisravana.
"The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 1"
A man becometh exactly like him with whom he liveth, or like him whom he regardeth, or like that which he wisheth to be.
"The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 2"
I like words like that.
"Captivity" by M. Leonora Eyles
They don't like to be treated like rebels.
"In the Days of Poor Richard" by Irving Bacheller
He goes amid disease and misery like one invulnerable, and consorts with Death like one immortal.
"The Quest" by Frederik van Eeden
I like whom I like: I like you tremendously.
"Dodo's Daughter" by E. F. Benson
They didn't look much like mother's, and when we came to eat them they didn't taste much like them.
"Diary of an Enlisted Man" by Lawrence Van Alstyne
Your poor mother would not have liked it, and I don't like it; and I shall never let you go.
"Johnny Ludlow. First Series" by Mrs. Henry Wood
It seemed like a dream then in the acting; it seems, looking back, like a dream now.
"Johnny Ludlow, Second Series" by Mrs. Henry Wood
None of us liked him; it don't seem Christian-like to have a black man sitting down to table with you.
"Johnny Ludlow, Fourth Series" by Mrs. Henry Wood
It is natural, like the flush of health; not put on like the color of those who paint.
"The Catholic World. Volume III; Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6." by E. Rameur
I like being a second fiddle and I like the North.
"The Second Fiddle" by Phyllis Bottome

In poetry:

"Your houses are like the seagulls'
Nests they are scattered and low;
Like the blackbirds' nests in briars," he said,
"Uncunningly made even so.
"The Poet" by Padraic Colum
In dewy woods—fair, soft, and green
Like morning woods are childhood's bower—
Be like the voice of brook unseen
Among the stones and flowers;
"To A Sister" by George MacDonald
I must die—but not like a slave
To his tyrant in penitence bending;
I shall die like an Englishman brave,
I have liv'd so, and so be my ending!
"Brandreth's Soliloquy In Prison." by Samuel Bamford
Ye are pure, like the heart of the water,
Ye are pure like the marrow of earth,
Hov'ring round me, while I hover
Over water, o'er the earth
Like the gods.
"The Wanderer's Storm-Song" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
'T is like a dream when one awakes,—
This vision of the scenes of old;
'T is like the moon when morning breaks,
'T is like a tale round watch-fires told.
"Hymns and Odes VII" by John Pierpont
"Yes—I hear it—far and faint,
Like thin-drawn prayer of drowsy saint;
Like the muffled sounds of a summer rain;
Like the wash of dreams in a weary brain."
"Summer Song" by George MacDonald

In news:

"No one likes a melodramatic candidate, but it's been a zen-like experience.".
Like the Blockers , their parents lived in fear of their daughters' inflicting harm on themselves, but rather than seek out people like them, the girls tried to blend in.
Faced with stiff competition from online book retailers like Amazon, plus the proliferation of e-books designed for devices like the Amazon Kindle and Apple's iPad, Borders faces bankruptcy.
In bounty hunting , same thing: They're not going to tell you where the guy is unless they like you more than they like the guy.
When news like the shooting in Aurora, Colorado starts to break, it starts on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and more, not on traditional sources like TV, newspaper or radio.
The conventional wisdom about consumers and recessions goes something like this: when the economy stinks, people trade down -- or they splurge on trivial indulgences like lipstick or booze.
"There's no business like show business" was a great lyric in its time, but today it might be revised to "There's no business like the celebrity business.".
If you don't like Alex Katz, you'll like Timothy Woodman anyway.
Garrett's debut likely to be like those of Jimmy, Campo .
On my first visit to Fogo de Chão, I was like Augustus Gloop in the chocolate factory — set loose in Wonka's main room, eyes like saucers, jittery with excitement and trying desperately to shove everything into my mouth that would fit.
Likely voters in the 2012 presidential election look like those who voted in 2008, the Gallup Poll reported Friday.
Jimmy Malkin opened up the concert with a powerful performance by dancing much like Thom Yorke and dressing much like Jack White.
Like dogs, guys like to pee on new and interesting things.
Like great-grandfather , like grandfather, like father, like son.
It sounds like a plan people would like, but that's not been the case.

In science:

General Relativity as a classical theory of gravity is likely to be a microscopic theory (Tavakol & Zalaletdinov - 1998) which is physically adequate and realistic for treatment of the gravitational field created by a point-like discrete matter distribution.
Averaging Problem in Cosmology and Macroscopic Gravity
Instead of Ising-like variables, we have studied Potts-like variables which can attain three or more different states.
Activity patterns on random scale-free networks: Global dynamics arising from local majority rules
For these Potts-like systems, we find the same distinction between the relaxation behavior for scale-free networks with γ < 5/2 and γ > 5/2 as in the case of the Ising-like systems studied here.
Activity patterns on random scale-free networks: Global dynamics arising from local majority rules
By analogy with the above equations, the Dirac-like and the second Dirac-like equations can be procured from the Eqs.(5), (6), (7) and (8) respectively.
Octonionic Hyper-strong and Hyper-weak Fields and Their Quantum Equations
Since the quantity Λ satisfies (96), it behaves like the auxiliary quantity A (or like B in the generic case); we thus find—a posteriori—the asymptotic behavior of R2 and N2 , in consistency with the results of Section 10.
The cosmological billiard attractor
The whole event sample is classified by the LVQ in two classes: signal-like and background-like.
Study of accelerator neutrino interactions in a liquid argon TPC
In competitive self-organized networks a discrete decision is always issued: signal like events are labeled with 2 and background like with 1.
Study of accelerator neutrino interactions in a liquid argon TPC
The polynomial functions (98) provide a family of KdV equations which presents one sech-like soliton solution and N = a − 1/2 different pairs of tanh-like soliton solutions, for each member of the family of equations.
A simple and direct method for generating travelling wave solutions for nonlinear equations
The polynomial functions (102) and (103) provide families of KdV equations which present two sech-like solutions and N = a − 1 pairs of tanh-like solutions, for each member of the family.
A simple and direct method for generating travelling wave solutions for nonlinear equations
As we know, this is in contrast with the standard situation, where the KdV equation supports sech-like soltions, and the mKdV, tanh-like solutions.
A simple and direct method for generating travelling wave solutions for nonlinear equations
We would like to emphasize the flexibility of our proof that allows to study conditioned variables which do not necessarily satisfy a renewal scheme like the variable Z mentioned above, which plays a key role in the analysis of RWRE.
A probabilistic representation of constants in Kesten's renewal theorem
So that the ‘right’ asymptotic lies between two powers of the inverse of ln T , one of which goes like n and the other one like n4 .
Collision probability for random trajectories in two dimensions
If an experiment prepares a state that looks sometimes like a 1-particle state and sometimes like a 2-particle state, then the state should be modelled either as a superposition or as a mixture of 1- and 2-particle states.
Lie fields revisited
Thus, the senile reinforced random walk S r is a walk that traverses an edge back and forth for a random time distributed like T , then selects a new edge uniformly at random and traverses that edge for a random time again distributed like T , and so on.
Diffusion constants and martingales for senile random walks
Since Σ is space-like also ξp is space-like, but this contradicts the assumption that ξp is time-like.
The wave equation on static singular space-times