• WordNet 3.6
    • v liken consider or describe as similar, equal, or analogous "We can compare the Han dynasty to the Romans","You cannot equate success in financial matters with greed"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The word 'cappuccino' is the result of several derivations, the original of which began in 16th century. The Capuchin order of friars, established after 1525, played an important role in bringing Catholicism back to Reformation Europe. Its Italian name came from the long, pointed cowl, or cappuccino, derived from cappuccino, "hood," that was worn as part of the order's habit. The French version of cappuccino was capuchin, from which came English Capuchin. In Italian cappuccino went on to describe espresso coffee mixed or topped with steamed milk or cream, so called because the color of the coffee resembled the color of the habit of a Capuchin friar. The first use of cappuccino in English is recorded in 1948 in a work about San Francisco. There is also the story line that says that the term comes from the fact that the coffee is dark, like the monk's robe, and the cap is likened to the color of the monk's head.
    • Liken To allege, or think, to be like; to represent as like; to compare; as, to liken life to a pilgrimage. "Whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man which built his house upon a rock."
    • Liken To make or cause to be like.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • liken To make like; cause to resemble.
    • liken To represent, declare, or describe as like or similar; compare.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Liken to represent as like or similar: to compare
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  • Irving Layton
    Irving Layton
    “If poetry is like an orgasm, an academic can be likened to someone who studies the passion-stains on the bedsheets.”
  • John Mcdonald
    John Mcdonald
    “Your mind, which is yourself, can be likened to a house. The first necessary move then, is to rid that house of all but furnishings essential to success.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. liknen,. See Like (a.)
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. líc, seen in ge-líc; Ice. líkr, Dut. ge-lijk, Ger. gleich (=ge-leich).


In literature:

There came a faint thread of light on one side of the hall, such as may be likened to that which filters under a door-sill.
"The Princess Elopes" by Harold MacGrath
Nothing presents itself to my mind at this moment to which to liken her.
"The Poison Tree" by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
To liken him to a vicious over-fed pug is more than charitable.
"Berry And Co." by Dornford Yates
To liken any one to a Jackass is to use very strong language.
"Round-about Rambles in Lands of Fact and Fancy" by Frank Richard Stockton
You have likened art to a river rising pure, and rolling a turbid volume into the ocean.
"The Germ" by Various
In the pus are found yellow particles likened to fish-roe, or black pigmented granules like gunpowder.
"Manual of Surgery" by Alexis Thomson and Alexander Miles
The love he bore his wife may be likened to the love of the eagle for liberty.
"The Trials of the Soldier's Wife" by Alex St. Clair Abrams
Lundy's Lane has been likened to the storming of St. Sebastian or the deathly duel at Quatre Bras.
"The Story of Isaac Brock" by Walter R. Nursey
The ideal country girl, with her dew-grey eye and long amber hair, is always likened to Venus, to Juno, to Deirdre.
"Poets and Dreamers" by Lady Augusta Gregory and Others
Or you may liken it to a ladder of light climbing the sky.
"Soldier Silhouettes on our Front" by William L. Stidger
Can you liken it to any thing but the equal motion of a rather feeble timepiece?
"Tales of the Chesapeake" by George Alfred Townsend
Hollister likened himself and Doris, more than once in the next few days, to two children in a nursery full of new toys.
"The Hidden Places" by Bertrand W. Sinclair
But in the fort was another whose presence our rough fellows likened to a star flower on the stained ground of some hard-fought battle.
"Heralds of Empire" by Agnes C. Laut
It may be likened to the noise made by a motor cycle when it is being started.
"A Bird Calendar for Northern India" by Douglas Dewar
To call Charleston "unique," and immediately thereafter to liken it to other places may seem paradoxical.
"American Adventures" by Julian Street
When attention is in a diffuse state, consciousness is likened to a comparatively level stream.
"Ontario Normal School Manuals: Science of Education" by Ontario Ministry of Education
It is only at threescore and ten that we liken it to a weaver's shuttle.
"Big Brother" by Annie Fellows-Johnston
It asks no elaborate effort of the imagination to liken the lightning to a serpent.
"The Myths of the New World" by Daniel G. Brinton
The defense of the city of Mexico has been frequently likened to that of Jerusalem against Titus.
"By Right of Conquest" by G. A. Henty
But the prevalent conception was that in which the life of the sun was likened to the life of man.
"History Of Egypt, Chaldæa, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria, Volume 1 (of 12)" by G. Maspero

In poetry:

Bard, robber, nomad tribesman, glad is he
To coils of smoke in simple verse and flowing
The peaks to liken beyond Siddim showing!
"The Bedouin" by Ivan Bunin
I would liken you
To a night without stars
Were it not for your eyes.
I would liken you
To a sleep without dreams
Were it not for your songs.
"Ardella" by Langston Hughes
And being dead, and powerless to recover
The substance of the show whereon we gaze,
Shall we be likened to the hapless lover,
Who broods upon the unreturning days?
"The House of Sleep" by Robert Fuller Murray
Nay then, I'll choose thee, lovely flower,
Before the fairest of the bower,
And if there be for me
A friend whose kindness can abide
The gloom that chases all beside,
I'll liken him to thee.
"The Night-Blowing Cerus" by Caroline Fry
Ay, it fills the wide world with the wailing and woe,
That liken the shrieking of Devils below:
And the words of the eloquent never can tell,
The abyss of this anguish, this foretaste of Hell.
"The Water" by James Avis Bartley
Like placid faces which you knew
Years since, but not again shall meet;
On a sick bed like wind that blew;
An excellent thing, best likened to
Her own voice, gentle, soft, and sweet;
Shakpere's Cordelia;--better thus.
"Cordelia" by William Michael Rossetti

In news:

Quincy Jones likens Joe Francis' allegation to ' Scarface '.
'Hannah Montana' director likens Miley Cyrus to Judy Garland, Shirley Temple .
Writer Luc Sante likens looking around a room full of books to taking a journey.
Kelly Clarkson likens romance to cheesy love song.
Personhood USA Likens Itself to Civil Rights Movement .
Talk to public employees in Portland and some liken the city's new payroll system to a computer fiasco worse than the great water billing mishap of 2002.
The former owner of a Mercedes-Benz dealership testified yesterday that he joked about his late business partner's love life by likening the.
O ne of my friends likened the numerous infernos raging in Colorado to "Armageddon".
The Finger Lakes, a series of thin lakes likened to fingers, in upstate New York, are an easy drive from New York City, but might as well be a world away.
Irvin Faust , who as a high school guidance counselor found time to write novels and short stories that critics likened to the magic realist fiction of South America, died on Tuesday in Manhattan.
The Finger Lakes, a series of thin lakes likened to fingers , in upstate New York, are an easy drive from New York City, but might as well be a world away.
(Rolando Pujol) The Finger Lakes, a series of thin lakes likened to fingers , in upstate New York, are an easy drive from New York City, but mi.
The Finger Lakes , a series of thin lakes likened to fingers, in upstate New York, are an easy drive from New York City, but might as well be a world away.
Linebacker Bruce Taylor likened tackling to rebounding in basketball, which he said is 90 percent want-to, 10 percent technique.
He punted 101 times, which he likens to packing two years' worth of experience into one season.

In science:

The size of the giant component in a graph has been likened to the strongly connected component of the World Wide Web (another growing network) [4,28–31].
Are randomly grown graphs really random?
It may be likened to steering a ship: when the ship is going off course, you adjust its direction.
Dialogue as Discourse: Controlling Global Properties of Scripted Dialogue
PMT. The luminescent screen and the small PMT’s photocathode can be likened to the first stage of photoelectron amplification of conventional PMTs dynode system.
QUASAR-370 hybrid phototube as a prototype of a photodetector for the next generation of deep underwater neutrino telescopes
While the first point of view makes clear that the Courant algebroids (T M ⊕ T ∗M )/T k and (T ˜M ⊕ T ∗ ˜M )/T k are isomorphic, the second likens T-duality to a Fourier–Mukai transform, much in the spirit of .
Generalized complex geometry and T-duality
The evolution of massive stars can be likened to peeling an onion layer by layer, with strong stellar winds doing the work.
The Wolf-Rayet Content of M31
He Likened a random graph to a sewing machine stitching together a space-time.
Event-Symmetric Physics
Jaeger likens the relationship of the parts of this segment to the relationship described in Heisenbergs Uncertainty Principle – that you can not determine whether a part is code or input, rather you can compute the answer given both options and then compute the certainty that each computation is correct.
The process was likened to that operating in a stirred cup of tea, in which the tea slows on a timescale equal to the geometrical mean of Dicke’s global (viscous) diffusion time and the period of rotation3 .
Heliophysics gleaned from seismology
This “infinite” cluster can be likened to the accumulation of particles in the ground state in a Bose gas below T = Tc , or to the formation of the incipient infinite cluster in percolating systems above p = pc .
Randomly Broken Nuclei and Disordered Systems